How to Put a Hatband on a Cowboy Hat?

Did you know that there is cowboy hat etiquette? And, it is a long-standing tradition that demands respect to the person wearing it.

Therefore, if you are thinking about adding or changing the hatband on your cowboy hat, you need to know exactly how to put a hatband on a cowboy hat.

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How to Put a Hatband on a Cowboy Hat?

how to put a hatband on cowboy hats

– Step 1

Remove the old band from the cowboy hat. This step can be done by cutting the seams off the old band by using a seam splitter.

Or, you can use your scissors to complete this part. After all of the seams have been removed, remove the old band from your hat.

– Step 2

Replace the new band. Slip the new hatband over the top of the hat and then adjust the fit accordingly.

The new band should be adjusted, in some cases, by folding the band at the place that allows you to slide the band backward and forward.

When you’ve identified this position, grasp the end of the band with your fingers, and then tighten it.

– Step 3

If you are not going to sew the new band onto the hat, make sure that the band is tight enough to hold the band firmly without moving.

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How to Tighten the Hatband on a Cowboy Hat?

if you want to learn how to tighten a hatband, you may want to start by learning how to tighten the hatbands on a Stetson.

And, then follow these same or similar instructions to tighten the others.

– Step 1

Hold the brim of the hat in one of your hands. Either hand will do, especially if you are a left-hander.

– Step 2

Use your other hand to grasp the leather strap on a custom concho.

– Step 3

Once you have located the end of this leather strap, tighten it by pulling the leather strap through the concho.

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How to Fix the Cowboy Hat Hatband?

If your cowboy hat hatband is ribbon, it may need to be fixed from time to time. Therefore, here are the steps that you need to follow to straighten and repair it easily.

– Step 1

Hold the brim of the hat in one of your hands. Either hand will do, especially if you are a left-hander.

– Step 2

Use your fingers on your other hand to straighten and lay this ribbon flat with a little water.

– Step 3

If you prefer, use a steamer to steam the ribbon flat. The steamer will remove all the wrinkles.

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How Do You Remove the Hatband from the Cowboy Hat?

If you want to remove the hat band from your cowboy hat, you should follow the steps provided for you below.

– Step 1

Place your hat on the table before you. so that you can see the band on the hat clearly.

– Step 2

Hold the sides of the hat gently but firmly with your fingers.

– Step 3

Once the hat is secure, use your other hand to cut off the old band.

– Step 4

Cut the seams of the band off with your scissors or with a seam splitter.

– Step 5

After all of the seams have been cut, remove the hatband.

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How to Keep your Cowboy Hat Hatband from Falling Off?

Based on the design of the cowboy hat, the band may be securely fit. However, in some situations, this is not true.

Here are the steps to make sure that the hatband will not fall off.

First, determine how you want to add the hatband to your hat. Then, choose the best way that you want to secure it so that it will not fall off.

You can sew the band around the hat firmly. Or try the method above to tighten your hatband.

Besides, you can use bobby pins to fix your hatband on a cowboy hat.


If you enjoy wearing cowboy hats with an ideal hatband, you need to know how to lengthen and repair the band.

In some cases, you may use more than one method to make the changes. One of the most important is following step-by-step instructions properly.