How to Wear Fedora Hat for Women: 5 Stylish Tips to Improve Your Outfit

Without a doubt, fedora hats are increasingly becoming trendy fashion-wise in the modern-day. In fact, fedora hats have been taking an important role in women’s fashion world for a decade.

Additionally, fedora hats are available in various sizes and colors, and they are suitable for multiple occasions and events.

Hence it will be a challenge to find a suitable fedora hat to wear and know to wear a fedora for females.

In this article, you will learn 5 amazing tips to help you find the solution for how to wear a fedora for females.

1. Choose A Suitable Fedora Hat First

Flat or Curved?

Flat brim fedora hat styles are suitable for women with a smaller head frame. The flat brims are always a bit short and look great with women with different types of hair, whether short or long.

Wearing a flat brim-style fedora hat will help in de-accentuating the wilderness of your upper face and narrowness of your jaw.

Curved brim fedora hats tend to have wide brims. These brims suit most women with a bigger and larger head frame.

Besides, curved brims are excellent for easy-going women with a boho-chic vibe. The curved brim will help in softening the angles in their head shapes

Short or Wide?

Short brim fedora hats feature a high crown, and the brims can also be straight that are around 2 inches and below.

The short-brimmed fedora hats will help in de-accentuating the wilderness of your upper face and the narrowness of your jaw if you have a heart-shaped face.

They also are a perfect choice for you if you have a smaller head and frame since they will look elegant and stylish.

On the other hand, wide-brim fedora hats’ brim sizes are 2 inches and above. With over 2 inches, you can easily snap the hat brim up or down.

These fedora hats are suitable for protecting you against outdoor elements such as the sun and rain.

Additionally, fedora hats with wide brims are suitable for ladies with oblong faces.

The wide brim will help in minimizing the highness of your forehead hence giving you a stylish and elegant appearance.

2. Wearing The Right Color Hats

When purchasing a fedora hat, you should go for a hat color that will easily match your skin tone and complement the color of your hair.

If you want a statement piece of a fedora hat, you should pick bolder and brighter colors such as lime, purple and hot pink.

On the other hand, there are versatile colors such as white, black, and grey that you should consider if you do not want to draw much attention.

Here’re some classic fedora hat colors that are suitable for women to wear.

– beige

This color looks good with both blonde and dark hair colors. It can also make you look more elegant if you have black, toffee, dark brown, fair, or wheatish tones.

– black

This hat color will easily match any skin tone and type of hair since it is neutral.

– brown

This color of fedora hat will look great on you if you have dark and rosy skin. Additionally, it will suit you if you have auburn and redheads.

– burgundy

The fedora hat of this color will help in enhancing your elegance and beauty if you have blonde hair and bluish eyes.

– grey

This fedora hat is suitable for women with fair skin. The fedora hat color will help complement women with blonde and brown hair.

– white

This neutral fedora hat color can easily match any skin tone and hair color.

– pink

This fedora hat color will make you look classy, stylish, and elegant if you have a fair, wheatish, or toffee color tone.

– olive

The olive fedora hat will look great if you have either blonde or dark hair. Additionally, it will enhance your looks if you have a fair color tone.

– maroon

Maroon fedora hats are one of the statement color fedora hats. The hat will look great in both black and blonde hair colors. It matches all skin types.

3. Choose Suitable Outfit For Women Fedora Hats

how do you wear a fedora hat for women

Fedora hats can be worn by both dressing up and down. Here are the outfits that you can don with fedora hats:

  • You can pair your fedora hat with shorts. This outfit is excellent with a lightweight straw fedora. Paring a fedora with this outfit is great when warm, especially during the summer and spring months.
  • Wear your fedora with your knitted sweater. This outfit style with the fedora is great for winter and cooler months. You can also put on your long boots with your fedora to get a classy look.
  • Wear your fedora with a maxi dress. It is a smart blend that gives your persona more personality. Whether you’re wearing heels or flats, you can make this look significantly more formal.
  • Pair your fedora hat with your romper. It’s an easy summer look that you’ll nail every time! A fedora can be worn with a romper. If your romper is printed, you can complete the look with a printed cap.
  • You can dress up your outfit with heels if you wish to. Wearing flats, though, will also look terrific.
  • Wear your fedora hat with the bathing suit. This may be great for your social media profile photo moments, especially in a pool or a beach.
  • Pair your fedora with your jeans and tank top. Adding a fedora to a casual outfit like trousers and a tank top can give it the much-needed edge. This can be done with either a felt or a straw fedora.
  • With baggy pants. Don your black fedora hat with a beautiful necklace, white top, and baggy pants. You can also add a sweater-style coat.

4. Bring Your Fedora to the Right Occasions 

Fedora hats are very versatile. You can wear them on various occasions such as lunch dates, formal events, and many more.

Beach is a good place

If you’ve ever wondered how to wear a straw fedora, head to the beach! Pair a trendy bikini with a wide-brimmed hat, and look for a light cover-up to wear over your swimwear while you walk between the ocean and the sand.

If you do not like sheer kaftans, another alternative is to wear a shorter shirt dress.

For a date

A neutral-colored fedora hat looks fantastic with denim, including distressed, flared, skinny, mom, and cut-off shorts.

You can wear a boyfriend t-shirt with a loose cardigan or shorts and a lacy off-the-shoulder top to channel the 1970s.

For an outdoor wedding

It is entirely possible to wear a hat throughout the wedding season. Wear a jewel-toned jumpsuit with heels and a sophisticated clutch. For the occasion, you will look elegant.

With the appropriate outfit, a traditional hat may look quite elegant. In all of its fitting beauty, a retro-style throwback looks gloriously timeless. Classic styles will last a long time in your closet.

5. Pair with Some Accessories

You can match your fedora hat with the following accessories:

  • Sunglasses
  • Eye-catching statement rings
  • Handbags and purses
  • Watches
  • Earrings
  • Bracelets and bangles
  • Umbrellas
  • Socks and stockings
  • Footwear
  • Scarves
  • Necklaces and pendants
  • Gloves
  • Anklets