How to Shape A Leather Cowboy Hat?

how to shape a leather cowboy hat by yourself

A leather cowboy hat is very popular and a versatile accessory. This material is very durable and attractive. With proper care and maintenance, it can last for a lifetime. However, the shape and size of these hats may not hold long when often exposed to heat and cold. Because of this, you need to know … Read more

How to Dye a Felt Hat for Stylish & Personalities?

how to dye a wool felt hat

Is your felt hat fading, or do you want to change its color? Well, good news! It is possible to dye it. This article will take you through a few steps on how to dye a felt hat using acrylic paint colors. Related Post: How to Change the Color of a Straw Hat? Step by … Read more

How to Clean a Visor Hat?

how to clean a visor hat at home

Visors are a must-have accessory for any hat enthusiast. Although previously assumed to be employed by golfers, tennis players, or other outdoor enthusiasts. You can’t go wrong with a visor hat in your summer attire since the visor gives you a sense of coldness and edginess. However, the bad things come along with the good. Sweat … Read more

How to Distress A Baseball Cap Properly?

how to distress ball cap

Distressing give your baseball caps some character and a sense of age. And this is a good way to express yourself as well. You can own a distressed hat worn without years of use. Read this article and you can find several ways how to distress a baseball cap. Don’t hesitate and learn how to … Read more

How to Clean A Hard Hat to Avoid Odor & Stains

how to clean hard hat easily

Nothing beats the excitement of having a clean hard hat. Having a clean hard hat is a great way to start your day. It will give you strength, positive vibes, and focus on your work. Moreover, the hard hat protects you from injury, electric shock, rain, debris, and impact with tools or objects. This article … Read more

How to Change the Color of A Straw Hat for Stylish & Fashion Sense

use dyeing to change the color of a straw hat

A straw hat can be given new life by being dyed. You can use a dauber to apply the color or experiment with patterns. It’s easy to get creative with hat dyeing once you’ve mastered the fundamentals. How to Change the Color of a Straw Hat? Some of the methods to change the color of … Read more

How to Block A Hat with Ease?

how do you block a hat

Do you wish to block the hat without having to lose the bands stretch out present throughout the head? You are in the right place as this review will give you detailed information on how to block a hat and help you block the hat with minimal effort. Thus, take your time and go through … Read more

How to Put a Hatband on a Cowboy Hat?

how to put a hatband on cowboy hats

Did you know that there is cowboy hat etiquette? And, it is a long-standing tradition that demands respect to the person wearing it. Therefore, if you are thinking about adding or changing the hatband on your cowboy hat, you need to know exactly how to put a hatband on a cowboy hat. Related Post: How … Read more

How to Keep A Cowboy Hat On In The Wind?

how to keep a cowboy hat on in wind

Securing the cowboy hat is an excellent idea. Losing a cowboy hat is something that every person will feel wrong about after it happens. Therefore, it is crucial to secure the hats from the wind that tend to carry them away. How to Keep Your Cowboy Hat on In the Windy Days? Most people use … Read more

How to Break in A Hat?

how to break in a baseball hat

If you purchase a hat that does not suit your head size, you may feel a headache or uncomfortable when wearing it. But wait for seconds, you do not need to buy a new hat. Just several steps can allow you to break in a new hat with ease. Two Different Ways to Break In … Read more