Best Warm and Waterproof Toddler Gloves for Sports and Cold Weather in 2022

Having a pair of gloves for your toddlers is a must, especially when they engage in activities like cycling, skiing, snowball fighting, climbing, riding, etc.

Ideally, gloves will be useful to offer protection to your toddlers’ hands against strong impact, cold winter breeze, and keep their hands warm.

We did all the background research for you and made a list of the 11 best gloves for toddlers.

Options are narrowed down for you and there is also plenty of extra information available related to gloves that will help you in your selection. Ensure that you buy the perfect pair of gloves and the right size.

kids snow gloves

In a hurry? Check the top picks!

With Strings and Not Easy to Fall Off: XTACER Ski Snow Gloves for Girls and Boys (Click here to buy)

With Wonderful Elasticity to Match All Hand Sizes: EBOOT Knitted Kids Full Finger Gloves (Click here to buy)

Warm With Long Cuff For Skiing: BAVST Toddler Snow Mittens (Click here to buy)

Breathable and Protective for Skating: Bingggooo Children Short Fingerless Gloves (Click here to buy)

For All Seasons with Fingerless Glove to Mitten Design: N’Ice Caps Kids Thinsulate Lined Winter Gloves (Click here to buy)

What Size Gloves Do Kids At Different Age Use?

Age in years Hand width in Inches Hand width in centimeters Size of the glove
0 – 1

1 – 2

2 – 3

3.5 – 4 inches

4 – 4.5 inches

4.5 – 5 inches

8.5 – 10

10 – 11

11 – 12.5




4 – 5

6 – 7

5 – 5.5 inches

5.5 – 6 inches

12.5 – 14

14 – 15.5



8 – 9

10 – 11

12 –

6 – 6.5

6.5 – 7

7 –

15.5 – 16.5

16.5 – 18

18 –




– Full Finger Children Gloves –

What Factors Do You Need to Consider Most?

  • Comfort: To offer your children maximal comfort, you should look for full-finger gloves that include cotton construction. Cotton is a comparatively more comfortable material than others.
  • Warmth: If gloves cannot keep your children’s hands warm and protected during winter, then it is not worth buying. Gloves made with cotton, wool, leather, polyester fabric offer the optimal warmth.
  • Waterproof Or Not: Materials like latex, synthetic neoprene and leather offer the full finger gloves waterproof capability. While gloves made with Thinsulate insulation are only water-resistant.

What Occasions Should Use?

Full-finger children’s gloves are viable for extremely cold conditions or when there is snow outside.

You can still wear them in moderate cold, but if they are waterproof,  it will lead to sweating and overheating.

What Is the Price Range?

You can get the best quality full-finger children’s gloves within the price range of $10 to $25.

The gloves enlisted below are within this price range and they are one of the best full-finger children gloves.

Full Finger Children Gloves Reviews

Not Easy to Fall Off: XTACER Ski Snow Gloves with String for Girls and Boys

kids gloves with string

To begin with, we have these excellent full-finger gloves from XTACER, suitable for both boys and girls.

XTACER’s gloves get the top position because of the high-quality material construction. They are durable and will keep your children’s hands warm and protected during skiing.

  • Waterproof Gloves:

This is the best feature of these full-finger gloves. The waterproof feature allows your children to play in the snow without the fear of water leaking through the gloves.

However, ensure that your children do not submerge their hands into the snow.

  • Versatile and Stylish Design:

They are available in exciting designs giving them a very fashionable look. For children of age group between 4-9 years, these are the best full finger gloves.

  • String Attached:

The string attached to gloves prevents your kids from losing the gloves. The string is long enough so that it can be tied to the sleeves or hook in their jacket.

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With Stretcher: EvridWear 3 Pair Magic Winter Warm Gloves

EvridWear offers you 3 pairs of full-finger gloves and that is the most attractive thing about it.

If you have more than one child, then this is surely the best deal for you. The gloves are of high quality and include exciting designs.

  • Optimal Comfort and Protection:

The Evridwear full-finger gloves are made with soft and stretchable material, ensuring that your children don’t complain about the discomfort.

Moreover, the quality construction keeps your children’s hands warm and protected.

  • Printed Grips:

On the other hand, the printed grips allow your children to have a stronger grasp of things. This feature will be useful when your children are helping you shovel the snow or they are skiing.

