How to Pick a Cowboy Hat for Your Face?

Have you found it difficult in finding or how to pick a cowboy hat for your face?

Are you thinking of getting a new cowboy, and you don’t know what to consider to get a cowboy hat that makes you look great?

Well this post, you will be able to get the help you need that will assist you to put all the necessary things into consideration for choosing the right one for yourself.

What to Consider When Picking Cowboy Hats for Your Face?

There are two main things that you can consider when it comes to how to pick a cowboy hat for your face; these features include:

Cowboy Hat Style

Cowboy hat style is one of the things to consider when picking one. It would be best to go for different types that fit your face shape.

Other styles like crown and brim would give you unique looks since different hat styles have different shapes, and based on your face shape; you can pick different hat styles.

Having a different hat style is a big plus because when it comes to the use, you can use their base on occasion or even weather conditions.

For instance, having high crowns that can help to trap hot air, low crowns do not accumulate hot air.

Therefore having a different style will help you use the base on your preference and weather condition.

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Cowboy Hat Color

When picking a cowboy hat, you should also consider the color of the hat.

Since you will be wearing close to your hat, it will be able to match with your skin tone or the cloth you wear.

How Do You Tell Different Styles of Cowboy Hats?

how to pick a cowboy hat for your face shape

You can identify the cowboy hat base on the shape of the hat.

Crease, crown, or brim of a cowboy hat are the modification that you can find on the different styles of the cowboy hat whose primary purpose is to modify your face.

Therefore based on your face shape, you can only go for what is best for you. Apart from shaping your face shape, they also help define the hat’s functionality.

For instance, a wide brim can be good for keeping rain and wind out. And low crowns may be suitable if you don’t want your hat to accumulate hot air.

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How to Pick the Right Cowboy Hat Style for Each Face Shape?

To pick the right cowboy hat style for each shape, you have to consider the shape’s types and what crease, crown, or brim can go well with your face shape.

Now let’s look at the two in more detail.

– Oval Face –

Luckily! You can flatter your oval-shaped face with a crown and brim of any combination.

For a better looking, go for a well-proportioned cowboy hat with a high crown with a medium brim.

Recommended Style for Oval Face: Flat brim & round crown cowboy hat

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– Long Face –

If you have a long face, you will need this cowboy hat, which is not short or tall.

It will not exaggerate your face shape, but you can place the hat low on your forehead with this medium height.

You can avert the short or flat brim, emphasizing your long face lines.

Recommended Cowboy Hat Style for Long Face: Cattleman crease; mid to wide width brim; low crown

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– Round Face –

If you are a rounded face person then this kind of cowboy hat with a slanting brim and high crown will be able to complement and transform your face.

Note that you should avoid rounded crowns and wide brims. Also, if you want your face to appear symmetrical, you can use asymmetrical ones.

Suitable Cowboy Hat Style for Round Face: Cattleman crease, sharp square brim, brick crease, and asymmetrical design (like shallow side vents).

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– Square Face –

If you are a square face with a broad forehead, strong cheekbones, or square jawline, then the round crown cowboy hat with a soft brim is your ideal option.

This hat will help transform your face shape since it comes with curve brims that counter and soften your strong jaws.

Also, you can use the floppy one, which comes with a soft brim to contrast your square face.

Recommended Cowboy Hat Style for Square Face: Cool Hand Luke crease, minimally curved brim, and a hat with shallow side vents.

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– Diamond Face –

If you have a diamond face, it makes your face have an angular face with a small forehead and a thin jaw.

You can transform your face by elongating these features.

A moderate or wide brim with a shallow crown can help to further your forehead back and give you a changed face shape.

Recommended Style for Diamond Face: Cattleman or Cutter crease (make sure they have dipped on the front); angular brim

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– Heart Face –

If you are a heart-shaped face person, you can use the heart-shaped cowboy hat to transform your face by balancing your pointed chin, broad forehead, and wide cheekbones.

Therefore with the small or medium brim, you will be able to have a balance and transform the face.

Recommended Cowboy Hat Style for Heart Face:

Go for the teardrop or Winslow crease with the short brim hat.

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How to Pick the Right Color Cowboy Hat for Your Face?

what color of cowboy hat suit your face

How to Identify Your Skin Tone?

Skin tone is one thing you have to consider if you want an outfit that goes with your skin.

Skin tone refers to the genetic amount of melanin on your outermost skin layer. In this section, you will know what skin tone you have by following the simple way you will learn.

In this method, you will have to identify the skin color of the veins inside your wrist. Now let’s do it.

Go to a natural light place and then hold up your arms so that you can be able to determine the predominant color.

If you cannot tell if you have blue or green veins, then the tone of your sin is neutral.

For those who have green, yellow, golden hues or peachy, it indicates that you have a warm skin tone.

If you have a purple, blue, red, pink, or bluish, your skin tone is cool.

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What’s the Recommended Cowboy Hat Color for Each Skin Tone?

In terms of color, the black cowboy hat has become the number one choice, followed by the color brown.

Black is the bestselling color, and the reason behind this is that you will find almost the cowboy hat style there is a design in black.

Besides the most popular color available for the cowboy hat, you cannot just pick the black or brown color because it is popular.

The number one thing to put into consideration when it comes to picking cowboy hats is your skin tone.

Here is are the best cowboy hats color that you can pick based on your skin tone.

1. For neutral skin tone, the best and most popular color skin you can pick is pink or rust. However, you can also use grey, black, and other best neutral colors.

2. If you have a warm skin tone, brown, classic brown, tan, or dark brown cowboy hats would be a better option giving you a healthy olive completion.

Note that a warm skin tone, black color, or very dark color would not be a good option.

3. You can go with black or grey cowboy hats for cool skin tones.

Therefore do not wear a hat with a color that does not compliment your skin tone. Please consider your skin tone while shopping for the cowboy hat.

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Tips for Picking Cowboy Hats for Your Face

Here are the tips that you should consider when picking a cowboy hat for your face:

1. Crown shape and style

Every person has a unique shape, and when it comes to picking cowboy hats, you should also consider your face shape so that you can buy the right hat for yourself.

Based on your requirement, you can also pick the one that will transform your face shape.

Therefore remember to check the shape and styles available before choosing one for yourself.

2. Type of material

The cowboy hats are produced using different materials such as leather, straw, and many others.

Therefore before you pick any, make sure that the material is comfortable for you when you wear the hat.

3. Price

Price is another option you can consider; make sure that you go for something you can pay; if it is expensive, you can go for the affordable alternative.

4. Versatility

Versatility is one of the factors that you have to check. Is the hat you want to pick a good option for you to wear to different events or not.

5. Sex

When shopping, you should also check if the cowboy hat is for men, unisex, or designed for women.

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It is great you have read through the post to this section. Since you have learned much about cowboy hats; by now, you know how to pick a cowboy hat for your face.

Also, you have seen some of the top and best cowboy hats available on Amazon; you can now consider shopping for your ideal hats since you know what to look for when shopping.