How to Break in A Hat?

If you purchase a hat that does not suit your head size, you may feel a headache or uncomfortable when wearing it.

But wait for seconds, you do not need to buy a new hat. Just several steps can allow you to break in a new hat with ease.

Two Different Ways to Break In Your New Hat

Breaking in a new hat ensures that it is more comfortable for the wearer. To break in a hat, you require lukewarm water to make this task easy and perfectly.

Dampening the hat with warm water and then wearing it is necessary when stretching the headwear to fit size.

After dampening the hat, wear that hat immediately. The following are the two ways to break in a new hat.

1. Soak the hat in water

You can use lukewarm or cold water to dampen your hat. Be aware that hot water will cause the hat to fade and look to be more worn.

Soak the whole hat in water if you are interested in breaking in the entire hat.

If you want to keep the brim’s original shape, you should soak the crown part of the hat only.

Allow the cap to be soaked for at least 30 minutes though it can stay in water for an hour.

After this, take it from water and lay it on a dry towel until it becomes damp.

Place the hat on the head while moist, and let it dry while on the head. Allowing it to dry while on the head ensures it conforms to the head.

Hence it will perfectly fit the head.

2. Take a shower with your hat

Alternatively, you can take a shower while still wearing your hat. Although this is unconventional for most people, it is the perfect way to break in the hat.

During a shower, wash the head and wear a hat. Continue showering with it, and after being through, don’t remove that hat.

Allow it to air dry while still on the head. This will allow the hat to conform with the head, breaking it in.

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How to Break In A Baseball Cap?

how to break in a baseball hat

To break in a baseball cap (the snapback hat or trucker hat the same) will require you to always put it on.

It should be worn at each day’s activity and as many times as possible.

Wearing the cap during activities, especially during workouts, ensures that the cap will absorb as much moisture and heat as possible, making the break-in fast and easy.

Also, wear the cap during other sporting activities. Wearing it at all times ensures it conforms with the head.

Alternatively, you can soak the cap in water for over 30 minutes.

After soaking the cap, lay it on a dry towel until it becomes damp. When it is moist, wear it and allow it to dry while on the head.

As required, the cap can be soaked at two intervals, first the crown then the bill. Avoid hot water since it makes the cap fade.

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How to Break In a Cowboy Hat?

how to break in cowboy hats

When breaking in a cowboy’s hat you will use hot water to soak it, then wring it out once.

Use a wet cloth to squeeze the rim of the hat and the part that meets the head. Work on the rim of the hat to gently disperse water within it.

Repeat the process until the rim feels soft and malleable. Finally, wear the hat until it dries up in the proper position.

Doing this, you will have broken in the hat to fit the head comfortably. Ensure that the hat drys up while still on the head to ensure that it conforms to the shape of the head.

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1. Can You Bend the Bill Of A 59fifty?

YES. A bill of 59fifty can be bent. Wet the bill in water and use a rubber band and baseball to wrap the bill in a curved.

Allow the bill to dry up to ensure it is perfectly curved.

2. How to Curve the Brim of Baseball Caps?

You will require a spay battle with water to curve a cap brim. Spray the brim with water and slightly bend it all over.

Place a sizeable ball underneath the bill and bend the brim slightly to ensure it conforms around the ball. Avoid soaking the bill since it will shrink.

3. How Do You Soften A Hat Brim?

While softening a hat brim, put rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle and spray the bill uniformly, which will soften it.

To ensure the alcohol does not stiffen, upstart spraying slowly and then gently.


Conclusively, hats and caps can be perfect for smooth designs that suit the head well.

Soaking the hat or cap in water is an ideal method that you can use to break in your hats. Avoid warm water since it will quickly make the cap or hat fade.

Coldwater will ensure that the cap looks new even after breaking in. Avoid soaking the bill as it will shrink and look old. Instead, use a spray bottle and cold water.