How to Make Gloves Touch Screen and Work with Phones?

Gloves save hands from extreme weather situations. In cold situations, they keep your hands warm. But if you get a call on the phone while you are wearing gloves do you want to remove your gloves?

Obviously No. You do not want to make your hands cold just to pick a call. For this reason, some good brands offer this touch screen facility. They allow you to answer your calls or even write messages while wearing gloves.

But if you do not have touch-sensitive gloves then do not worry.

Here we will tell you how can make your gloves touch-sensitive so that you do not have to take them off every time you use your phone.

how to make gloves work with touch screen

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What Material Can Be Used for Touch Screen?

To give input to the touch screen you need to have an electrical device. A human being is a good conductor of electricity that’s why we can use touchscreen mobile with our hands.

But when we wear gloves there comes a barrier between screen and skin. To remove this barrier we can use the following best conductive materials.

1. Copper

Those gloves that support the touch screen feature have a lining of copper at the fingertip.

Copper yarn is the material that is used in touch-sensitive gloves. They absorb the current that electric devices produce and allow you to use a mobile phone screen.

2. Aluminum

Like copper, aluminum is another conductive material. But they do not give better results as copper does. But still, some touch-sensitive gloves use this material to use screens.

3. Thermal paste

The other efficient material is the thermal paste which is a good conductor of electricity. They are also used in computers to fill gaps between heat sinks and processors.

They are efficient as copper. That’s why many gloves manufacturers use this material while making gloves. It improves the efficiency and use of gloves.

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Tools and Supplies You Will Need

To make your gloves touch screen you need the following tools

  • A needle
  • A scissor
  • A glove
  • 30 cm of conductive thread

You also need sewing experience. So that without hurting yourself you can easily sew the finger of gloves to make them touch-sensitive.

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How to Make Regular Gloves Touch Screen Sensitive?

Here we discuss the procedure through which you can make your regular gloves touch screen

Step1: Put thread into the needle. Do not put too large a quantity of thread just insert the appropriate amount and cut the thread with a scissor.

Step 2: On the outer layer of the glove, stitch fingertip with small turns in 6mm diameter so that it looks invisible. For a single finger, 3 to 5 stitches will work well.

Make sure that you do not make too small stitches that the screen does not notice and all your effort will go in vain.

Step 3: To make sure that your finger or hand touches the thread you can leave some thread inside the glove during stitching. In this way, your fingers do not find it difficult to touch the thread.

Step 4: Repeat the stitching procedure on the figures that you want to use on the touch screen.

That’s it. Now your glove is ready to use the touchscreen. The results will not be so accurate but it will work as you can type a message by wearing gloves.

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How to Make Gloves Touchscreen Compatible without Conductive Thread?

Conductive thread needs a good sewing experience to make your gloves touch screen. But there are more easy ways that you can use to get the desired output.

Here we tell you 3 easy ways through which you can make gloves touch screen without any effort. Have a look at these methods.

Methods 1: Add ThumbDogs

ThumbDogs are the conductive fiber that sticks easily on anything. This adhesive medical grade material comes in a set of 4. It means with one set you can use four fingers on the touch screen.

According to your requirement, you can get multiple sets. Moreover, you can easily remove them without destroying your glove material. In three simple steps, you can effectively use ThumbDogs.

  • Peel
  • Apply
  • Connect

That’s it. When you apply ThumbDog on gloves’ fingertips and connect with touch screen they will start to work. You can effectively use your phone without removing your gloves.

Methods 2: Use Metal Snaps

Metal snaps are the other way to use a touch screen with gloves. You need a knife, a metal snap, and a mallet to follow this technique.

First, make a small hole on the glove’s fingertip. Then add a half-metal snap in it. Use a mallet to set the metal snap on the tip. After doing this you are ready to use a touchscreen with gloves.

Methods 3: Use Any Glove

This is the last method and is simple than the above two. In this method, you just need Any Glove. It is a liquid substance that helps to use a touch screen.

Just apply some Any Glove on the fingertip and use a touch screen. This liquid substance takes 3 days to dry completely. When it gets dry you can not use the screen. You have to use it again.

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Wrapping It All Up!!!

As everything is explained in detail all your counts would be in the air by now. But if there is still something do let us know and we will make sure you have everything there is to know about the ways to make gloves on the touch screen.