Best No-Scratch and Warm Mittens for Babies in 2022

The skin of newborns is delicate and liable to scratches from a seemingly sharp object. You are familiar with the fact that babies can be restless and uneasy in some cases. They can scratch their adorable faces or eyes with their fingernails which can lead to an accident.

Are you worried about this? I have for you the exact solution to this situation – mittens.

Baby mittens don’t only prevent babies from scratching their faces, but they keep your baby’s hands warm all through the day.

You won’t want to go for a mitten with seemingly low functionality. I have carefully compiled the best baby mittens perfect for your toddlers.

Besides that, some useful guides like how to buy the right one, which type to choose from are also collected here!

Let’s take a closer look at it!

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In a hurry? Check the top picks!

Burt’s Bees Climate-Friendly Mittens – For Baby Girls (Click here to buy)

Hudson Baby Infant Cap and Mitten – Best Set for Baby Boy (Click here to buy)

Zelada Matilda Fleece-Lined Winter Mittens – Extra Protection and Warmth (Click here to buy)

Gerber Baby Anti-Scratch Cotton Mitten – For 0-3 Months Baby (Click here to buy)

Crummy Bunny Oversized Baby Mitten – For 6-12 Months Babies (Click here to buy)


What Are Baby Mittens For?

Provides Extra Protection

Mittens are soft, tender, and breathable fabrics designed to keep babies’ hands warm.

Babies tend to move their hands frequently while taking naps. A baby mitten protects them from self-scratching due to sharp fingernails

At some point, waking up to see numerous scratches all over your babies can be so daunting and displeasing. Frequently, mittens serve as a soft barrier between sharp fingernails and a baby’s delicate skin.

Provides Warmth

Health practitioners confirmed newborn’s hands to be more susceptible to temperature alterations. Temperature changes can be due to inadequate insulation and underdeveloped temperature regulation.

Baby mittens are a solution to these regulations. They keep your Baby’s hands warm day and night.


What Makes A Baby’s Mittens A Great Buy?

Features breathable fabrics

A baby mitten that features a breathable fabric allows air to seep through. Baby’s hands become sweaty when using a mitten with unbreathable materials.

A perfect baby mitten features a breathable fabric that allows air into your Baby’s hand when it is worn.

Features an elastic wrist strap

An elastic wrist strap ensures the mittens stay in their place. Also, it allows free body blood to flow through the hands.

Gives enough room to grow

The Baby’s finger grows with time. Mittens accommodate wiggling and growing fingers without becoming tight early.


Best Mittens Your Baby Will Love

Hudson Baby Headband and Mitten Set – Easy stretchability

baby hand gloves and headband

Every nursing mother wants her child in the best clothing. This no-scratch mitten is a plus to any child’s outfit.

Hudson set allows a machine-wash care type. It isn’t extremely thick nor does it retain heat.

3 Packs

Your baby can always use these mittens for several occasions. You are not limited to one mitten. They are designed with colorful themes that give your baby an all-around cuteness.

Stretchable Cotton Fabric

This mitten is made with the most comfortable and breathable fabric. It stretches and stays comfortably on your baby’s hands.

The high-quality material makes it a long-lasting baby accessory. It’s durable and flexible for both genders.

Machine Washable

Apart from comfort, you can also wash the mitten in your washing machine. This makes parenthood easy! You don’t have to stress yourself with hand-washing.

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Burt’s Bees Climate-Friendly Mittens – For Baby Girls

baby no scratch mittens

Here is another lovely baby mitten that is delicate, comfortable, and eco-friendly.  The cotton material is purely organic, which helps to support and maintain the natural world. The breathable fabrics prevent your baby from sweat.

The Burt Bees Baby Mittens provides your baby’s skin with a smooth and soft surface. Therefore, it prevents any scratching that’s harmful to the baby’s skin. Besides, this mitten provides a smooth and soft feeling on your baby. Therefore, it prevents any scratching harmful to the baby’s skin.

Eco- Friendly

This baby mitten is produced without chemicals that corrode the natural atmosphere. It is 100% safe for your baby’s skin and health.

You wouldn’t need to bother about any skin reaction like rashes because it has no detrimental effect.

Firm Wrist Cuffs

Burt bees Baby mittens feature velcro straps that keep the mitten fixed on the hands. The straps are fitted at the baby’s wrists to ensure stability so they won’t fall from their hands.

