Best Lightweight Leather Work Gloves with Firm Grip and Safety Cuffs in 2022

Leather work gloves as the name implies are leather gloves that are used to protect your hand when working. They have the capability of withstanding the strain of rigorous tasks.

These gloves protect the hands from impact from objects, abrasion, or the temperature at the moment. They in most cases, offer breathability and dexterity depending on the type of leather used in making them.

Please note, I am not talking about office work. Yes, they are strictly used for tedious work that may involve heavy lifting, woodworks, construction, or fencing.

This page will show:

  • What is the effect when wearing leather gloves for different works?
  • Top rated leather working gloves for men and women
  • Features you may consider before buying
  • Different leather types for making work gloves
  • How to clean and maintain them?

best buy leather work gloves


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Why Leather Gloves Is Good for Working?

Leather gloves will be beneficial to:

Protecting Your Hands

The main reason to wear leather gloves while working is to protect your hands from injuries.

Although other work gloves created from a variety of materials are good, leather serves as a durable and extremely tough material to use.

Most leather gloves for working provide the user with extra grip on their equipment and objects they are working on. This helps them prevent objects from slipping off their hands even when wet.

Providing Inconceivable Comfort

In some cases, if not most, using your bare hands tends to be uncomfortable depending on the surface or weight of the object you would be working on. Blisters and injuries are the most common effects of using bare hands to do strenuous work.

Therefore, using leather work gloves is extremely important to any blue-collar worker or anyone who just wants to do some work around the house.



What Is Important in Buying Leather Gloves for Heavy Duty Work?

lined vs unlined leather work gloves

What size is fitted for males and females?

Selecting your perfect size of leather work gloves is an important task. This would help you prevent loose or too tight gloves. To get your exact size for those who have not gotten one before.

  • How to Size Your Hands?

The best option is to measure your hand with cloth tape.

To get the best measurement, lay your hand on a desk as wide and flat as possible, and let your thumb stick out.

Put the tape underneath your palm and take it around your hand till it meets again.

After getting the measurement, use the chart below to get your alpha size.

Hand measurement Alpha Glove size
6”-6.5” XS
6.5”-7.5” S
7.5”-8.5” M
8.5”-9.5” L
9.5”-10.5” XL
10.5”-11” XXL
11”-12” XXXL


What makes the gloves have good protection?

Not just every leather glove has the perfect protection you require. The general reason they do have protection is based on the type of leather used to produce them and the design. Let’s get down to explaining what I mean.


There are different kinds of leather used in making these gloves that feature different properties. I will further explain their properties in this article but I shall give you an intro to it now.

Some are better than the others in durability and toughness while others may be better at comfortability.

For example, goatskin is the toughest leather type around now till another is discovered.

While deerskin is the most comfortable there is.


This all depends on what the producing company has in mind for their gloves. The design varies but has the end goal of protecting your hands.

Most offer added layers of padding to the hands and knuckles that increase the protection level by a lot more.


What makes it comfortable to use?

The material stands as the main property that makes the leather work gloves comfortable to use. Just as I said earlier, deerskin leather provides comfort at its peak.

They are extremely soft on the hand and you won’t feel like they are scratching your palm and back of your hand, the type of leather also offers different forms of breathability to prevent your hands from feeling sweaty.

Lastly, they are waterproof. Therefore, you would not have moisture filling up the air space on your hands, keeping you comfortable at all times.


What kind of lining is the best?

The best types of lining on leather work gloves are made from either wool, fleece, or cashmere.

They offer temperature regulation and are breathable. This keeps your hands dry when working.


What kind of cuff should I buy?

The best cuff on leather work gloves is the knit wrist cuff.

They offer a firm fit around the wrist to hold firmly and keep the dirt out and prevent the gloves from slipping off during work.


Which leather is the most lightweight?

Getting a pair of lightweight leather gloves are the best to help you lift your hands and objects with ease. The lightest leather material available is Kangaroo leather.


Full finger or Fingerless?

Full finger leather pairs are more recommended. They offer full hand protection and don’t stand the risk of leaving your fingers bare for injuries.


What are the popular leather work gloves brands?

There are a lot of brands making leather work gloves, some popular and some not.

Here are the most popular ones that have been verified to provide you with the protection and comfort you desire.

    • Kinco

The Kinco brand specializes in quality gloves that are disposable, lined, unlined, and coated. Most of their gloves are made of pigskin which is comfortable and breathable. They design their leather gloves in yellow dominantly.

    • Wells Lamont

This brand of work gloves is known for the use of various kinds of leather material for their gloves. Wells Lamont also utilizes the experimental HydraHyde leather and have come a long way to perfect them.

The gloves made by Wells Lamont are durable to withstand the pressure of work and provide features like water resistance, cut resistance, waterproof, and added grip.



Reviews of the Best Leather Work Gloves

 For Men 

Custom Leathercraft Black Handyman Work Gloves – For Carpentry and Electrical Work

leather winter work gloves

The material shrink resistibility

The CLC Handyman work gloves are made from high-grade synthetic leather.

