How to Ship A Wide Brim Hat without Breakage?

We’ve complained about how terrible it is to receive damaged packages, especially when it comes to precious headdresses.

But how to avoid becoming “that” sender? What should we do to protect our beloved wide-brim hat?

First of all, you should know the detailed info of your hat before even packing it. And you should pay attention to packing boxes, what to wrap your hat in, and how to assemble the package.

Today let’s talk about how to protect your wide brim hat while sending it through the mail.

Before Packing, What Should You Take Care of Especially?

Once you are ready to pack your wide-brim hat, you should be extra careful, especially with the crown, brim shape, and material. As they are more likely to get damaged during shipping.

Let’s talk about the material first, soft materials such as straw and felt are more vulnerable than hard materials such as wool and leather.

However, some wool-felt hats are packable and foldable, so you can fold them with ease. Felt and wool hats should be placed in a box to prevent crushing caused by other items in the package.

Besides, the crown and brim shape should also be taken into consideration. Whether it is floppy, wide, turned-up, or upturned brim can affect how you pack it.

For an upward-brim hat, you can turn the brim upside down and use tissue paper to fill the crown before packing.

While for a floppy, wide, or turned-up brim hat, you should place it on top of some crumpled tissue paper in the box to ensure its shape is still maintained during shipping.

What to Prepare for Your Package?

Next, we need to prepare the packing materials. You need a sturdy cardboard box, enough packing tissue and peanuts (or old clothing/paper), and some tape.

– Cardboard Box

Make sure your box is big enough for the hat, it should be large enough for you to add more tissues or peanuts around the edges of the hat.

More importantly, the height of your hat should be 1-2 inches lower than the box’s height.

– Packing Tissue/Peanuts

To ensure that the hat will not move around in the box, you need something to fill the empty space.

You can use packing tissue or peanuts for cushioning; they are both good at absorbing shocks.

If you don’t have them, you can also use old clothing or newspaper for padding. Fabrics and newspapers are great for wrapping the hat and protecting it from dirt and any bumps.

Of course, you can use paper to wrap it as a protective layer. And fold the brim inward and use more tissue paper to fill in the gap of your hat’s crown.

3 Steps to Pack Your Wide Brim Hat Perfectly for Shipping

Now let’s see how to assemble the package!

Step 1: First, line the bottom of your box with packing peanuts or old clothing/paper.

Step 2: Place your hat in the middle and use more tissue paper around the edges of it for protection. If necessary, you can also wrap the hat separately before placing it in the box.

Step 3: Fill in the rest of the empty space with packing supplies. Make sure there is no movement or shifting when you shake the package.

Then, seal the box and tape it up to secure it from any damage during shipping.

And finally, use a waterproof label and markings on the exterior of the box to identify your package.

Now you have successfully packed your wide-brim hat for shipment. Congrats!

Wrap It Up

Shipping a wide-brim hat is easy if you know how.

Make sure to pay attention to details when packings, such as the crown and brim shape of your hat, material, cardboard box size, and packing supplies for cushioning and protection. And remember to tape up the package properly before shipping.

With these guidelines on how to ship a wide-brim hat, you can now rest assured that your item will arrive safe and sound!

Good luck with your shipment! 🙂