Best Light up LED Hand Gloves for Party, Daning, Festivals and Live Show in 2022

Do you desire to rock your next party with a charming outfit? Complementing your clothing with gorgeous LED gloves will present it fitting for your outing.

In this article, I have compiled the best LED gloves perfect for your glow festivals, school dances, night parties, and more.

The creativity and uniqueness that come with LED gloves make you glow like a chameleon amidst your peers.

In case you are in search of the best LED gloves to add to your wardrobe, any of these trusted brands that made gloving so tremendous in the first place will be perfect for you.

Before examining these unique gloves, it will be beneficial to know the functions of LED gloves. These will help you maximize all that LED gloves offer.

Let’s explore!

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TopToy LED Multi Color Skeleton Gloves – For Adults and Children (Click here to buy)

HANPURE LED Flashlight Gloves – For Illumination (Click here to buy)

FlashingBlinkyLights Fuzzy Fingerless LED Glow Gloves – For Cold Weather (Click here to buy)

Noodley LED Rave Gloves – Adjustable for All Hands (Click here to buy)


What Are The Types of LED Glow Gloves?

LED gloves feature different forms, and you must identify the varieties. The other LED glove types include:

Led Skeleton Gloves:

This type of LED glove automatically makes your hand look like a skeleton. It shows off a kind of light that stands you out in the dark and highlights the fingers.

The LED skeleton glove produces cool colors that match perfectly with the bones and joints of the hands.

Led Flashlight Gloves:

These LED gloves don’t add colors but aim for providing illumination. You would always find it easy to put it on. It’s battery-powered and brightens up a dark space.

Led Fingertip Gloves:

To have only your fingers reflecting color, you need this particular LED glove. Once you put it on, your fingers begin to glow and show alternating colors.

These gloves are suitable for parties and disco dances.


Now you know the different LED gloves perfect for your occasions. You can’t go to a boutique with this knowledge alone – you might end up in a wrong purchase.

To avoid the frustration that comes with a mistaken purchase of a LED glove, I have carefully expanded the factors to consider before buying a LED glove.


What to Look For When Buying Light up Gloves?

glowing gloves

To get the best, you must know what a LED glove looks like and the essential features. These outlined specifications are all you need to look for in a LED glove:

How many color options?

One of the things that make your LED glove beautiful is the combination and number of colors.

Some gloves come in 3 colors and 6 modes, while some feature 7 colors and 6 ways.

Overall, 3 colors is the basic line.

Do you want the glove to beautify your entire hand, skeleton hand, fingers alone?

There are three different types of LED gloves, and each of them differs in appearance. You have to choose which of the LED gloves gives you the best experience.

  • LED skeleton gloves are mostly used in Halloween or other puckish occasions.
  • LED flashlight gloves aims to provide light in a dark space or for fishing at night.
  • LED fingertip gloves will add much fun by waving your light up hands, perfect for ravings, glow festivals, night parties, and live show.

What is the runtime of the battery?

Every LED glove makes use of rechargeable batteries. The batteries are what powers the lighting and the duration it works.

A good LED glove battery can last for at least 10 hours of functional performance.

Is it bright?

These LED gloves provide light for illumination. Even though these LED gloves are known for giving attractive colors, they also provide proper brightness.

Are the fabric of the glove breathable?

Don’t worry about sweating or accumulative heat. Gloves made with cotton, polyester or blend are breathable and help you get rid of excess fluid in hand.

We have gone through the specificities of LED gloves. There is a guarantee you know what to look out for before purchasing your LED gloves.


Best LED Gloves Perfect For Different Purposes

It’s time to calm your nerves as we examine the best LED gloves perfect for ravings, glow festivals, night parties, and more.

1. TopToy LED Multi Color Gloves – For Adults and Children

led skeleton glovesThe TOPTOY LED GLOVE is suitable for children and adults of all ages.

Seven Colors & Six Modes

There is no argument! Children love everything that brings out the light. This LED glove features colors and six flashing modes – 3 color strobe, three-color morphing, three-color trailing.

Waterproof & Breathable Fabrics

The LED glove features lightweight cotton that makes it breathable. Its texture is soft enough to allow the inflow and outflow of air.

Besides, this LED glove features a waterproof material that prevents damage when splashed with water.