They provide ready toughness and shrink resistance in all weather conditions. This makes them perfect for outdoor work even when wet.


They feature the wing closing strap that secures the gloves in place to avoid them from slipping off during work. This also applies when the gloves are in use in wet or sweaty scenarios.

These gloves are indeed flexible with stretchable spandex and Lycra side panels which are designed for improved dexterity.

When working in wood or metal objects, you are assured that the gloves would not cling to the objects. This is because of the concealed inner stitching on these gloves.


Last but not least is the mobile-friendliness these work gloves offer. The work gloves feature three reinforced fingertips that make the use of mobile or touch screen devices easier to use.

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Wells Lamont Premium Cowhide Leather Work Gloves – For DIYers

yellow leather work gloves

Quality Material & Design

Made from 100% genuine cowhide leather, the Wells Lamont premium leather work gloves feature a patented pre-curved design. This provides maximum comfort and fits the user.

These gloves boast of a keystone thumb and Gunn cut design that improves the flexibility and comfort of the gloves.


Featured on these gloves is the shirred wrist back that secures the gloves on the hands and keeps the dirt out. They offer improved puncture and abrasion resistance to protect your hands even when doing the toughest tasks.

With all these properties and more, these gloves are perfect for all purposes.

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Kinco Lined Premium Yellow Winter Pigskin Work Gloves – For Cold Weather

waterproof leather work gloves

Material Comfort

The Kinco work gloves are made from premium grain pigskin that is breathable due to their porous nature making them soft and flexible even when wet.

They are excellent lightweight gloves that offer thermal insulation because of their polyester fiber components.

The perfectly stunned polyester fiber creates thousands of air pockets between the inner lining and outer shell to trap the generated body heat and protect the hands from cold.

This property makes these gloves suitable for cold or winter days.

Laminated to the Heatkeep fiber is the inner lining that wicks moisture away from the user’s hands to keep them dry at all times.

Durability and Protection

The pigskin leather which is the primary material of the Kinco premium work gloves proves to be essentially durable and long-lasting no matter the work it is used for. They also protect the hands from injuries from sharp objects.

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Wells Lamont Slip-On HydraHyde Leather Work Gloves – For Farming

leather palm work gloves

Material Capabilities

These special slip-on gloves from Wells Lamont are made from Hydra Hyde leather.

For those who do not know, hydrahyde leather is specially tanned leather designed to be water-resistant and breathable. The Wells Lamont Hydrahyde gloves are wear-resistant.

To further elaborate, these gloves feature reinforced leather patches on the palm to increase overall wear and grip on them.

They are also water-resistant, wicking the moisture of the wearer’s palm and keeps them dry for comfortable use.

Multi-use and Dirt cleaning

One of the most wonderful features of these work gloves is their ability to keep the debris and dirt out. They can do this because of the elastic whirred wrist that allows easy on and off flexibility.

Because of all the excellent qualities featured on these gloves, they are perfect for a wide range of uses. These uses may include construction work, farming, demolition, DIY projects, maintenance, and ranching.

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G & F Leather Work Gloves with Safety Cuffs – For Driving and Construction

leather gloves for electrical work


The pair of gloves are made from premium cowhide leather. They feature 2 ½ inch cuffs to provide extra protection to the area that needs it most.

The gloves feature a double split cowhide on the palm, knuckle straps, index finger, the tips of the finger.


For added protection against snagging on wood and pointy objects, these specialized gloves feature a reinforced palm.

On the wrist of these special gloves, the protection is a rubberized safety cuff that keeps the gloves secured and keeps the dirt out.

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 For Women 

Vgo Unlined Pigskin Leather Gloves – For Landscaping Workers

thin leather work gloves


The Vgo gloves are crafted from 100% pure quality pigskin. They are known to provide an excellent grip on multiple surfaces to avoid accidents at the workplace.

In the aspect of comfort, these gloves offer the best and are known to provide the maximum grip needed to finish a job.


These wonderful gloves are perfect for a variety of jobs. Those various jobs may include DIY works, driving, Forest work, landscaping, construction, ranching, and logistics.

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Wells Lamont Split Leather Work and Garden Gloves – Puncture Resistance

womens leather work gloves


The Wells Lamont 1124S can be used for various jobs. Ranging from housework, ranching, landscaping, DIY projects, gardening, and farming.

Material capabilities

The Wells Lamont 1124S is a premium work glove made from genuine cowhide that protects your hands from puncture and abrasion. They are extremely comfortable and offer improved dexterity because of their ergonomic design.

The palm patch is reinforced to improve wear, grip, and durability at its best.

They feature an elastic wrist to keep your hands secure and prevent the gloves from slipping off your hands while working.

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Wells Lamont Soft HydraHyde Water-Resistant Work Gloves – For Housework

wells lamont hydrahyde leather work gloves

Glove Capabilities

The Wells Lamont is a water-resistant glove that keeps the moisture away from the hands, keeping the gloves soft.

