How to Add a Chin Strap to a Straw Hat?

The role of the strings is to ensure there is a great loss from one’s hat in the brush, water, and wind.

There are different kinds of kangaroo leather and hand-braided chin straps with a unique own production.

how to add a chin strap to a straw hat by yourself

How to Add a Chin Strap to A Straw Hat?

1. Where to Get Chin Straps

One can shop for the chin strap online. There are great selections you will find that thus you will pick on the product that pleases you the most.

Again, you can make the chin strap through identification which is the center point, especially on the jawline.

Besides, ensure you get to work along the jaw on all the sides.

2. Choose Right Types of Chin Straps

Hat chin straps come with cotter pins whose slipping takes place in the body and sweatband of the hat before one gets to spread them in one specific place.

Another thing the chin strap as well comes with leather tables which gives a great attachment to the different chin strap hooks such as Akubra older production hats and Akubra Slouch.

1. Two Cotter Pins

You will find that the Stampede String comes with two different cotter pins. These pins can slide in the hat body and the sweatband and thus offer an easy attachment in all the different instances.

2. Tightly Hold all Cotter Pins

The cotter pins should be held together at all times. Besides, you need to ensure you get to push them all through and this way, stitching will occur well, especially in the case where the sweatband comes hand in hand with the body.

3. Complete Pull of Pins

There needs to be a complete pull of pins in one place through the sweatband base. This way, you will have an assurance of the firmness of the braid into the given sweatband.

4. Outward Spread of Pins

You need to ensure the different pins are spread outward. Besides, the spreading process should occur on the horizontal side and thus simplify work.

Have a look at how the tug on the braid is done.

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3. Sew Straps to the right Location

When it comes to chain strap location, the steps involved in the process entail:

1. General position location. You need to determine which is the general location of the given chin strap hooks. They are located on either side of the grommet.

2. Small Opening Location. You should ensure you locate the opening which is found between the sweatband and the crown.

The indication is done with ease with the help of an Akubra tag.

3. Flat end slip. Get to slip on the chin strap flat end through the use of the present opening.

4. Ensure you slip the whole chin strap present on the hook of the chin strap.

5. Always make sure that you have a flat chin strap from the crown.

6. Get to tuck the whole lining in the sweatband.

You can watch the detailed operations from this video.

Learning how to add a chin strap to a straw hat is a good way to prevent your hat from falling off in wind.

With the above tips and methods, you can add useful chin straps to your straw hat easily.

Now go and try it by yourself!