7 Tips for How to Keep A Sun Hat from Blowing Away – I Test Them All! 

When wearing sun hats on windy days, I bet you have experienced this like me already:

It was a sunny day, and I was working in the field. I had just put on my new sun hat, especially for this trip. I felt pretty good about myself until the wind started to pick up. Suddenly, my hat was blown off my head and into a nearby bush! I cursed the wind and went to retrieve my hat.

That’s when I decided that enough was enough. I decide to find how to keep my sun hat from blowing away. Here are 7 methods I’ve found out and tested:

  • 1. Hat Clips
  • 2. Chin Cords
  • 3. Hat Pins
  • 4. Bobby Pins
  • 5. Hair Combs
  • 6. Cut and Flip Parts of the Sweatbands
  • 7. Use Foams

It took me lots of effort and time to test them out. If you have the same problem and don’t want to go through the same process, read on and find out which method works best for you!

different ways to keep a sun hat from blowing away

7 Different Methods to Keep Sun Hat from Blowing Away

As a hat lover, I have many different hats for different occasions: from big brimmed sun hats to ball caps.

So, I’ve tried out each of the seven methods on different types of hats to see which one works best. Here are my results:

Method 1: Using Hat Clips – Works Well, Especially for Baseball Caps!

Yep, I wear baseball caps as my sun hat when I wear a casual outfit. I have a snapback and a trucker hat as well.

Though they have a very snug fit, and I adjust them tighter on windy days, I still have the problem of them blowing off.

So I decided to give the hat clip a try. And I love how the hat clips can keep my caps from blowing away!

First, I need no needlework to fix them on my cap. And I can have your baseball cap in a loose fit to feel more comfortable. Moreover, the hat clip is not so noticeable from the outside, so it does not ruin the look of my baseball cap.

With a budget price and easy to apply, hat clips have a shortcoming, though. If you wear a floppy sun hat with a wide brim, it’s hard to find a suitable length.

Method 2: Adding Chin Cords to Your Hat – Works Most of the Time, But Requires Needlework

Since I don’t have much luck on wide brim sun hats hat clips, I have tried adding chin cords to them. It works well, but my needlework is terrible, so I only use this method at home and turn the fan to test it.

Here’s my process:

You need two needles and a length of string or yarn. I start by poking two small holes on both sides of the hat, about an inch or so from the edge of the brim.

I then thread the string through the holes and tie it in a knot. I ensure that the string is long enough so that when I tie it under my chin; the hat will stay snug on my head.

The good thing about this method is that it works with most hats. The downside is that it requires some needlework and can leave knots that are pretty noticeable on your hat.

You may also want to try using a hot glue gun if you are not comfortable with sewing. But I have not tried this method myself yet. It might be a good way to hide the ugly knots by gluing small decor pieces.

Method 3: Using Hat Pins – Works And Adding Elegance, But Leaves Small Hole on Your Hat

As a fashion enthusiast, I also have some vintage-style sun hats that to make my outfit more elegant. To stop the wind from ruining them all, I use hat pins to fix the sun hat and add more vibes.

The biggest advantage of hat pins is their decorative function of them. Adding a few well-chosen hat pins can make a simple sun hat more fashionable.

While using, you need to poke the hat pin through your hat, pick up a few strands of your hair, and then put the pin back through the other side. Since you need to let the pin go through your hair, be extra careful with the pointy end!

Hence, the con of hat pins is obvious: they leave small holes on your hats. So I only use hat pins on felt hats because they are less likely to show the hole.

Method 4: Using Bobby Pins – Works But Only for Wind from the Front

Simplest tools and you can make this method very easily. I have tried using bobby pins to keep my sun hat from blowing away.

And it only works well when I want to put my hat back on my head and want it to be stable. I usually put 2 pins and stick them to the headband inside my hat, which helps keep it in place.

The downside is that if the wind shifts direction, or if I move around too much, the pins can come loose, and my hat will blow off.

But overall, this is a simple and easy method that doesn’t require any special tools or skills.

Method 5: Using Hair Combs – Works Well If You Have Thick Hair

This might be the best method for you if you have thick hair. All you need to do is sew the hair comb on the back side of the sweatband inside the hat.

Then slide the hat down onto your head. The comb will grab your hair firmly so your sun hat will not go anywhere.

The only thing you need to be careful about is that the comb should not be too close to your scalp, or it will hurt when you take off your hat.

Unfortunately, I have short, sleek hair, and I find that this method doesn’t work as well for me as it does for people with thicker hair.

Method 6:Cutting and Flip the Part of the Sweatband – Hack Trick for Cowboy Hat

Y’all know my fever about cowboy hats from my older posts. Without a doubt, I love how they make me look effortlessly cool.

But there’s one problem: they always blow away with the wind!

So, I have to use this hack trick to keep my cowboy hat from blowing off: cut and flip the part of the sweatband inside the hat.

First, you need to find where the backside of your cowboy hat sweatband. A classic cowboy hat should have a bow tie as a sign.

Then, cut both sides of the sweatband. Be careful not to cut too much or too deep. Then, take out the part you just cut and flip it.

After that, put your cowboy hat back on and enjoy the wind without worrying about losing your hat!

This method works like a charm for my cowboy hats, but I don’t know if it will work for any type.

Method 7: Using Foams to Stuck the Space – Works If Your Hat Is Larger

Not all hats suit people’s heads perfectly, no except for mine. I have several sun hats that are pretty larger for my head size, but I still want to wear them because they look good on me.

It’s still ok on a calm day. But when the wind starts to blow, my hat will attempt to leave me for a new owner.

That’s why I use foams to fill the space between my head and the hat. It’s not a permanent solution, but it works if you don’t have time to adjust the hat.

What I use are weather foams. I simply stick the foam inside the hat (around the forehead) and wear the hat as usual.

The foam will make the hat smaller and fit my head better so it won’t blow away with the wind.

And do not stuff too much. I once tried it, and my head hurt because of my hat that was stuffed with too much foam after that windy days.

So, Which Method Will Be Your Final Choice?

There you have it, my seven methods to keep your sun hat from blowing away. I personally like using hat clips or hat pins best because they are simple and easy to use.

But if you have thicker hair, sewing a hair comb onto your sun hat might be the best method.

Do you have any other methods to keep your sun hat from blowing away? Let me know by contacting us!

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Stay safe and enjoy the sun hat, and Happy hat-wearing! :D)