Extra Battery Power

The Top-toy LED glove includes extra batteries to extend the working duration and a long-lasting experience with the gloves.

These LED Gloves feature four extra batteries for a longer fun time.

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2. HANPURE LED Flashlight Gloves – For Illumination

led flashlight glovesThis glove serves as a light in the dark. You don’t have to hold an external flashlight when you have this glove on.

It provides the light needed to see through and an adjustable wrist strap that fits the hand.

Lights Both Hands

Both left, and right hands get lighted up with this glove. The Hanpure LED Flashlight Gloves emits a focused and directional light.

Fitted Adjustable Straps

The straps make it easy for it to fit the hands of anyone. It’s not limited to a particular size but adjustable on every hand.

Breathable Fabric

This LED glove is an elastic fabric that makes it easy to exchange air through the skin. With its breathability, you won’t experience excessive sweating and overheating in the hands.

The gloves listed above are just the tip of the iceberg. Check this out!

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3. Etcbuys Hands Wave Light Gloves – For Night Parties

light show gloves

Your fingers get pointed out when you put on this glove because the light only shines through your fingers. The ON/OFF button allows you to control the glove at your will.

The Etcbuys Light Gloves feature two in-built LED beads that provide colorful lighting. The glove also features replaceable batteries to increase your fun time with the glove.

Fingertip Flashing Light

The colorful lights shine through your hands with these LED gloves. Every dancer needs this unique LED glove that marks every move with color!

Seven Colors & Six Changing Phases

You can always have different colors for a particular place or experience.

With this LED glove, it’s possible to switch to any color that matches your current mood. These colors are in six different modes.

You can change these light modes by pressing the button at the wrist.

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4. GreaSmart LED Glow Lights – For Kids and Teens

kids light up gloves

This LED glove is available in different sizes for children.

3- IN-1 Color LED Glove

It features three colors which are red, blue, and green.

Each color flashes in 6 different modes – three-color strobe, three-color morphing, three colors steady, red strobe, green strobe, and blue strobe.

Two Replaceable Batteries

These batteries come as a bonus and make the LED gloves’ activity extended and make it more enjoyable.

A LED glove that can serve up to 24 hours will be a perfect choice – only Rexrod can do this.

The GreaSmart flashing LED glove features a cotton fiber material that enhances its comfortability and ventilation. However, this LED glove is not suitable for kids under three years.

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5. RexRod Seven Colours LED Glove – Stretchable

light gloves for raving

The lightning in this LED glove is incredible!

RexRod Seven Colours LED Glove features seven bright colors and six different modes.

The additional lighting modes are red, green, blue, blue/red, blue/green, and red/blue/green. These colors can alternate as you press the power button at the wrist.

Polyester Material

This component is one of the most appreciated in this glove. The breathability and comfortability it provides make it suitable to use.

Incredible Battery Life

RexRod Seven Colours LED Glove features incredible power stability that gives you up to 24 hours of fun with your gloves.

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6. FlashingBlinkyLights Fuzzy Fingerless LED Glow Gloves – To Warm Your Hands

warm illuminated led light up gloves

Fuzzy Fingerless LED Glow Gloves stands out among other LED gloves. This glove does not extend to the fingers. This glove is worn below the finger but emits thrilling colorful lights.

Warm and Suitable for Cold Weather

With the knitted and fuzzy design, the gloves help you in style, get a great match with your outfit, except for the warmth.

Six Alternating Color Modes

Fuzzy Fingerless LED Glow Gloves features six different color mode that emits light in different phases. This LED light has a unique feature that changes the form of light produced.

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7. Noodley LED Gloves – Kids-Friendly

noodley hand light gloves

Noodley LED Gloves are specifically for children because they have all the requirements perfect for kids. They feature three different colors with six rotating modes.


The polyester material of this glove makes it adjustable. It allows your child to stretch and adjust the glove anywhere and anytime.

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LED gloves enhance a thrilling party experience. Besides, these gloves give you the red-carpet expertise you desire at any party.

They feature an array of lighting modes that give you an overall fantastic experience during your parties. The color modes include different color selections from green, lashing red, static blue, and more.

Among others, LED gloves regulate the color entertainment of your night parties, festivals, and more. A corporate LED glove wave in the air can give a thrilling party atmosphere.

Besides, LED gloves are a perfect match for your Halloween costumes.

Have one pair and make your party more funny!