How to Break in a Fitted Hat?

To avoid a structured look, you need to wear a new 59fifty fitted hat for a few days to become used to it.

But with a few minutes, you can learn how to break in a fitted hat easily with simple methods.

You can soften the material of the hat by following a simple procedure, which will allow you to mold it to your own liking.

It’s time to go through this article and get the trick about how to break in a New Era fitted hat!

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How to Break in a Fitted Hat?

how to break in a new era fitted hat

Method 1. Remove the mesh

Breaking in a new baseball cap is easier if you remove the mesh from the interior of the cap.

Having a ball cap with fitted mesh can cause discomfort due to the tightness it places on your head.

In order to obtain that worn-in and weathered appearance that comes from roughing up your clothing, you first need to remove the mesh liner.

You can find the mesh seam under a 1/2-inch flap of cloth by flipping the fitted cap inside out.

To remove the threading holding the mesh or the mesh seam in place, use a seam ripper.

Pull upward and away from your body with the seam ripper’s long pointed end until the thread is ripped out.

When you get to the end of the thread, you can just take off the last bit and it will come apart.

The seam ripper can be used to remove any remaining threads from the cap.

In order to get rid of any surplus thread, remove the mesh from the cap and shake it over a garbage can.

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Method 2. Soak into hot water

Soak the entire hat in hot water to let it break in properly.

The hat’s crown should only be submerged in the bowl if you wish to keep the bill stiff.

The cap should be submerged in water for 30 min to 1 h before being removed.

A towel is all that is needed for a quick-drying process.

After you’ve dampened the hat, you may put it on your head and let it dry as it molds to your head’s contours.

Putting your hat in hot water may cause it to lose some of its colors.

In doing so, you’ll make your hat appear more weathered. Instead of washing your hat in hot water, soak it in cold water.

Take your hat out of the water and let it dry for at least two hours.

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Method 3. Cut the sweatband

Make two vertical cuts in the sweatband if your hat is too small.

Make sure that you don’t go all the way through the piece of paper.

Sweatband sections were shaved with a razor blade for maximum effect.

To remove the sweatband, make two slits in the back near the hat’s sweatband.

That should help things get a little more relaxed.

Don’t slash the hat’s fabric! To further loosen things up, you could do that, but it’s unappealing.

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How to Curl the Bill of Your Fitted Hat?

It’s fine to wear a baseball cap with a straight bill. In addition to giving the impression of a larger crown, it also gives the user the appearance of a youngster donning his father’s ball hat.

Hats with flat bills, like baseball caps, have long been linked with the younger generation.

But if you feel that flat bill design is a bit of a turn-off. Hand-form it to your liking.

The most straightforward approach. To achieve the ideal curve, you must have a certain “feel.” It’s like working with clay.

For a few days, you’ll have to fiddle with your bill frequently to keep it curled. Overnight, leave the bill in a coffee mug.

There’s no muss, no fuss, and your bill has a nice, lengthy arc to it. This is the strategy I use most often.

Softball or soup cans can be used as a bill-wrapping device. Put a rubber band around a softball or soup can and bend the bill to fit. Leave for a few hours.

This procedure gives the bill a little incline. Let it rest overnight with the bill curved and folded in.

To keep your hat in place, curl your bill and then fold it back into the brim. Leave for a few hours.

Besides, the bill doesn’t hold its curve very well when it’s tucked into the rear of your hat, so you don’t get much of a bend this way.

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1. How much can you stretch a fitted hat?

With the above methods, you can stretch a fitted hat up to 2 sizes bigger. However, you only need to stretch your fitted hat for a comfortable fit.

2. Will a fitted hat stretch over time?

To get used to the hat’s fit, simply wear it around your head. If you see that it is too tight, too loose, or there is no need to make any modifications at all, you can take a few minutes to do so.

3. Do fitted hats shrink or stretch?

Wearing a hat generates a lot of heat and moisture, which causes wool and cotton to shrink.

Most current ball caps are polyester, so you don’t have to worry about them shrinking. However, the suggestions below can still help you get a better fit.


Make sure you wear a ball cap all the time so that nature may do its magic.

The hat will progressively adapt to your head shape over time. Soak the ballcap’s crown in hot water and then wear it until it dries.