How to Look Skinny In Swim Trunks?

No one wants to look bad in their swimwear. Both boys and men worry about how to look skinny in swim trunks.

Not everyone has a body type that allows them to look great in any swimsuit. If you want to how to look skinny in swim trunks, there are a few things you can do.

Control Your Bulge

Let’s face it; no one wants to see a muffin top peeking out over the waistband of your pants.

But with the right underwear, you can say goodbye to unsightly bulges and hello to a smooth, flattering silhouette.

There are many different types of underwear out there, and boxer briefs are a good option for many guys.

Compression shorts or jammers are also options. These can be especially helpful if you’re worried about how your thighs look in swim trunks.

Go for Slimming Colors

The color of your swim trunks can also make a big difference in your appearance.

Dark colors are generally more slimming than light colors. So, opt for black, navy, or another dark shade if you want to look thinner.

Of course, you don’t have to go completely dark. You can also choose a dark color for the main part of your swim trunks and a lighter color for the waistband or trim.

This can help to create the illusion of a smaller waist.

Keep the Swim Trunk Length Above Your Knees

The length of your swim trunks also determines how slimming they look.

Shorter trunks will generally make your legs look longer and leaner. So, if you want to know how to look skinny in swim trunks, go for a pair that falls at or above your knee (5″ inseam to 7” inseam).

Of course, it’s important to find a pair of swim trunks that is comfortable for you.

If you’re not comfortable in shorter trunks, you can always go for a longer pair. Just know that they may not be as slim.

Stick to a Proper Fit

A good fit is essential to look slim in swim trunks.

Too tight, and you’ll look like you’re bursting out of your suit. Too loose, and you’ll look like you’re swimming in your pants.

Choose a pair of swim trunks that fit well but aren’t too tight. They should also have a bit of room in the legs so you can move comfortably.


Now that you know how to look skinny in swim trunks, it’s time to hit the beach!

Remember to control your bulge, choose slimming colors, keep the length above your knees, and stick to a proper fit.

With these tips, you’ll look great no matter how you feel about your body.