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Hudson Baby Infant Cap and Mitten Set – Affordable

baby boy gloves

This package comes with caps and mittens. This makes it a perfect combination! It’s a complete cotton fiber material that’s safe for your child’s skin. You don’t have to worry about rigidity; the mitten has an elastic band at the wrist. The cap also has a cuff that makes it fit for your baby’s head.

Elastic Hand Mitten

This hand mitten comes with elastic to keep it secured on the cute little hands of your baby. Despite the wriggling of babies, this mitten doesn’t fall off. This design is not only for newborns and older babies.

High-Quality Cotton Fabric

Every mother’s primary concern is safety. It’s good to know that this fabric provides comfortability and protection. It has the best texture to soothe the baby’s skin.

Machine Washable

This product works well in washing machines. Although it can be hand-washed, washing the complete set in the machines relieves you of the stress.

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Zelada Matilda Winter Mittens – Extra Protection and Warmth

baby winter gloves

Baby toddler winter mittens are for both genders. Your baby boy or girl can always find the perfect size. It has a warm fleece and cozy sherpa lining to give your baby all the comfort he or she deserves and prevents excess heat.

Extra Wrist Coverage

It contains an extra loop and strap to keep the mitten strapped on the hands of your baby. It’s adjustable to fit the size of your baby’s hands.


The fleece and lining ensure enough breathability. The breathable fabrics ensure perfect ventilation for your Baby.

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Rative Unisex White Baby Mitten – For Baby Under 6 Months

baby anti scratch gloves

These mittens are ideal for newborn babies between 0 – 6 months old. They are 3″ wide and 3.5″ high. These features guarantee your baby’s protection.

The tiny elastic band at the wrist ensures the mitten stays firm on your baby’s hand.

The mittens, featuring 100% cotton, are flexible and soft to wash.

Overall Coverage

The mitten fits into the hands of your baby, ensuring the fingers fit into the glove without causing discomfort to the baby.

Comfortable Material

A mitten with a thick material will make your baby’s hand sweaty. A thin material mitten is required to keep your baby warm all through.

The mitten provide a cozy, warm and comfortable material perfect for your baby.

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Gerber Baby Girl Cotton Mitten – For 0-3 Months Baby

baby girl gloves

Gerber’s mitten is the perfect choice for your baby. The mitten features a feminine design and components that keep your baby girl warm and safe day and night.

The mitten has long wrists, which prevent the mittens from coming off quickly.

These mittens are suitable for preventing your baby from accidentally scratching their body and chewing on their hands.

100% Cotton

They are also made with only all-natural cotton so that your baby can wear them comfortably, leaving you utterly worry-free about discomfort on the baby’s skin.

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Crummy Bunny Oversized Baby Mitten – For Large Babies

baby onesies with long mitten cuffs

There is a struggle in getting mittens for babies with larger hands. The Crummy Bunny Oversized Baby Mitten fits in perfectly, even for a one-year-old baby.

This mitten is super soft with elastic bands in the wrist so that the mittens stay firmly on your baby’s hand. We know older babies still scratch, but it is challenging to find mittens for babies that are not newborns. It is the same reason we are explicitly producing for this age bracket. You are off the stress of searching for the mitten that fits your baby age group.

For Large Baby

The mittens are large and extra roomy for babies to have enough room to move their hands.

Crummy Bunny Oversized Baby Mitten has a dimension of 8.35 x 5.2 x 0.71 inches. The glove has a weight of 3.2 ounces which makes it a perfect glove for your baby.

Perfect fit

The Crummy Bunny Oversized Baby Mitten helps baby health conditions such as Eczema, Nasogastric Intubation Feeding, dry, itchy skin, and more. The mitten prevents accidents due to scratches and other hand-eye accidents.

Velcro Closure

Velcro closure is known to disallow size adjustment, inhibit movement, and be rough on a baby’s skin. To give your baby the best, Crummy Bunny Oversized Baby Mitten features soft cuffs which allow your baby finger to move freely.

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Hapiu Adjustable Cotton Baby Mitten – Always Stay in Place

baby mittens with velcro

Hapiu Adjustable Cotton Baby Mitten is very soft, comfortable, and safe for your baby. This mitten is known as a no-scratch mitten for newborn babies.

This mitten is adjustable and features velcro straps to fit tightly on your baby. Hapiu Adjustable Cotton Baby Mitten come in different sizes depending on the age of the baby. The 100% cotton material is safe and cozy but protective for the baby’s skin and nails.

Hapiu Adjustable Cotton Baby Mitte prevents babies from scratching their faces or injuring themselves. Hapiu Adjustable Cotton Baby Mitten is to stay on and grow with your baby. The excellent quality of the fabric used makes it retain shape even after several washes.