  • Multiple Colors And Sizes:

The 3 pairs of gloves come in multiple colors to match your children’s wardrobe.

Besides, these gloves are available in different sizes, which makes them ideal for children of age groups between 4-14 years.

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With Wonderful Elasticity: EBOOT Knitted Kids Full Finger Gloves

kids thermal gloves

If you are looking for knitted full-finger gloves, then EBOOT gloves are the best option for you.

These gloves include extended cuffs to keep both hands and wrist protected from cold.

  • Two Material Construction:

The EBOOT full finger gloves include cotton construction on the outside to prevent cold, and polyester fabric construction on the inside to provide maximum comfort.

  • Attractive and Versatile Design:

What we like the most about these gloves is that they integrate two styles of design: Full finger, and flip cover.

Full finger design will be useful when there is extreme cold, while the flip cover design is suitable for mild winter conditions.

  • Durable and High-quality:

Another great thing about these gloves is they will remain in top-notch quality even after multiple washes without getting stiff or rough.

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– Mittens For Your Little Ones –

What Factors Do You Need to Consider Most?

  • Warmth: The mittens you are buying should include a waterproof shell and thick insulation, so it offers the optimal warmth. Gloves including Thinsulate insulation tend to provide better warmth.
  • Breathability: Breathability of the gloves will also determine the versatility of the kids’ mittens, hence it is an important factor. Besides, liner is another crucial aspect that will help in maximizing breathability.

What Occasions Should Use?

Since mittens include thick insulation and water-proof shells and they are warmer than gloves,  it is recommended to use them when your kids will be playing in extremely cold conditions.

What Is the Price Range?

When you want to buy kids’ mittens, you can expect the price range from $8 to $20.

In our list, we have included affordable options that will surely fall within your budget.

Kids Mittens Reviews

For 1-8 Years Babies and Kids: Zelda Matilda Thinsulate Waterproof Baby Mittens

kids thinsulate mittens

If you are planning to give your kids waterproof mittens this winter, then Zelda Matilda Baby Mittens can be an ideal option.

There is a wide range of colors and sizes available, making them suitable for the kids of age group from 6 months to 8 years.

  • Optimal Warmth and Waterproofing:

Thinsulate and taslon construction offers these kids’ mittens waterproof capability and enables them to provide your kids’ hands with optimal warmth and protection.

  • Hook And Loop Closure:

To ensure that gloves do not come off, it comes with a hook and loop closure that offers a tight sealed fit.

Not just that, it also features extended cuffs that prevent snow and cold from getting into the gloves.

  • Superior Comfort:

These mittens feature fleece lined that offer maximum comfort, while adjustable wrist straps allow your kids to adjust the fitting according to their preference.

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Warm with Fleece Liner: N’Ice Caps Sherpa Mittens for Cold Weather

best waterproof gloves for kids

If you like wrap-style mittens, you will definitely love these N’Ice Caps lined mittens.

They are superior quality mittens made with polyester offering optimal comfort and warmth to your kid’s hands during winter.

  • Easy To Put On:

Your kid is going to love these mittens because they are easy to wear. These mittens open wide, preventing whining and allowing your kid’s hands to slip in easily.

  • Machine Washable:

As mentioned earlier, the mittens are made of quality material, rendering the mittens machine washable. You can wash them as much as you want, and they will not lose their essence.

  • Optimal Warmth And Protection:

It integrates full sherpa lining that ensures that your kid’s hand gets the maximum warmth and protection from cold winter breezes.

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With Long Cuff For Skiing: BAVST Toddler Snow Mittens 

ultra warm ski mittens for kids

If your kid loves skiing during winter, the BAVST mittens are ideal for them.

They include long cuffs which prevent cold breeze and snow from getting into the mittens while keeping your kid’s hands dry, protected, and warm.

  • Anti-Slip Palm Design:

This is a very viable feature if your kid engages in activities like snowball fighting, skiing, etc. The anti-slip PU leather provides kids with a full-hand grip and increased abrasion-resistant.

  • Waterproofing:

When you are buying mittens for skiing, they need to be waterproof. Fortunately, the TPU fabric with nano-coating in these mittens provides your kid’s hands protection against water.

