How to Flatten a Hat Bill?

Just as bowed brims were all the fury when it came down to men’s style, flat-brimmed caps are now taking the fashion space.

Whereas you will sometimes see males wearing hats with curved/rounded brims in some parts of the state, flat-brimmed hats give off the urban and edgy feeling.

However, Just because you have a closet full of round or curled brim caps doesn’t mean you have to forget about them or throw them away.

You can effortlessly flatten their edges and enjoy the new fashion trend.

Just with several minutes, you can learn how to flatten a hat bill by yourself!

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How to Flatten a Hat Bill?

how to flatten a curved bill hat

1. Iron it

Rest your curved or curled flat on a steaming board with the upper part of the cap facing up then spray the cap with cold water.

Spray your hat vigorously with cold water, this helps to dampen the cap and relax the material fabric, and to stiffen the material underneath the hat.

Set your iron to medium heat and run it across the ridge press the iron down by exerting a moderate pressure to help the top flatten.

Repeat this until your hat’s ridge starts to have a flat brim.

Mist the cap brim lightly with some cornstarch solution. Then iron the lip again but this time reverse the iron so that it can cover the whole surface area.

With all the process done you can hang your hat in cool and dry air. Or you can place your hat in a freezer or a refrigerator overnight to allow the brim to stiffen.

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2. Hot Pot Steaming

The second method you can squash your cap’s brim is using a hot pot steaming. Here you will need a plastic bag and a hot oven.

Place your curved-brimmed hat in a dry plastic bag and then dip it in a hot pot and wait for it to rest for two hours.

This will allow the fabric to soften and relax the material for easy flattening.

After the steaming, you can use the iron to flatten.

The only difference between the first method and the second approach is that the hot pot steaming approach gives you a fine and flatter choice.

You can also use physical adjustment where you hold the cap until the shape starts to form a flatter surface.

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Tips for Flattening a Hat Bill

Before you start preparing your cap or flattening the bills it would be wise and smart to consider the following flattening tips.

The material

The material plays a huge role when it comes to interfering with the cap bills, a soft material will take a shorter time to smooth than a harder material.

Cotton caps have a higher tendency of being flexible so if your hat is made of pure cotton then the flattening process will be easier and faster.

So, before you begin any flattening process be sure to read the description on the cap if it allows you to use iron or otherwise.

Quality of the Hat

When flattening the bills be sure to check the quality of the bill, plastic options are recommended choices when it comes to customizing the shape.

Cotton options are different from plastic. Because the flexibility of material varies when it comes to any flattening process.

The flexibility of material plays a huge role in the final product.

It is a factor of the result and the more flexible the material the better the final product.

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The whole process aims at improving your new fashion but if your cap is still in good shape you can consider buying a new cap with a smooth brim.

However, if you wish to transform your old options then this guide is there for you.