How to Tie Dye A Bucket Hat?

Summer is right around the corner, meaning it’s time to start thinking about fun summer activities! Looking to add a pop of color to your summer style?

learning how to tie-dye a bucket hat is a great way to get creative and have fun with friends or family.

In this article, We will show you how to tie-dye a bucket hat using simple steps, and the tips for getting the best results. So, get ready to tie-dye!

Why Should You Try to Tie-Dye a Bucket Hat for Once?

Whether you tie-dye your bucket hat or try to change the color of your straw hats, dyeing is always full of fun.

This is a creative, cheap, and effective method to use in making your bucket hat more eye appealing.

And you can apply different designs of your choice. Tie-dyeing stimulates a person’s brain helping boost attention, coordination, and memory.

It also helps people to improve dexterity, motor skills, and patience. It encourages imagination thus enriching creativity.

Tie-dying helps build and improve self-esteem through the sense of success after making beautiful dye creations.

It also develops problem-solving skills by providing solutions to certain issues.

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How to Tie-Dye a Bucket Hat?

how to tie dye a bucket hat spiral

Here are the necessary tools you should use in tie-dying a bucket hat.

Tools you need

  • Tie-dye solution
  • Gloves
  • Plastic bin
  • Rubber bands
  • Soda ash
  • Wire rack
  • Dyeable bucket hats
  • Water
  • Plastic bags
  • Paper towel

Step 1. Make the Pre-Dyeing Solution

Using water and soda ash, mix a cup for each gallon of water you use to make a solution.

Leave your bucket hat soaked in soda ash solution for about an hour. Ensure that the bucket hat remains wet.

Step 2. Soak Your Bucket Hat into The Solution

You should begin this process by moistening the entire bucket hat using water.

This will allow for the bucket hat to easily fold then the dye will flow slowly and freely in the textile.

Squeeze the bucket hat to get rid of the excess water to make the textile wet, not dripping.

Step 3. Fold Your Bucket Hat

In this step, use a wire or string to fold your bucket hat in any desirable tie-dye method. Here are some of the known tie-dye methods.


Place your bucket hat flat on a flat surface then pinch it in the middle.

Twist the textile around your fingers so that the extra hat material can form a spiral shape.

Using a rubber band, place it around your bucket hat.


Make a sequence of accordion folds on the bucket hat from one end to the other.

Try making even folds then wrap a rubber band in the center to prevent the hat from unfolding.

In addition, wrap more rubber bands around the whole hat.


In this method, you have to squeeze your bucket hat and wrap it using rubber bands to hold it still.

The randomness of squeezing the hat makes it have an attractive look and it doesn’t necessarily require the hat to be folded even.

In case you are dyeing using several colors, begin with one dye at a time and smear them to different parts of your hat.

You can watch this video below for detailed operations.

Step 4. Arrange the Dyeing Place

Arrange your tie-dye place by inserting the wire rack inside the plastic bin. The purpose of the plastic bin is to preserve and contain the dye.

Wear your gloves to prevent your hands from getting colored.

Step 5. Dye it Freely

Put your folded bucket hat on the wire rack at the dyeing place. Stain the hat’s front and back using your preferred tie-dyed solutions. This is where you exercise your creativity.

Step 6. Place Your Hat for a While

Keep your stained bucket hat inside an airtight plastic bag then allow the dye to sit for about 24 hours.

Step 7. Wash it

Remove the stained bucket hat from the bag after 24 hours. Remove the wrapped rubber bands from the stained bucket hat then rinse it in cold water till it turns clear.

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Tips for How To Tie Dye a Bucket Hat

When tie-dyeing bucket hats, you should first consider the textile of the hat. You should use 100% cotton material as it is easy to fold plus a practical choice for sweaty conditions.

In case you want to dye synthetic textiles like polyester, you should use dyes designed for them.

You should consider appealing details like pattern and color. A punchy pattern or pattern can make any simple outfit more appealing.

For a more attractive bucket hat, you should consider the colors of the dye like using bright colored dyes.

And you should follow the correct procedure while tie-dying a bucket hat for it to be effective.


Bucket hats are the most current widespread headwear due to their practical abilities in sun prevention.

To tie-dye bucket hats are a cheap, creative, and effective decoration method. This method has several easy steps that have been stated above.

Several tips should be considered when tie-dyeing bucket hats like the textile used.