  • User-Friendly Design:

Another attractive feature of these mittens is that it includes adjustable velcro band design, that prevents your kid from taking the gloves off by themselves.

Besides, the lock clips ensure that your kid doesn’t lose the mittens

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Fingerless Children Gloves

Factors You Need to Consider Most

  • Non-Skid Design: The fingerless children’s gloves should have a non-skid design to offer increased abrasion resistance.
  • Quality Construction: The quality of construction will determine the durability of the gloves and if they will last long. Synthetic fiber and leather are the two materials that offer the glove exception durability, however, in children’s fingerless gloves, it can be determined by the quality of stitching.
  • Adjustable Size: The additional feature you can look for in fingerless gloves is the adjustable strap with hook and loop closure. It will provide your kid with a personalized fit.

What Occasions Should Use?

Ideally, fingerless gloves are useful if your children engage in sporting activities like snow sports, cycling, climbing, etc. Besides, when more dexterity is needed, fingerless gloves should be used.

What Is the Price Range?

Fingerless gloves for children are one of the most affordable types of gloves. They would cost you within the price range of $5 to $15.

Reviews of Fingerless Gloves for Toddlers

For Cycling and Running: Boao 3 Pairs Half Finger Camouflage Gloves with Non-Slip Gel Shell

fingerless gloves for kids

You cannot find better gloves for your children than Boao Half Finger Gloves. The best thing about these gloves is that it includes sizes to accommodate all age groups from toddlers to youth.

  • Quality-Craftsmanship:

Primarily, this is the element that makes these gloves so good. The use of quality fabric and reinforced stitching offers these gloves the ultimate durability.

Not just that, it also makes the gloves soft, breathable, lightweight, and comfortable.

  • Adjustable Size:

The adjustable strap with hook and loop closure will offer your kid personalized fit and better protection to the wrist.

  • Versatile Design:

The versatile design of the gloves allows your kid to use these gloves in any sporting activities and it will offer them optimal support.

In fact, to enhance the abrasion resistance, the gloves integrate a non-slip gel design in the palm. Hence, your kid is protected against palm injuries or torn hands.

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Breathable and Protective for Skating: Bingggooo Children Short Fingerless Gloves

kids stretchy gloves

If you are looking for tactical style fingerless gloves for your toddler then Bingggooo gloves is what you should buy.

It includes a combination of polyester and nylon construction, offering it the ultimate durability. Your toddler will have the best support with these gloves in any sporting activity

  • Maximum flexibility and Protection:

With these gloves, your toddler will get the flexibility needed to improve his performance.

Not just that, it features thick leather plates providing heavy-duty protection to palms and knuckles from impact.

  • Personalized and Breathable Fit:

The gloves are made of premium elastic fabric which makes them easily adjustable for all five fingers. Besides, the back is breathable lycra, thus sweating and overheating will be prevented.

  • Wear-Resistant:

Quality craftsmanship is the biggest plus of these gloves. The gloves are wear-resistant, ensuring complete protection of your toddler’s hand without compromising its comfort.

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Shock Absorbing: BXT Spandex and Silicone Children Fingerless Gloves

kids outdoor gloves

Continuing with the theme of versatility, here’s our last fingerless gloves recommendation.

BXT brings for your toddler fingerless gloves that offer an amazing combination of flexibility, comfort, adjustability, and protection. The gloves also have an aggressive look.

  • Shock Absorbing Ability and Anti-Slip:

These gloves come with a non-slip gel pad that keeps your children’s hands protected against strong impact.

Moreover, the gloves also assist in making their sporting experience safer and more comfortable.

  • Free Size:

The fact that these fingerless gloves include adjustable hook and loop closure makes them ideal for most children.

This feature enables snug-fitting, so if your children have a palm width between 1.97-2.76 inches, they will fit perfectly.

  • Highly Elastic And Breathable:

The quick-drying mesh fabric will prevent sweating and spandex fabric construction renders the glove highly elastic.

So, if your children actively take part in activities like cycling, skating, skiing, climbing, then they would surely love these gloves.

