How to Wear a Cloche Hat?

Hats are one of the unique accessories that, once you wear them, can set you apart from the crowd.

For instance, you can have a rock fashion or style using cloche hats during a given event or occasion.

Cloche hats are one of the categories of hats that have been there since the early 90s.

Since then, people have used them due to the distinct and unique style you can get with them.

Here, you will learn more about how to wear a cloche hat, so keep on scrolling to discover more.

how to wear a cloche hat for stylish

– What is a Cloche Hat? – 

About Its Name and Origin

Cloche hats are one of the women’s fashion hats initially made in the 1900s. The hat got its name from a French name that means bell.

Therefore you can define a cloche hat as a mushroom-shaped or bell-shaped hat that you can hug on your head, and its brim angled your forehead downwards.

The cloche hats are originally designed to fit the head very well, and it is not easy for them to slip from your head.

Note that since the 90s, this unique headpiece has evolved, and today, it is one of the high fashion accessories for women you have.

Today the hats are decorated with other unique features like precious stones, ribbons, feathers, and embroidery to look more elegant and gorgeous.

The cloche hat has become a go-to accessory for many people since if you wear it properly with your outfit, it adds an element of elegance and glamour to your outfit.

Main Materials of Cloche Hats

There is a wide range of materials used to make cloche hats. These materials include wool, fur, straw, cotton, and several other options.

With these different materials, you can have a comprehensive option in choosing the material that goes well with outfits or a given occasion.

For instance, if you want to dress for a classy look, you can pair your outfit with the fur felt cloche or textured wool which are good options for a special occasion.

If you want to match your casual outfit, you can go for cloche hats that come from a breathable material like cotton or straw.

– Who Will Look Good with Cloche Hats? –

Cloche hats are one of the headpieces that have evolved, and today in the market, you can get a cloche hat for everyone.

Though they have become popular, this piece of a hat is one of the ideal choices for women, teenagers, and children.

And the reason why the hats are more prevalent in this group is that they look good in them.

Therefore if you are a woman or a teenager and you are wondering if this is the best option, the answer is it is a perfect option.

And they are available in different sizes and styles that you can choose and match with your outfit.

The hats are versatile, and you will get one that suits the occasion with the best classic features that you cannot get from any other kind of hat.

– How to Wear a Cloche Hat? –

There is essential information you need to know when wearing a cloche hat. Below are some of the things to consider.

Find a Suitable Hat Size

When it comes to the hat size, you should go for a cloche hat that fits you perfectly and the one that hangs elegantly on your forehead at an angle.

To get a cloche hat that fits then, you will need to get a hat that is the same size as your head.

Note that even if you do not know the size of your head usually, there is one size that fits almost everyone.

The size of these cloche hats has an average circumference that ranges from 21.5 inches to 22.25 inches.

It is the kind of hat made for everyone, and if you do not know your head’s size, you can go for this one.

Note that the cloche hat size for teenagers and children is also smaller than the average size.

But some of the cloche types come with an adjustable string that you can hold the hat firmly on your head.

You can use a measuring tape and know your size so that when you go and shop, you pick only the size that is the same as your head so that it can fit on you perfectly.

One thing that you should avoid when it comes to picking the right size for yourself is never to pick a cloche hat that is smaller than your head size.

Or it may leave red marks or lines on your forehead and cause headaches.

Match the Color

When it comes to color matching, the color of your hair and the cloche hat matter a lot.

Note that the color of the hair can play an essential role in complementing the color of your cloche hat and vice versa.

For example, black hair can match well with a purple and blue-colored cloche hat.

And shades of grey, greens, and maroons go well with blonde, yellow or blonde hair.

You can match it with black, red, and pink cloche hats for brown hair.

Choose a Suitable Outfit

1. Winter Vintage Outfit 

If you want to create romantic-styled outfits, you can also use monophonic cloche hats with knee-length dresses and pleated mini skirts.

For instance, you can pair a black cloche hat with a yellow dress, black ankle boots, a black coat, tights, and a red bag.

You can also try another combination by using a printed sweater, skirt, knee-high socks, grey boots, a leather bag, and a cloche hat.

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2. Classic Outfit with Cloche Hats for Summer

If you want a stylish and charming outfit that will help you stand out during the summer, you can do it with the cloche.

With the cloche hat, you will give the various dress outfit a feminine touch and look more fashionable.

Here you can match the colors and patterns colors with your clothes, and you can discover how your collection can change your looks with this kind of hat.

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3. Casual Outfit with Jeans and Trousers

how to wear a cloche hat with casual attire

If you want an ideal outfit for casual or office looks, you can wear your cloche hats with jeans or trousers.

You can mix this outfit with a black cloche hat with blue jeans, a gray top, a beige cardigan, neutral color or printed scarf, and a big leather black bag.

You can also have an outfit mixture with a striped shirt, grey or brown jacket, jeans, and high leather boots with a grey cloche.

You can also combine a black cloche hat with striped trousers, a navy blue blouse, a red coat, and sunglass for the casual outfit.

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How to Wear a Cloche Hat with Short and Long Hair?

how to wear a cloche hat with short hair

You can choose and wear a perfect cloche hat that fits you ideally based on your hairstyle despite the hair length.

When it comes to how to wear a cloche hat, you need to experiment with the angle of the hat on your head.

Note that you can let your long hair drop down on the shoulders on top of the angle on how you will wear the hat.

However, it depends on if you want to show your hair or not.

If you do not want to show your hair, then you can tie it on your back to highlight your cloche hat and allow the hat to take center stage.

For short hair like bang, bob, and pixie cuts, you can cover your head completely or twist it at an angle that your hair cut on your head can be seen a little bit to complement the color of the hat.


There are different sizes, colors, and styles of cloche hats that you can get out in the market.

However, you cannot just pick any cloche hat and wear it. That is why this post is for you to know the color to choose the outfit to match with and finally know how to wear a cloche hat.

With the information you have learned, hopefully, now you can pick and wear a cloche hat that will make your style unique, eye-catching, and one that stands out.