Get Your M&M Fix: 20+ Deliciously Cute M&M Nail Designs to Try

Want some creative yet “delicious” nail art? Want to crave something sweet and colorful to adorn your fingertips?

Look no further than M&M nail art! These playful designs take the world by storm with their vibrant colors and fun patterns.

Today we’ll introduce you to 20+ of our favorite M&M nail designs that will satisfy your sweet tooth!

Classic ”M”

Use white and solid m&m’s color nail polish to recreate your favorite classic m&m logo.


@faulkneremma84 on Pinterest



Piles of Chocolate Beans

Yummy M&M’s on your fingertips? This cute design features piles of chocolate beans that are completely irresistible.

You can switch up the colors to fit your style and mood or use a classic combination to make a statement.



Emotional Face

The face of M&M’s emoticon is the perfect way to bring some fun and emotion to your nails.

Choose colors that match your personality or your current mood, then add tiny detail lines and dots to create the character’s face. It’ll be a sure conversation starter!


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3D M&M’s

This creative 3D design will bring some texture and depth to your look. Paint mounds of chocolate beans on each nail and finish with a glossy coat of clear polish for an extra-realistic effect.


@nail.ray.k on Instagram


@siiita___omg on Instagram



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Glittering M&M’s

Want something glamorous but still sweet? This glitzy design is just perfect. Paint mounds of white chocolate beans on the nails, then add colorful glitter and let it dry.

The result will be a swirling rainbow of glitter and m&m goodness that’ll make your hands shine!


@jillnails on Instagram


@gureko881 on Instagram

Spooky Chocolate

For a Halloween-themed look, why not try painting mounds of spooky m&m ghosts?


@Flabbergastedly on Reddit

Make Them Greenish

Love m&m green? This design will make m&m green the star of the show.


@Hotpinkzebrapolish from Youtube


@Van Le

Final Words

We hope you’ve enjoyed this selection of m&m nail designs! Whether you’re looking for something playful and fun or sweet and glamorous, these m&m nails will give your look an extra sweetness.

So get ready to show off your m&m mani in style! Which m&m design is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below.