How to Wear a Fedora Hat?

A Fedora is a hat type characterized by a wide brim(most of them), and a convex crown with a center crinkle strained on both sides.

Back then, fedora hats have cemented their place in the fashion industry globally until today.

To learn more about how to wear a fedora hat in style, keep reading. From who can wear the hat to the perfect fitting you can match it with.

Who Will Look Good with a Fedora Hat?

Fedora hats have no specific persons or gender who can wear them. Both men and women can match this hat style perfectly with different fittings for various occasions.

It is a hat style prominent with mixed male and female celebrities worldwide. So, do not exclude yourself from arguing a fedora hat is for men or women.

It only requires you to find the perfect clothes to match them with, and you will be in your class.

Good examples are celebrities like Ne-Yo, Jessica Alba, Justin Timberlake, Miranda Kerr, and Johnny Depp.

However, due to the angular and sharp style of the crown, people with soft and round facial features will get more compliments with fedora hats.

How to Get a Suitable Fedora Hat for Yourself?

To look attractive with a fedora hat, you need to find one that fits your style and head. Also the occasion you are attending.

Therefore, you need to consider several factors before settling on a specific fedora hat. Here are some of the factors to consider.

Choose Right Materials

Materials play a significant role in style. Some materials glitter while others are dull.

When shopping for fedora hats, this is a crucial factor you should consider.

No matter the occasion, the hat’s material defines how good you are in fashion.

Moreover, you want a durable but stylistic hat. Not all materials are stylistic since some are for a specific purpose.

For instance, felt fedora hats feature durability and ease to reshape. And these hats are more suitable for some formal occasions.

While some straw fedora hats are made specifically for protecting our faces from UV light.

And you will see people wear straw fedoras with casual outfits and usually in summer.

Find a Suitable Style and Fit

It will make no sense if you buy a dull-looking fedora hat to wear with glittering clothes for a fancy occasion.

Or a bright one to match with dull garments in your closet. So, before you invest in the fedora hat, think of your wardrobe.

Can that fedora hat be suitable for the clothes in the closet? Ensure you match the hat with your clothes’ preferences.

Before the style, a comfortable fit is very crucial whenever you buy a new hat.

Choosing a hat according to your head size is very important.

Choose the Right Brim Size

The brim of the fedora hat is another aspect you should consider when shopping.

Some hats have wide brims, while others have short brims. The shape of your face characterizes the size of the brim.

Wide hats are better for people with thin faces. It looks fancy and will also cover the face ideally from UV light.

Short hats are also great but perfect for people with a broad or fuller face.

What to Wear with a Fedora Hat for Women?

People wear fedora hats for various reasons and occasions.

However, you have to ensure the fedora hat fits your outfit for any reason. So, which fedora hats are suitable for which outfit?

The below guides will help you match the outfit and fedora for different occasions, especially if you are new to the style.

Any Simple Season Outfit with a Fedora Hat

At all times, you want to look stylish but remain simple because simple is always the best.

If you plan to go out with your girls, this look will surely leave people admiring your look.

Put on a blank black canvas featuring short boots and ripped jeans, then top it off with a plaid scarf and black fedora hat.

That is a stylish fit that perfectly matches and is convenient for any season.

Neutrals for Summer with a White Fedora

Ladies, summer is the long-awaited season.

Put on a short bright dress and long boots and top it off with a white wide brim fedora hat.

The hat livens the outlook. It might be simple but make other people run to stores to replicate it.

With a Wide-Brimmed Felt Fedora Hat in Winter

Do you want to remain in fashion during winter and learn how to wear a fedora in winter? Well, try this out.

Some big hoops, a classic pair of trousers, an oversized coat, a big scarf, and gloves, pair the outlook with the wide-brimmed fedora hat.

That is a fashion leaving don’t-mess-with-me statement whenever you take a step.

Business Casual Outlook with a Fedora Hat

May it is summer or winter, this business casual outlook creates a boss lady atmosphere wherever you pass.

