How to Keep A Cowboy Hat On In The Wind?

Securing the cowboy hat is an excellent idea. Losing a cowboy hat is something that every person will feel wrong about after it happens.

Therefore, it is crucial to secure the hats from the wind that tend to carry them away.

How to Keep Your Cowboy Hat on In the Windy Days?

how to keep a cowboy hat on in wind

Most people use stamped strings to keep the cowboy hats on while in the wind.

The strings are wrapped down on the chin to ensure that the hat is secure and doesn’t go with the wind.

Such other methods of keeping the cowboy hat on in the wind include;

Using bobby pins

The bobby pins are clipped to the hair then inserted into the cowboy hat’s band.

The bobby pins ensure that the hat is kept in place without anyone noticing what is used. The booby pins are also cheap and easily accessible by anyone.

If the pins are placed in uncomfortable positions, they might result in headaches at the end of the day. Therefore, it is essential to place them well and comfortably.

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Using a toupee tape

A toupee tape perfectly keeps the cowboy hat on, no matter the strength of the wind.

The toupee tape is applied on the front part of the hatband then stuck on the makeup-free forehead.

This method is perfect for those accustomed to running flags, turning cans, and walking within the rodeo.

Using a stampede string

Stampede strings are perfect for keeping the cowboy hat on during windy days. Most cowboy hats are manufactured with stampede strings.

The strings run over the chics down to the lower jaw, where they are tied together. Despite this, it can be a viable option if you don’t want to embrace their noob status completely.

The strings are at times irritating and can result in headaches. If the hat is improperly fitting, you can avoid using them since the strings will not go well with the hat.

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Using a foam tape

Foam hat tape has a self-adhesive back to shrink hat size. It is commonly used on cowboy hats since it is perfect for keeping them on in the wind.

The tape is placed inside the hat, and the tape on it is removed. Fix the foam tape permanently on the inner side of the cowboy hat.

Ensure that the hat fits in the hat well before removing the paper on it, after which it can be fixed on the cowboy hat.

The foam tape ensures that the hat is held on in the wind, especially if perfectly fitted. The foam tape is cheap and easily accessible; hence, anyone can use it.

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Wearing the hat properly

Allow the hat to keep in the right shape to ensure it is appropriately worn. Ensure that the wind meets the brim of the hat head-on to make sure that the cowboy hat stays on in the wind.

You can keep the hat upside down. It will ensure that the brim is not flatted and is held in the original shape.

This way is superstitious. It will provide good luck while out in the wind. The method is perfect, though.

If the hat is slightly moved or tilted, the wind will get the hat off the head. Therefore, the method requires a person to be more careful while in the wind.

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Flipping the hatband

Many cowboy hats feature sweatbands inside the crown. hatbands in the market will suit the cowboy perfectly.

Place the hat on a flat surface and turn it up. You can find a ribbon on the hatband.

then you should use scissors to make a cut on each side to create a part of the band that can flip out.

Now you can flip this part of the band out the cowboy hat crown. This will create more friction so your cowboy hat can stay on your head firmly even in windy days.

You can watch the video below for more information.


Conclusively, cowboy hats are still in style, especially those in a neutral shade. The various methods applied to make the hat stay on in the wind are also interesting since some make the hat much designed.

Despite this, you should consider a perfect method. Choose a way that will not irritate you.

It is also essential to consider purchasing a hat that fits the head well while freeing the sides. This will make the hat better.