It is also washable with the washing machine to save you time and energy.

Hook & Loop Closure

Hapiu Adjustable Cotton Baby Mitten features a hook and loop closure, making it adjustable as your baby grows. There is an improvement in its adjustment range as compared with other mitts.


You won’t want to change your mitten a few weeks after purchase. Hapiu Adjustable Cotton Baby Mitten maintains pattern and fabric after repeated wash and wear.

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Baby-Bliss Cotton Anti- Scratch Mittens – Easy to Store

baby outdoor mittens

Each of the seven pairs of Baby-Bliss Cotton Anti- Scratch Mittens contains 100% cotton fiber. This natural cotton material is perfect for your baby’s soft skin. It’s scratch-free and doesn’t give it a coarse texture. These mittens feature elastic wristbands that hold them tightly to the wrists.

Organically-Made Cotton Fiber

The entirety of this mitten is natural. Your baby can have this mitten on for as long as possible. It poses no threat to your little one’s health because it’s pure and non-toxic.

Portable Mesh Bag

There is an adorable and durable mesh bag included in this package. It helps you to keep the seven mittens in one compartment and allows for easy accessibility.

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Gouminitts No-scratch mitten – Organically Made

organic baby mittens

Gouminitts no-scratch mittens for babies are specially designed for the protection of the newborn baby. It saves your baby from scratching hands. Taking extra care of these delicate babies has been made easier.

Skin- Sensitive Cotton Fabric

Since these mittens are organically produced, it provides the baby’s skin with a smooth and soft surface. Therefore, it prevents any kind of scratching that’s harmful to the baby’s skin.

Firm Wrist Cuffs

These cuffs are called velcro straps to keep the mitten fixed in the hands. The straps are fitted at the wrists of the baby to ensure stability so that they won’t  fall from the baby’s hands

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Advantages and Downside of Using Mittens For Babies

Before exploring how to find out the best mittens for your baby, you need to consider the benefits of a mitten sternly.

Also, you need to know some disadvantages of a mitten when not adequately maximized.

Let’s go through them together!


– Prevent from Scratches

Baby mittens save your newborn from scratches that might result from long nails. Most parents do not consider the thought of trimming their Baby’s fingernails.

Newborn fingernails are incredibly soft and tender, and there is a probability of clipping the skin in the process.

– Keep your Baby’s hand warm

Babies react to the cold. Health practitioners have confirmed that exposing your Baby to cold weather conditions leads to bluish skin.

The use of mittens keeps your Baby’s hands warm and protected from freezing.

Sometimes, as an adult, you wear gloves to stay warm, right? Compare your body’s adaptative factor with that of your Baby.

Babies are new to these weather conditions and are therefore susceptible to changes faster than an adult.

– Hygiene purposes

Playing with toys is exciting to babies and even to mothers. It keeps your Baby busy and allows you as a mother to do the necessary chores.

Nevertheless, some dirt comes with them that might not be hygienic to your Baby’s health. Mittens keep your baby safe from external harmful substances.


Everything beneficial, if not correctly handled, can be dangerous. The same goes for the use of mittens for your babies. How?

– Choky factor

Proper attention and monitoring need to be provided for your Baby when using a mitten. Sometimes, threads from the mitt enter into babies’ mouths and choke them.

– Low blood flow factor

Mittens are fixed with elastic around the wrist area to keep them in place. Yet, some products feature firm wrist straps, leading to disruption of the Baby’s total blood flow.

– Non-hygienic factor

A mitten can be a perfect preventive mechanism for your Baby from an accident. Nevertheless, after long playtime, the mitten can become dirty and unhygienic for your Baby’s use.


What to Look for in Buying Baby Mittens for Your Needs?

thinsulate baby mittens

Let’s consider the factors that reinstate a right baby mitten purchase. These tips are mandatory for a perfect buy.

Is it waterproof?

Various questions run through the mind in selecting what’s best for your babies. Right? Knowing if the materials used are accommodating and comfortable enough.

Waterproof mittens are a good choice when selecting mitts for your Baby as it keeps the hand warm, especially during winter.

Waterproof mittens work magic on your babies during winter as it keeps them cozy without allowing water to slip in.

For winter use? For summer use? For spring/autumn?

The type of mittens to use per time depends mainly on Weather conditions changes and season.

  • For the winter period, waterproof material and woolen are safer, being the warmest.
  • Likewise, for the Summer period, knitted material mittens work best as they are breathable.
  • And for spring, sheepskin and silk material does the magic.