Match your wide-brimmed fedora hat with a fitted cashmere knit turtleneck, a roomy overcoat, pair of trousers, and short boots.

If you are a jewelry lover, add on some modest yet classy jewelry and a shiny pair of stilettos. That is a simple outlook hiding a stylist inside.

Winter Casual Outlook with a Fedora

Nobody looks forward to the winter season. But you can’t keep off, though; you can kill off with a classy look.

Match your trench coat or oversized cashmere hitting below the knees, a lovely pair of kicks, and a pair of simple jeans, and complete the look with a fedora hat matching the coat’s color.

The wide-brimmed fedora hat makes you go incognito, leaving onlookers with a quiz to answer.

Beach Killer with a Fedora Hat

Summertime is beach time. This time, the fedora hat is not only for fashion but also covers your face from the direct sunlight.

Put on your bathing suit, diva sunglasses, sandals, linen sun cover, and classic fedora hat. Wow, is that a goddess on the beach?

How to Wear a Fedora Hat for Men?

No exception for gentlemen, you attend different occasions in different outfits.

So when you plan to wear a fedora hat for a particular event, it needs to match the outfit.

Here are some outfit ideas you can match with your fedora hat.

Summer Walk-time

Be free with a loose-fitting pair of linen shorts, modest blouse, cropped-acid wash jean jacket, black sunglasses, crazy shoes like sneakers, fun flats or sandals, and top the look with a black wide-brimmed fedora hat.

Fedora hats have never looked fancy on men in casual outlooks. It works well with formal clothes.

However, that does not limit you. For instance, you can put on jeans, a cozy collared shirt, and a blazer, then match the straw fedora hat. Though, not everyone will appreciate the style.

Summer Formal Fashion with a Fedora Hat

Men rarely change a lot with seasons. Put on your suit with a cozy collared shirt and black or brown shoes, and match the fedora hat with the outlook.

When the sun is blazing, you can wear out your blazer and remain fashionable with the hat. Ooh! Where is your tie? This is an all-occasion fashion.

Whether it is a day out, wedding, or official meeting, no one can fail to realize that outstanding gentleman.

Beach Time Outlook

When summer is at the corner, you start thinking about the beach. Will it be Miami or California?

It doesn’t matter. Get in your beach shorts, your sleek linen shirt, sandals, and top up with a wide-brimmed straw fedora hat. Don’t forget the sunglasses for that crazy hey-look on the beach.

Winter Official Outlook

During winter, most men ignore fashion, but you shouldn’t be one of them.

Leave a statement whenever you pass with this crazy outlook.

Put on your white cozy collared shirt, a tie, your fancy suit, an oversized trench coat, a pair of gloves, and top up with a wide-brimmed fedora hat. That is a bossy look.

How to Wear a Fedora Hat with Different Hair Styles?

how to wear a fedora hat with long hair

You might be wondering how you will wear a fedora hat when you change your hairstyle. That can sometimes be challenging.

Several hairstyles cannot allow you to wear a fedora hat. They are so fluffy or long, making it hard for the head to hold the fedora hat.

However, there are ways you can wear a fedora hat after changing your hairstyle.

If your hair is not styled, you can style it. Brush the hair neatly down to the neck and shoulder, and directly wear your favorite fedora hat.

If your hairstyle is somehow pushed in front, tilt the fedora hat slightly backward to give that stylistic look.

If the hair is pushed back, tilt the hat in front but not the forehead.

Some hairstyles require some lining for you to wear the fedora hat.

If your hairstyle is kinky like the short pixie cut hair or else, you can try to lie it backward and sideways with some style to create room for the hat.

Various hairstyles will need some twisting for you to wear the hat comfortably.


Fedora hats are fashionable hats that have been in the industry for a very long time.

They look good when worn correctly with the right clothes selection. Additionally, these hats are not to be worn for style.

You should match the outlook and know the exact fedora hat for a specific occasion.