How to Travel with a Cowboy Hat?

Without a doubt, your job or other opportunities may need you to travel frequently.

And a cowboy hat, on the other hand, does not go well with traveling. You may be well aware that if you merely place your cowboy hat inside a bag, it will lose its form entirely.

As a result, it may be a pain to find a spot to store it in the overhead compartment, and then it can be crushed between the plane’s seats and the ceiling.

Don’t worry, this article will get you covered! You can learn how to travel with a cowboy hat easily.

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How To Travel With a Cowboy Hat?

how to travel with cowboy hat

Generally, here’re two solutions for you to take care of your cowboy hat while traveling. You can choose whether methods on your very own preference.

Methods 1: Wear It On

When traveling by plane, you can just wear your cowboy hat on.

While wearing your cowboy hat, just tuck it beneath the seat in front of you, inverted, so that it rests on the crown of the hat to protect the shape of the brim.

Alternatively, you may just hang it on your knee as you enjoy your flight.

NEVER, EVER place a hat in the overhead compartment. If your luggage shifts during the journey, it is possible that your Hat will be damaged.

Also, you can choose another option. Investing in a hat case that is both strong and safe for travel.

You could just put in your hats, which won’t be damaged. It’s not going to lose its form in any way.

Nothing will be hurt in the process. Whether you’re trekking or flying, you’ll want to have these with you.

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Method 2: Pack It in Your Suitcase

Although it is highly suggested that you wear your cowboy hat when traveling, there will be occasions when you will need to pack your hat in your luggage.

Here are some helpful hints and suggestions for packing your hat.

1. In order to keep your hat from falling off, insert a substantial piece of clothing inside the crown of your hat (underwear, stockings, tank tops).

2. Right-side-up, place the hat in the bottom of your luggage, flat on the surface.

3. Make sure there is nothing on top of the crown by beginning to fill in the space surrounding it.

4. If it doesn’t work, It’s also safe to bring your hat on board and store it in the overhead box.

You can watch this video to learn how to pack your cowboy hat.

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Other Helpful Tips for Traveling with Hats

1. Once you’ve unpacked your cowboy hat, you could discover that they’d benefit from a quick steaming. Any kinks or wrinkles will be smoothed out as a result.

2. Anything that may spill and discolor your cowboy hat should not be packed near it.

3. If it’s rainy or moist, allow your cowboy hat to completely dry before packing it in your suitcase.

4. If your location is humid and your hat has been misshaped due to travel, leave it outside and allow it to reshape.

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Packing, on the other hand, does not have to be a burden. Hats are generally rather thin, so they don’t take up a great deal of room at all in your suitcase.

All you have to do now is wrap everything carefully and keep it secure! Additionally, you can examine any of the methods stated above that are suitable for you.