How to Measure Hand for Gloves?

Measuring the size of your hand before buying or making the gloves is as necessary as the quality of the gloves. It is a very common thing to observe that most people wear the wrong size gloves. If you are wearing gloves to stay warm then make sure you get the right pair of sizes.

Moreover, if you are working in an industrialized atmosphere then make sure the gloves you wear give the perfect fit to your hands so that you can perform well.

Here in this article, we will discuss how you can easily measure the hand circumference that will help you in getting the right size of gloves.


How to Measure Hand Circumference?

As all the hands come in different shapes and sizes, it is necessary to measure the circumference of the particular hand so that the glove fits easily.

It is the best way to get accurate size gloves for your hands by measuring the circumference.

However, below we have mentioned a few important factors that will help you in this process:

Method 1: Measure Hand Palm

how to determine glove size

  • Take a measuring tape and measure the circumference of your palm on your dominant hand.
  • Place the measuring tape above the inside of your thumb, the opening between your thumb and index finger.
  • Wrap the measuring tape all around the palm and observe where it overlaps itself at the starting point.
  • Record the total number of inches and write down the nearest quarter of an inch.
  • Take the measurement and check the glove size chart to understand which size is perfect for you.
  • Important:
  • Make sure when you start measuring the circumference, the tape has been placed from 0 inches.
  • When you wrap the measuring tape around your palm, it has to be placed from above the thumb to the outside of your pinky finger and back once more.

Method 2: Measure the Hand Length

how to measure hand length for gloves

Another method to measure the hand circumference is by measuring the hand length. This method is good for those who have long or large hands as they can’t get their perfect size by measuring hand circumference.

  • Most of the gloves are made with even width and length which may not fit a hand longer than a normal one. Here you can measure the length of your hand to get the right size of gloves.
  • Hold your hands up in the air and fingertips towards the ceiling as you are about to do the wave.
  • Start measuring the length of your hand from the middle finger to the bottom base of your palm using the measuring tape.
  • Write down the measurements and look for the perfect size in the glove chart.
  • Tips
  • If you want to measure for a baseball glove, start from the tip of your index finger to down the wrist.
  • If you want gloves for a tennis racquet to have the perfect grip, then start from the ring finger to the lowest lateral crease of your palm.

Method 3: Measure the Hand Span

Lastly, you can also measure the hand span to get the perfect size gloves especially if you are a sports enthusiast like catching, throwing and gripping, etc.


Hand Measurement to Glove Size

Note: Use your dominant hand whenever you measure hand for glove size to get the perfect measurement.

 For Unisex 

HC in




 For Men 

HC77 ½- 88 ½ – 99 ½ – 1010 ½ -1111 ½-12


 For Women 

HC in inch66.577.58


 For Kids 

Age (Approx) 

6M – 1Y1-22-33-44-55-6


 For  Youth  



 Average Hand Size 

GenderHand SpanThicknessCircumference
Women 6.8 inches3.1 inches7.0 inches
Men7.6 inches3.5 inches8.6 inches


What If I Need Plus Size Gloves?

Before jumping into the plus-size here are a few important things you must be aware of.

The size of the gloves depends upon the type of gloves you are buying.

1. For instance, if you are using disposable gloves, they need to be fit well as they are meant to protect your hands.

2. If you choose loose-fitting or too large gloves, they are more likely to come off, cause skin irritation, discomfort and can be problematic while you’re doing some task.

3. If you choose tight-fitting gloves, they are more likely to be rip and tear. This type of gloves also increases gloves wastage and expenses. It can also lead to hand fatigue and decreased dexterity.

4. If you choose proper fitting gloves, they will provide protection from contamination. Helps in improving hand performance and reducing hand fatigue.

  • A pair of plus-size hand gloves are perfect to complement the women’s formal attire. It is not necessary to wear gloves for warmth all the time, sometimes a touch of elegance is what you need, right ladies!
  • Plus size gloves are perfect for those who want to cover their hands and arms other than sleeves or traditional gloves.

If you are willing to get plus size hand gloves, then do check them out,

1. BABEYOND Long Opera Gloves

2. Tapp Collections Adult-Size Dress up Gloves


What Determines Glove Size?

You can determine the right size of the gloves by measuring the hand circumference, hand span, and hand length.

Besides, you can also follow the below-mentioned steps that help in determining the glove size:

  • Hold your dominant hand along with fingers in the air facing towards the ceiling
  • Take the measuring tape and wrap it around your palm
  • Measure the glove size in inches and mark the nearest half-inch
  • Tips:
  • If your hand measures 8″, choose the glove of 8.5″
  • If your hand measures 7″, choose the glove of 8″
  • If your hand measures 8.5″, choose the glove of 9″
  • If your hand measures 9″, choose the glove of 9.5″



1. Should I Buy Gloves with Tight, Loose, or Perfect Fit?

A loose fit glove would allow you to keep your hands warmer and allow a greater layer of air around your fingertips.

Where a too-tight glove is tight and uncomfortable, and a too loose glove will give an awkward feel.

However, it is best to choose gloves that have close-fitting and can be stretched easily.

2. Does Glove Size Matter?

Yes, the size does matter as that’s what determines the comfort and hand performance.

However, the length of a hand is more important to consider as you don’t want your gloves to be longer than your hand size.

For instance, if you have a muscular or heavy hand, you can shift a size with width.

Besides, gloves with too long fingers can result in dexterity.

3. How to Fit Gloves?

It is best to choose gloves that give a comfortable fit around the fingertips as they are good for dexterity.

Make sure that your fingers should fill the glove fingers accurately without being loose or leaving extra material.

Fingertips have to be fit in the tips of the glove fingers. This is the key element to fit the gloves better and make your day productive by improved hand performance.