Should I buy baby mittens with string?

Mittens with strings could be of great choice. The Baby must give the Baby attention as the strands tend to enter their mouth and cause choking.

Should I buy mittens with Velcro?

Yes, you should. Mittens with Velcro ensure that mittens stay on their hand without removing off.

What size should I buy?

The size of the mittens to buy depends on the age of your Baby. There’s regular size for babies of 0-6months old and big baby size for babies of 6-12 months.

  • Infant under 5 lbs can use hand size mittens within the range of 2.5″-3″.
  • Infant in the category within the range of 5-7 lbs can use 3″ mitten.
  • For your baby within the category of 7-9lbs can use mittens whose size ranges from 3″-3.5″.
  • For babies within 3-6 months, you can make use of a mitten within the size 4″-4.5″.
  • Those within the category of 6 months – 1 year, you can use mittens within the size 4.25″-4.75″.


What Mitten Materials Are The Most Friendliest to Babies?

Knitted mittens:

Knitted mittens are breathable fabrics that allow easy air penetration and reduce suffocating resulting from intense heat.


Wool mittens are very soft and ideal for a baby’s skin. They are the warmest mittens in the world.

Wool mittens prevent heat from escaping from the body and keep your Baby’s warm and cozy, and it’s of high quality.

Organic cotton:

Mittens made from organic mittens are best suitable for your Baby’s skin. You know why?

The Baby’s skin is sensitive and absorbent ring the developmental stage. It’s more porous than the adult skin, which tends to absorb everything it comes in contact with, including harsh chemicals that comes with clothes.


This is a natural material produced by sheep. Mittens are lightweight and breathable, which allows constant temperature balance.

It makes your Baby’s hand comfortable and gentle.


Silk is soft and comfortable as well as luxurious. It has antimicrobial properties which prevent infection and irritation on the baby’s skin.

Mittens made of silk are breathable and safe.


Types of Baby Mittens

This article is a combo! I have for you something special. You will like to know the various types of mitts your baby will love. Let’s go through them!

Scratch mittens

These are mittens otherwise known as hand cover. It is specially designed to cover baby’s hand and prevent them from scratching their delicate skin.

You might want to consider scratch mittens if you desire mittens that stay put on your baby’s hand due to Velcro closure around the wrist which is adjustable as they grow.

It’s roomy enough to allow wiggling without restricting finger movement. It’s made of a breathable fabric of cause you don’t have to worry about sweaty hands.

Babies can start wearing scratch mittens right from the second week.

Though, the decision as to when varies depending on individual choices. But from 3 to 4 months your babies should learn how to touch and use their fingers.

There is a condition of some babies with dry skin or eczema, it helps to prevent them from hurting their skin the more with their fingernails resulting from scratching.

Sleeping mittens

As a new mom, preparing your baby safely for sleep is one of those most concerned about.

Babies have no control over their limbs yet and tend to move their hands frequently in jittery during sleep. Wearing protective mittens can prevent their skin from being scratched up.



Here we come – common questions asked on baby mittens. You can get answers to some of your questions on the baby mitten.

1. Why Baby Mitten Is Necessary?

As a new mom, I know seeing your Baby’s skin with many scratches can keep you so nervous.

Babies often have little or no control over their limbs. This can result in them hurting their skin with their fingernails.

Though the use of mittens sometimes depends on the child, some babies have longer fingernails than others with minimum length.

Mittens cover up Baby’s fingernails and prevent them from hurting their delicate skin. It keeps babies warm, especially during cold weather conditions.

Interestingly, a baby mitten completes your Baby’s outfit. It gives your Baby a classic and corporate look for any occasion.

2. What age should babies use and stop wearing mittens?

The use of mittens starts from the day of delivery.

Knowing that babies’ fingers grow so quickly and they are so soft and tender, cutting or filling might not be a good option. A major way to protect your baby is through the use of mittens.

The parental decision is a major factor that determines when a baby stops using mittens.

Parents should be aware that by 3 to 4 months, babies already have sharp fingers and not only a first

3. How many pairs of scratch mittens do a baby need?

A baby can have as many as possible pairs depending on choice. Although, few pairs like 5 to 9 could work the magic at first. You can pick a few more as the baby grows and develops.

4. How long should a newborn baby wear mittens?

Newborns tend to have cold hands and feet which may not be comfortable with a mother. Some have long and sharp nails that might accidentally scratch their cheeks.

The use of mittens can last for 2 to 4 weeks for newborns and then learn to trim their nails.