How to Put a Feather On a Cowboy Hat? – Tradional Decoration Guide

Nothing beats the excitement of decorating a cowboy hat with feathers. The feathers make the hat fashionable, trendy and elegant.

A cowboy hat with a feather is perfect for horse riding, a night out, or summer. Also, the feathers come in different sizes, colors, and patterns.

This article will provide well-detailed information about how to put a feather on a cowboy hat, tips on choosing a feather, and how to curl a feather.

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How to Put a Stylish Feather on a Cowboy Hat?

There are several ways you can attach a feather to your Cowboy hat. They include;

Method 1. Use of a Hot Glue Gun

1. Allow your hot glue gun to heat up by plugging it into a socket.

2. To catch the excess glue that accidentally drip’s off, put a paper underneath the gun.

3. After that, arrange the feathers on your hat to appear how you want them.

You can place the feathers on one side of your hat for a sophisticated look.

Or you arrange the feathers, where the brim and rise of the cowboy hat meet on the front part.

4. Once knowing how you want the feathers to appear, take a feather and trail a glue line on its rachis (the hard middle part of the feather).

Only apply glue on the feather to the point where it will lay against the hat.

5. Then place the feather on your hat and hold it for 1 minute. After that, let go, then repeat the similar process with other feathers.


It saves time

The process is easy

Allows you to attach many feathers


× The glue might stick on your fingers when applying it to the hat.

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Method 2. Use of Pins

1. Select the type of clip you want to use on your hat. You can find clips in online stores, supermarkets or design your own.

Some are metal, others are jeweled. Place it against your hat to see how it matches your hat.

2. Gather the feathers you would like to attach. Then arrange them to your desire.

They will take a few trials and errors to get it right. Then hold the feathers in place and open up the chips with your other hand.

3. Then insert the pin in the hat next to the feathers, then bring it back using the other side containing feather shafts.

4. After that, close the pin, then check to ensure the feathers are secure.


If you are attaching many feathers, you will use more than one pin because the number and weight of the feathers may cause them to fall off.

That is why a single chip is not enough for holding several feathers.


It holds many feathers in place

You can customize your chip using craft materials


× In the process of chipping the feathers, you may accidentally prick yourself.

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Method 3. Sewing it in

You need to know the feather size will determine the needle you will use. If the feather is very long, you will need to trim it in some cases.

You will thread the needle using a leather thread or upholstery.

1. Make a thread attachment point on the feather.

You will loop then tie a length of thread; for enormous feathers and hats, use a long thread.

Then you will puncture the feather a half-inch from the end.

You will push the needle through the feather using a thimble, and then the thread will follow through it; this will be your attachment point.

Then leave approximately 6 inches of thread as the trailing end.

Then you will tie the end using a needle by looping it along the feather to make a double knot.

The knots and thread should be secure and tight. They will serve as attachment points when you are sewing on the hat.

2. Sewing the feathers to the hat. You will thread the feather’s thread at the lower tie-off point and pass it across the hat base brim.

After that, you will thread the feather knot and pull it through at a quarter-inch radius from the first thread point of insertion.

Then, inside your hat, you will tie the threads together using a bow knot or a double knot.

Depending on what you want, you may pull the attached feathers to make them as tight as possible. After doing this, your heart will be ready.


Sewing is a more permanent attachment

Allows sewing of many feathers


× You may hurt yourself when sewing

× It is time-consuming for a beginner in sewing

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Method 4. Inserting Directly

When it comes to inserting feathers directly, it is the easiest method.

You will take the feathers you want to attach to the hat and then insert them into the hatband.

Your feathers will be in position; however, you need to ensure that the hatband is tight enough to hold the feathers.


It is an easy method

Takes less time

No needed experience


× For a loose hatband, the feathers will not stay in position.

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How to Curl the Feathers for Your Cowboy Hat?

how to curl feathers for a cowboy hat

If you know how to curl your hair, you should be able to curl the feathers for your hat without ruining them. The process of curling feathers is as follows;

1. Use a sink, fill it with hot water, and then soak your feathers for 10 to 15 minutes.

For differently colored feathers, soak them separately because soaking them together will ruin the look.

2. Once you finish soaking, remove the feathers from the sink and pat them dry.

3. After that, use your curling iron, place the feather in tongs and start rolling it up.

Also, it would be best if you did not hold the feather for long, for they will burn.

4. After you are done curling, let the feather dry. Once the feathers are dry, you can attach them to your hat.

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Tips on Choosing Feathers for Cowboy Hat

The following are tips on choosing the perfect feather for your hat

1. Consider Suitable Feather Length

You will get the perfect length of feathers by putting it on top of your ear to see if it is the perfect length.

Some feathers will be long and others will be short.

When using this method, keep your chin straight to get the correct length and perfect look.

2. Choose Different Types of Feathers

Birds have different types of feathers with different patterns and colors.

The feathers on the tail vary with the wings and body ones. Here are some feathers options you can choose

  • Down feathers, are soft, short, and fine;
  • Duck feathers are broad and short;
  • Blue Jays feathers are black and medium blue;
  • Swan feathers are soft, fluffy, and white;
  • Peacock feathers have colorful patterns.

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1. What does the feather mean on a cowboy hat?

Nowadays, it has no meaning; it is only for decoration purposes. If your partner or friend gives you a cowboy with a feather, it is only for sentimental reasons.

However, in some cultures, it symbolizes bravery or heroism.

2. Can I replace the feather on the cowboy hat?

Yes. You can replace the feathers on your hat; however, this depends on the method used to insert the feathers.

For directly attached and chipped feathers, you can easily replace them; for sewed and glued feathers, you might be an expert who is experienced in replacing them.

3. What side does a feather go on a cowboy hat?

Many people prefer putting it on the left side. However, you can put it on the right side. Whichever side you decide to put, make sure it gives you the perfect, charming look.

4. How many feathers can you put on a cowboy hat?

There is no limit to the number of feathers you can attach to your hat. As a recommendation number of feathers is 3 to 4.

Anyway, this depends on the size of your cowboy hat. So, you can put as many feathers as you want, so long as it brings out the beauty you desire.


In conclusion, the feathers on a cowboy hat give it a stylish and eye-catching look.

The feathers also come in different lengths, colors, and patterns.

Moreover, you can attach the feathers using different methods, although each method has advantages and disadvantages.

Lastly, feel free to use this article as a guide to help attach feathers to your cowboy hat.

Thanks for reading through the article!