How to Fix Pur Pom Pom on Hat?

Fur pom-poms are all the rage these days, and they make an adorable accessory to any hat.

But a fur pom-pom is not always keeping its shape and adds stylish to your knit hats.

Your fur pom poms may become a messy fur ball and don’t be fluff anymore.

Or you find that it starts to lose and tends to drop off.

Don’t worry, this article will walk you through different ways of how to fix fur pom poms on hats.

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How to Fix a Loose Fur Pom Pom on Hat?

how to fix fur pom poms for hats

Loose fur pom poms are annoying, but the good news is that they’re easily fixable. There are several different methods you can take to fix various Pom pom Issues on Hats.

Step by Step Guide for Fixing Loose Fur Pom Poms

1. Cut small lengths of thread. Simple sewing thread is fine; you won’t be able to see it after you’re done fixing your pom-pom anyway.

Tie the ends of your threads together so that they can be easily pulled apart later.

2. Separate the strands from the fur pom pom, and then tie those threads around each strand of fur, so that all of the strands are in a bundle together, with some thread hanging out at the end for you to work with.

3. Tie your thread around the bundle of fur strands, and keep it about 1/4 inch away from your knot for now.

4. Start to arrange the strands in a circular formation with your fingers, pulling away any strands that are sticking out.

As you do this, you can use your tie thread to pull them into place or to adjust them if you need to. It’s fine if they’re not perfectly aligned – nobody will notice after it’s done!

5. Keep the strands aligned and pull your tie thread tight when you’re done.

6. Tie the ends of the fur together with a simple double knot.

7. Use your scissors to cut off the excess fur, including any strands that are sticking up and out. You can use these pieces to make another pom-pom.

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How to fluff a fur Pom Pom on Hat?

If you know how to fix a loose fur pom pom and have a fur pom pom, then you already know how to fluff it.

This works best with fur pom poms that are not too stuffed and not too thin. Just put your fingers on top of the fur, and pull out any air pockets.

Put it in the air for about half an hour to fluff it up some more if you want.

Or you can use a blow dryer to blow it for a fluff appearance. Watch the video below to see the full tutorial.

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How to Attach/ Replace Fur Pom Pom on Hat?

If you’re not sure how to fix loose fur pom pom on hat and do not know how to fluff up your fur pom pom, you can replace it.

It’s best to replace it with a new pom-pom. If you need to remove it, place the pom-pom into a vase of water again to loosen its hold on your hat, and then pull it off.

Or you can make a new pom-pom with fur that matches your original fur pom pom. Here’s are the steps:

1. First, check your hat to see if there are any wires in the fur pom-pom that you can use to tie the new pom-pom on. If not, a wide leather belt will work.

2. Cut off a length of the fur and place it on the end of your belt, then feed it through one of the wires in your hat’s fur pom pom.

Make sure the loop will fit over the brim of your hat easily.

3. Cut another piece of fur to an appropriate length, and fold it in half with the loop facing up.

4. Feed it into a wire on your hat and twist it around so that the loop is touching your new piece of fur, and then tie together both ends of your belt securely.

You can then cut off excess fur from both ends to make them look neater.

5. Use hot glue to stick your pom-pom to the end of your belt. Make sure there’s enough glue on it so that it’s secure!

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Fixing a loose fur pompom is actually very easy to do. Even someone who has never sewn something or worked with fur before can fix a loose fur pompom on their hat.

Just follow the steps in this article, and you’ll be able to make your hat look amazing once again.