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– Kids Flip Gloves –

Factors You Need to Consider Most

  • Craftsmanship: The primary advantage of flip gloves is that they are convertible. Such gloves include fleece flaps so that full fingers can be covered, while a button is also there to fix the flap when you want to make it fingerless. The quality of craftsmanship will determine these features and ease of use for your kids.
  • Hand Size: Buying the wrong size means you are wasting your money, so ensure that you first measure the size of your kid’s hand before buying any gloves.
  • Comfort: If the gloves have good build quality, they will definitely offer optimal comfort. This is important or else your kid would feel like taking off the gloves due to discomfort.

What Occasions Should Use?

Flip gloves for kids will be ideally suitable for the winter season as their primary purpose is to keep your kids’ hands warm.

You may use them in other seasons, only when there is some special reason to wear them.

What Is the Price Range?

All types of gloves usually have the same price range. For flip gloves, you can expect a price range between $5 to $20.

– Reviews of Flip Gloves for Children –

For All Seasons: N’Ice Caps Kids Thinsulate Lined Winter with Fingerless Glove to Mitten Design

long half mittens for toddlers

N’Ice Caps is a well-known brand that makes top-quality gloves and mittens for kids. These are high-quality, affordable, and durable gloves that provide value to your money. Let’s take a look at some of its mouth-watering features.

  • Convertible to Mittens:

If you are looking for half-finger gloves and mittens for your kid, then these gloves will serve as the best option. This 2 in 1 flip glove can be converted from half-finger gloves to mittens. Hence, you don’t need to spend extra money buying each separately.

  • Warm And Comfortable:

The gloves are Thinsulate lined that keeps your kids’ hands warm and protected in cold temperatures. Moreover, the knitted cuff prevents the snow and cold air from getting inside the gloves.

  • Easy To Wear:

Give these gloves to your kids and in no time, they will become their favorite thing to wear during winter. The convertible gloves are made of elastic fabric, allowing easy-on fit.

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Soft and Comfortable: Boao Fingerless Flip Top Gloves

small gloves for toddlers

These 3 pairs of flip gloves are our last recommendation on the list of best gloves for toddlers.

The cute design of the gloves will easily attract your kids’ attention.

  • Stretchable and Convenient To Use:

The stretchable fabric makes these gloves suitable for kids aged 4 to 11.

Besides, these gloves will be ideal to wear in school during winter due to their convertible feature. The half-finger design will make it easy for them to write without taking off the gloves.

  • Highly-Comfortable:

With these gloves, your kids are promised optimal comfortability. The gloves are made of soft materials like cotton and fiber giving plush feels and keeping their hands warm.

  • Durable

The quality craftsmanship renders these gloves machine washable. Even after multiple washes, the gloves will not lose their essence and quality.

In fact, the superior comfort of the gloves will prevent itching and any harm to your kids’ skin.

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What to Look for in Choosing Gloves for Children and Youth?

how to choose hand gloves for kids

Check below to know how to identify the right gloves for your kids.

What Type of Gloves Will You Buy?

Full Finger Gloves: Full finger gloves are ideal if you want to offer your kid’s hands added protection. If your kids engage in activities that include the risk of a hand injury, then you should provide them full-finger gloves. Above all, full fingers gloves are the most preferred type during winter.

Mittens: Mittens are the warmest type of gloves. This is because all of the fingers are in one section and together they produce more heat. These types of gloves are ideal for cold conditions as they prevent heat loss by reducing the surface area.

Fingerless Gloves: Fingerless gloves are ideal for sporting activities in summer. They do not restrict hand movement as your kids’ might feel in full-finger gloves. Moreover, fingerless gloves offer better breathability and comfort by preventing excessive sweating and overheating of hands.

Flip Gloves: Another type of gloves ideal to keep your kids’ hands warm and protected during winter are flip gloves. Essentially, the feature that distinguishes these types of gloves from others is their convertible capability. They are 2 in 1 glove that is convertible to either mittens or fingerless gloves.

What Intentions?

For Skiing: For skiing purposes, the ideal gloves for children are full-finger gloves and mittens that include a non-skid design. They will offer children the ideal support and keep their hands warm.

For Riding and Running: Half-finger or fingerless gloves along with leather palm design and shock absorption capability are ideal for riding. Besides, these gloves offer better breathability and prevent excessive sweating.

For Other Snowing Activities: Consider buying Thinsulate lined, and waterproof full-finger gloves or mittens for this purpose. They will provide optimal warmth and protection to your children’s hands.

What Glove Material Should I Buy?