The spandex on these gloves is also water-resistant with padded knuckles for added protection.

They also feature an adjustable wrist band that allows the user to customize the fit and keeps the debris out of them.

Durability and Multi-use

The heavy-duty leather gloves with reinforced leather fingertips for increased grip and wear are highly durable.

Their durability and water-resistant capabilities make these gloves perfect for tasks like landscaping, housework, Diy projects, and more.

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Wells Lamont Small Leather Work Gloves – With Adjustable Wrist

cheap leather work gloves

Glove Capability and Material

The yellow leather Wells Lamont 1132S gloves are made from 100% grain cowhide that prevents abrasion and puncture.

They are wear-resistant with reinforced palm patches to increase wear and grip.

For All Hands

They also offer an adjustable wrist to provide a perfect fit for the user.

Durability and Multi-use

Due to the puncture, wear, and abrasion resistance, the Wells Lamont 1132S is ideal for several jobs like construction, demolition, DIY, and more.

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What Is the Best Leather for Work Gloves?


This type of leather offers the best breathability. The ability is because of its porous nature of the hide. They can be washed without losing form or function.

When in use, they become soft and moisture-resistant without becoming soft.


Known to be the strongest type of leather on the market, goatskin leather is also durable. They are very supple because of the natural lanolin in the skin. They are naturally water and abrasion-resistant.

Indeed, they are excellent materials for jobs that require dexterity.


They are certified to be the lightest of all commercially used leather. They have a soft, smooth feel and are the thinnest of all produced leather.


Known to mankind as the most popular and most common kind of leather, they offer more heat resistance than goat or pigskin.

They also offer more warmth than the above-mentioned kinds of leather.

The cowhide offers perfect abrasion resistance, durable, comfortable, and moderately priced due to its common use.


This is the warmest kind of leather. They are soft, durable, flexible, and more comfortable than most other forms of leather including cowhide.

Buffalo Hide

The tanned leather is notably three times thicker than cowhide which is absolute station and durable.

Unlike cowhide, they are not stretched during the tanning process, therefore provide thickness and resistance to wear and tear. This leather is beautiful every day and durable enough to last a lifetime.


What Works Require Leather Gloves?

thick leather work gloves

Protecting your hands from injuries when working is not a joke. The ideal time to use leather work gloves is when you are about to or already working on a blue-collar rigorous task.

Such tasks may include construction, automobile, DIY projects, forest work, landscaping, and many more.

Also, use them when you are dealing with harsh chemicals.


How to Clean Leather Work Gloves?

Step 1: Add mild liquid soap to a bowl of lukewarm water.

Step 2: Take a bristled brush and remove the loose dirt on the surface of the glove.

Step 3: Dip a soft lint-free cloth into the soapy water and wipe off any settled dirt on the leather fibers.

Step 4: Wipe off the soap residue using a soft lint-free cloth dipped only in cold water.

Step 5: Dry them out under the fan, sun, or hairdryer. Remember to check the product description to know if the glove can withstand such heat.

Step 6: To avoid creases, put your hands in gloves once they are semi-dry. This is done to give the gloves a definite shape.


How to Make Leather Work Gloves Last Longer?

There are several ways to ensure your work gloves last longer aside from regular cleaning.

Taking care of rot damage

Rot damage on leather occurs when there is excess moisture trapped inside the leather. The moisture can come in the form of water or oil and if not treated early, would get the leather to decay from inside.

There are ways to prevent this from happening.

  • Turn over the insides of the gloves and let them dry of the sweat immediately when you are done using them.
  • During work, if you feel that your hands are becoming sweaty, pull the gloves off and let them dry.
  • After washing them, use a hairdryer to dry the moisture off the leather.

Taking care of drying leather

This is the opposite of rot damage. In this case, the gloves are lacking the moisture they require to function properly.

You can use either coconut oil, leather conditioner, and mink oil to condition the leather gloves on a regular basis.

Taking care of chemical damage

When exposed to harsh chemicals from the workplace or when washing them, the leather gloves may deteriorate.

To keep them in shape, ensure you wash the leather gloves in mild detergent and no harsh chemicals.

Ensure that your leather gloves are certified flame-resistant before you expose them to heat.



Is Rawhide Good for DIY Work Gloves?

They are partially good but will not be recommended if they are not well waterproofed.

Is Full Grain Leather Work Gloves Worth It?

Yes, they are absolutely worth it. They are one of the best leather gloves out there right now and offer perfect protection to your hands.


What Are the Best Leather Work Gloves?

Wells Lamont work gloves are perfect for water resistance and breathability due to the hydrahyde material used to craft them. They offer dirt control, wicks the moisture off your hand, and keep them secure at all times.

Find a pair of gloves that can always stay in its shape? The leather work gloves from CLC made from high-grade synthetic leather, these gloves are tough and shrink resistant no matter the weather, keeping their original form no matter the situation.