Hat Verdict: 59Fifty vs. 9fifty

59Fifty or 9Fifty? That is the question.

Before you make your decision, you need to know the differences between these two popular hat models.

Generally, 59Fifty and 9Fifty are both popular hat models offered by New Era. They have the same design, but furtherly they also have a different range of sizes and unique, outstanding features.

So, which style of New Era ball cap should you choose? Do you want to be a part of the 59Fifty club, or do you want to join the 9Fifty crew?

So read on, my friends, and I will explain it.

new era 59fifty vs 9fifty

59Fifty vs. 9Fifty: Same Hat Model Design

As I mentioned at the beginning, 59fifty and 9fifty are based on the most popular hat model of the New Era.

High profiles, structured and square-look crowns, and flat brims, you can find all the timeless designs on these crazy ball caps.

59Fifty also has a low-profile version that looks more like dad hats. You can find more relaxing feelings in this version.

Anyone looking for a bold statement and who wants to be out of the crowd should never miss them. However, the crucial difference between the two must be highlighted.

59Fifty vs. 9Fifty: Fitted vs. Snapback

The biggest difference between the two styles is that 59Fifty is a fitted hat, while 9Fifty is a snapback version of it. Hence, you’ll easily find the pros and cons regarding fit and size.

Generally, 59Fifty has a snug fit if you find the accurate hat size for your head, while 9Fifty hats are adjustable, making them more comfortable for most people.

However, the only size available for women in a 9Fifty hat is one size fits all, while 59Fifty hats come in different sizes to ensure the perfect fit. Furtherly. Both 9Fifty and 59Fifty offer a youth-size version besides the standard adult size.

Hence it comes down to your personal needs, and here’s my recommendation:

– If you are an adult man, I recommend you to choose 59Fifty if you know your head size exactly and prefer a snug fit, or go for 9Fifty for adjustability and comfort.

– Since 9Fifty has a limited size choice for women, girls can try the 59Fifty version. And both 59Fifty and 9Fifty are recommended for your home’s teenagers and kids, but growing one just needs more space; I’ll highly recommend a 9Fifty version.

Final Verdict: 59Fifty vs. 9Fifty – Authentic vs. Comfort

Now you may have a rough idea about 59Fifty and 9Fifty hats. But which one should you buy?

Let’s talk about the New Era’s hat history to answer this question.

The company started in 1920 and designed the first hat in 1934. The model was called 59Fifty, which is still the most popular New Era hat today.

However, in 1993, they introduced the 9Fifty snapback to meet the demand for a more streetwear style. So the 9Fifty is a more recent design than the 59Fifty.

Now that you may get my point: If you want an authentic and classic New Era hat, go for 59Fifty; if you prefer comfort or a more streetwear style, 9Fifty is your better choice.

Final Words

Though they differ in a few key ways, most notably the fit and the level of comfort, both hats are made with high-quality materials and offer a great look; whichever model you decide on, you can be sure that you’re getting an authentic New Era product that will last for years to come.

If you want a fitted hat that feels like it was custom-made for your head, go with 59Fifty. If you prefer a snapback that’s more comfortable and easier to wear, then choose 9Fifty.

So that’s the end. Make sure to check out our website for more posts about hats and hat tips!