Wool: Wool gloves are ideally suitable for cold winter temperatures. In chilly weather, they will offer your kids’ hands incredible warmth and protection. Moreover, the wool gloves are soft and cozy, which makes them ideal for both indoors and outdoors.

Leather: Leather gloves are best suitable if your kids actively participate in various sporting activities. Leather gloves are durable and come with shock absorption features to keep your kids’ hands protected against strong impact.

Cotton: Cotton gloves offer incredible comfort, warmth, and protection during winter. They don’t leave scratches or harm skin. Not just that, if you want enhanced abrasion resistance, cotton gloves are ideal for it.

Thinsulate: Thinsulate gloves are ideal if you want to offer your kids’ hands extra protection and warmth during cold winter. During snow or rain, the fingertips often get wet, resulting in feeling cold in your hands. Thinsulate gloves prevent this and retain warmth in your hands.

Should I Buy Gloves with String for My Kids?

If your kids often lose their gloves then you should consider buying gloves with string.

You can tie the string to both the gloves by making a small hole and a knot, you will see that your kids now keep the gloves to themselves.

Should I Buy Gloves with Grips for Children?

If your children engage in activities like skiing, cycling, riding, etc, then gloves with grips are the best choice.

Gloves with grips offer them the support needed to enhance their performance.

Long Cuff vs Short Cuff

Long cuffs are the best option when it’s foul weather outside or your children are going skiing. It will keep your children’s hands sealed from outside elements like snow or cold air getting inside the gloves.

On the other hand, short cuffs look smarter, are less bulky, and offer more wrist mobility. They are suitable if there is not much cold outside as they are often less warm compared to long cuffs.

How Is the Weather Resistance?

Weather resistance means that your kids’ hands have protection against foul weather conditions like snow, rain, cold winter temperatures extra.

If the gloves are weather-resistant, they will offer incredible comfort, warmth, protection, and support to your kids’ hands regardless of what the weather conditions are.

Are Mittens or Gloves Better for Toddlers?

Mitten comparatively tends to offer better warmth to toddlers than gloves.

– Mittens

As in mittens, all fingers are together, so they tend to generate more heat. However, if mittens do not include an adjustable strap or hook and loop closure, they do tend to fall more easily.

Not just that, mittens also restrict many hand activities for toddlers.

– Gloves

In contrast, when you talk about gloves, they stay on better and offer the ability to toddlers to do any kind of activity.

Moreover, in gloves, you have versatility in options like there are full finger gloves, half-finger gloves, fingerless gloves, and flip gloves.

Each of these types is suitable for various conditions.

Lastly, we would say that it depends on personal preference as the primary purpose of both mittens and gloves is to keep your toddler’s hand protected and warm.

The major factor that you need to acknowledge is craftsmanship. The one that includes quality craftsmanship tends to do the better job.

What Gloves Are Suitable for Kids Playing in the Snow?

Below we have enlisted a few key factors that make the toddler gloves best to be used when playing in the snow:


This is the most essential factor if you want to let your toddler play in the snow.

Waterproof gloves will ensure that your toddler’s hands don’t get wet which can result in a cold.

Also, as mentioned earlier, you should be aware because many gloves are labeled as waterproof, while they are just water-repellent.

Besides, waterproof gloves are versatile, allowing you to use them in dry, wet, or cold conditions.

Warmth and Insulation

The ideal gloves to play in the snow are the ones that are insulated by Thinsulate and offer incredible warmth.

During snowfall, the temperature will be extremely cold, so you must never compromise on these two factors.

Gloves With Cuffs

Lastly, gloves with long cuffs are recommended because your toddler will be playing in the snow and there are chances of the snow and cold air getting inside the gloves.

Gloves with long cuffs prevent this and ensure that your toddler’s hand is sealed from the outside environment.


1. How Do I Keep My Toddler’s Gloves on?

To ensure that your toddler’s gloves stay on and don’t come off, you should look for gloves that integrate adjustable straps and loop and hook closure.

With these features, your toddler can have a personalized fit, preventing the gloves from coming off.

2. How to Use Glove Clips?

The primary purpose of using glove clips is to keep your gloves secure when not in use. The glove clips can simply attach to any part of your clothing with a clamp.

It could be in your jacket, sleeves, or even the belt’s hook will do the job for you.