How to Keep Your Hands Dry When Wearing Ski Gloves?

Skiing is an exciting and fun way to enjoy the great outdoors and get some exercise. You can totally warm up your winter by taking to the slopes.

Of course, our hands are also warmed up by all the skiing, and that can lead to a common problem: how to keep your hands dry when wearing ski gloves.

No one likes having sweaty hands when they’re out on the slopes, so here are some tips for preventing it.

3 Tips for Keeping Hands Dry Inside Ski Gloves

It’s not recommended to take off your ski gloves while skiing. Instead, here are a few ways you can keep your hands dry and comfy:

1. Wear a thin layer of powder

Applying a light layer of baby powder to your hands before putting on a pair of ski gloves can help to reduce moisture and make your experience much more enjoyable!

The powder absorbs excess moisture, reducing sweatiness and stickiness while providing a buffer in between your skin and the glove material.

Additionally, the powder helps to reduce odor and minimize bacteria thanks to its light suspension on the skin.

Look for a pair of cotton liner gloves:

If you’re especially prone to sweaty hands, you may consider wearing cotton liner gloves under your ski gloves.

Cotton liner gloves are lightweight and breathable, helping absorb any sweat that may pass through your ski gloves. This can help you keep your hands warm and dry throughout a long day on the slopes.

You can slip them underneath your regular ski gloves for an extra layer of protection against moisture. Plus, these types of liners are so thin that they won’t take away from your style or dexterity while skiing.

(Bonus: They also work great for other outdoor activities like hiking, cycling and rock climbing!) 

Regularly airing out your ski gloves:

After each day of skiing, take off whatever gloves you are wearing and let them air out overnight—this helps to prevent a buildup of sweat and moisture that can rot down the insulation and make your hands cold and wet next time around.

You can also help keep your hands dry inside your ski gloves before starting out by using a pair of extremely thin yet thermal-protective liners!

Use 70% Ethanol/Hand Coolers

If you’re still concerned about how to keep your hands dry while skiing, consider using 70% ethanol or hand coolers.

When applied directly onto the skin, it helps to absorb sweat and reduce the amount of moisture present on the surface of your skin.

This can make a huge difference in how warm and dry your hands stay, even when wearing ski gloves for a long time!

How to Choose Ski Gloves for Sweaty Hands?


Besides all methods mentioned above, how you choose your ski gloves is also important to keep your hands dry. You can follow below tips:

Double Check to Ensure That You’ve Got the Right Size 

Double-checking that you’ve got the right size before taking your gloves out on the slopes is key to avoiding this fate.

When trying on ski gloves, move your hands around and make a fist to make sure that there’s enough room inside the glove for air circulation and your skin won’t be too tight.

In other words, make sure that you can shake hands just as easily with your gloves on as you can without them!

Furthermore, a good way to test if you’re getting enough space is to take off the gloves and put in them something like a few coins inside each one.

Make sure it fits without pinching or folding too much fabric inwards – otherwise you’ll end up with sweaty hands within no time!

Stick to Waterproof Design 

You don’t want your gloves to be soaking wet after an hour of skiing, so make sure to pick a pair with a waterproof design. This will help keep your hands dry and warm while you’re out on the slopes. 

Look for Breathability 

Another important factor to look for in ski gloves is breathability. This will help prevent your hands from getting too sweaty in the first place.

Look for gloves that have vents or openings that allow air to circulate around your hands. 

How to Dry Your Ski Gloves Correctly?

Honestly, sweats and moisture is inevitable when you’re skiing, and your ski gloves may get wet after being out in the snow.

So how to dry them correctly? To ensure your ski gloves last season after season, they should be dried correctly after a day on the slopes.

First and foremost, let your gloves air dry in a circulating area.

Avoid automatically reaching for the hand dryer or putting them near any source of heat as this could cause shrinkage or weaken the fabric and damage your gloves beyond repair!

This can be done by laying them flat and open with the palms up so that any meltwater or melting snow escapes from either end of the glove.

Before long, your ski gloves will be ready to store away until next time! And don’t forget to keep an eye out for wear and tear during use.

Just lay them flat in a circulating area to air dry, avoiding any heat sources at all costs.

Final Words

All of the methods mentioned above will help you keep your hands dry while skiing.

But, if you really want to make sure that they stay warm and toasty, follow these final words of wisdom:  pick a pair of ski gloves with a waterproof design, look for breathability in your gloves, and make sure they fit correctly!

With these tips in mind, you’re guaranteed to have a great day on the slopes without having to worry about sweaty hands.