How to Shape A Leather Cowboy Hat?

A leather cowboy hat is very popular and a versatile accessory. This material is very durable and attractive.

With proper care and maintenance, it can last for a lifetime. However, the shape and size of these hats may not hold long when often exposed to heat and cold.

Because of this, you need to know how to reshape leather cowboy hats. This article with guide you through how to do this.

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Different Methods for Shaping a Leather Cowboy Hat

how to shape a leather cowboy hat by yourself

1. Use Your Bare Hands

This is the cheapest and easiest way to reshape your hat. However, you should make sure to be gentle to avoid any damage. There are two ways you can do this.

1st method

Step 1.

Take the leather hat and place it on your knee.

Step 2.

Put your hand in the hat’s crown and pull outwards in the opposite direction.

Pull either side for five seconds each. By pulling, you will reshape the hat to the size you need.

2nd method

Step 1.

Place one side of the hat’s crown on your knee.

Step 2.

With your hands on the other side, pull the crown on in the opposite direction using your hands and knees as you rotate it.

Do this for each side of the hat. The pulling motion will stretch the hat out evenly to your desired size.

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2. Use a Wig Stand or Hat Form

You can purchase a wig stand or a hat form in your size from a leather or hat store.

Consult with the store attendant if you are unsure of your size.

Step 1.

Using warm water, lightly dampen or spray the hat area you need to be reshaped with a hat shaping spray.

And be careful that using too much water can damage or stain the leather.

Use your hands to remove any bends or creases in the brim and crown of your hat and wipe out any excess water.

Step 2.

Hold in the hat to make the shape you want and place it on the form or stand.

Step 3.

Let the hat dry out for a few days. Ensure to place the stand or form away from direct heat or sunlight.

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3. Use Hat Stretcher

Leather cowboy hats shrink from time to time due to weather, and using a hat stretcher will reshape it without ruining the hat.

Step 1.

Place the hat jack into the cap of your hat with the woods under the seams of your cap. The center handle should be parallel to the crown’s crease.

Step 2.

Twist the center handle the stretch the hat. Tighten the center handle on your hat stretcher, making sure the hat fits softly. Do not overstretch the hat.

Step 3.

Using a kettle, boil some water and expose the hat to the steam. This helps the hat adjust nicely to the stretcher’s shape.

Step 4.

Place the stretcher with your hat in a dark and cool place to dry up. Avoid direct sunlight and heat.

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How to Shape the Leather Cowboy Hat Brim

When buying a leather cowboy hat, you should go for a brimmed style that you like and make sure it is bendable because you may need to reshape the hat after some time.

Almost all leather cowboy hats have bendable outer bands around the brim.

This makes it easy to shape the brim of your hat. Using your hands, bend the brim at the front, back, and sides (if you want to).

Hold in place for some time on each side you choose to bend.

If the brim is already bent and you want to make it flat, place your hat on the table, place heavy objects such as books around the brim and let it sit for a couple of days.

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Reshaping your leather cowboy hat is very easy, and it can look brand new after these short procedures.

Whether it is a new hat or an old hat you found in the closet, making sure it is the right shape for you to wear is very important for comfort.

Now you have learned how to shape a leather cowboy hat by yourself. Try these few steps and see the results.