How to Block A Hat with Ease?

Do you wish to block the hat without having to lose the bands stretch out present throughout the head?

You are in the right place as this review will give you detailed information on how to block a hat and help you block the hat with minimal effort.

Thus, take your time and go through the review.

How to Block a Knit Hat?

how to block a knitted hat

The steps involved in blocking a knit hat involve:

1. Bring together the required items. In the case of the container, it should be adequate to help in the handling of washing soap and lukewarm water which is ideal for blocking hat without damage.

2. Leave the knit hat in the container to absorb water sufficiently.

3. Your hat ought to soak for around 15 minutes. This time is adequate to ensure all the fibers get to absorb all water and then relax.

4. Drain all the water. In the case of the hat which is a smaller item, it is best to consider dumping it in the colander for draining purposes.

You can do this through the gentle squeeze or pressing of the item to ensure that water is removed easily.

5. Finally, you need a ballon or fruit bowl to hold your knit hats to mold shapes.
6. Put your knit hat on the ballon and leave it overnight.

7. Check your beautiful knit hat with amazing shape and dropping feel in the morning.

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How to Block a Wool Felt Hat?


how do you block a hat

Blocking the wool hats is not an easy task. However, the procedure is as well not complicated for those willing to use their common sense.

The steps involved in the block of the wool felt hat involve:

1. Cover the hat block using plastic wrap to ease the removal process.

2. The felt hood should be turned inside out and then coating should be done using a felt stiffener.

3. Right-side-out turning of the felt hoof and make a stretch on the hat block.

4. Leave the hat aside and let it dry for at least 30 minutes.

5. Get to cover the hat with a tea towel and steam with an iron.

6. Wrap string in the crown. Sculpt the brim with the help of iron.

7. Leave the hat to cool, remove the present string and trim on the brim edges.

8. Get to sew the brim edge. Then, wrap and sew the whole ribbon on the brim edges as well.

9. Make decorations on the hat as is desired. You can place a grosgrain ribbon inside the hat.

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How to Block a Straw Hat?

how to block a straw hat at home

Besides traditional knitted materials like wool or felt, you can also block a straw hat to get the best shape and wearing style. Here’re the detailed operations.

1. Wetting and steaming the straw hat.

2. The brim of the straw hat should be popped up and steamed thoroughly.

3. Mold the hat with your fingers, and ensure that you get the shape you want.

4. Wet the straw hat again and let the hat air dry.

Then you’ll find that your straw hat features a better shape than before.

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Tips for Blocking Hats at Home

What should you consider when blocking hats?

1. Always ensure you hand the hat from its brim. Again, ensure you never get to handle the crown. The procedure is best for straw hats.

2. It is best to ensure you are never resting the hat on the brim. It is best to turn it upside down and then get to rest it in the crown. While you rest the hat in the brim, the brim will flatten out.

3. The hat is dusted using a brush with soft bristles to ensure it is clean in all the different instances.

4. The heat is responsible for the shrinking of the sweatband interior and thus prevents your hat from exposure to the lamps, radiators, and stoves while blocking.

5. The hat should be stored in a place that is cool and dry. This way, it guides in the retention of the best shape and as well keeps it clean at all times.

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Useful tips for blocking hats

1. Blocking brings a great transformation in the finished knitting and thus gets to smoothen all the present imperfections found in the fabric.

This way, you will get to shape the product to suit your desires.

2. Blocking of hats can be done in different ways.

In the case of tam style or beret hat, it is best to stretch the damp hat throughout the dinner plate to acquire the correct diameter.

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1. What Does It Mean to Block a Hat?

The hat block involves a bashing block or a hat form. The hat shape is as well termed as the block shaper.

Hence it is ideal for use by the milliners and hat makers and thus gets to acquire a hat.

2. Why do You Need to Block a Hat?

When you block the hat, you will relax the stitches and thus offer them an even and neater overall appearance.


You now have adequate information regarding the use of a knit hat and how to block a hat.

Thus, you may easily engage in the blocking process without necessarily having to seek the services of professionals.