Nitrile vs Latex Gloves: Which Is Better?

Gloves protect the hand from every type of injury and cut. That’s why it is considered better to wear them when you do work.

For every work, there are different types of gloves with different materials. To keep your hands safe, you should know which gloves material works best for you.

In this article, we discuss the two most commonly used gloves: Nitrile and Latex. We will tell you.

  • What are nitrile gloves
  • What are latex gloves
  • Nitrile and Latex comparison

So that you can select the best material to keep your hands safe, let’s start the discussion.

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Nitrile Gloves

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What Are Nitrile Gloves?

A nitrile is a man-made synthetic rubber compound. It is used to make disposable gloves. It is produced by the copolymer of butadiene and acrylonitrile.

Nitrile was first introduced in the 1990s as the alternative to latex. But at that time, nitrile gloves were stiff. Now, things get better as nitrile exhibits more rubber characteristics.

Nitrile gloves provide breathability and flexibility. Nitrile gloves are available in different colors that provide good tensile strength and durability.

Due to this reason, it becomes popular in the food, cleaning, and medical industries.

Nitrile provides good cut and puncture resistance. The good quality Nitrile compound does not cause allergic reactions.

You can easily see the cut on gloves. It helps you to take precautions before you go to work. Nitrile gloves resist many chemicals, especially products that contain petroleum.

This property allows you to wear these gloves during any type of heavy work.


  • For a long time work, you can wear these gloves
  • These gloves provide the best tactility and durability
  • Protect in hazardous situations
  • Do not get cut and punctured easily
  • These gloves have high chemical resistance


  • The nitrile rubber gloves are not cheap as latex gloves

When To Use Nitrile Gloves?

You can use Nitrile gloves in the following situations:

  • For heavy-duty work
  • To protect hands from chemicals
  • When you afford nitrile gloves
  • For better cut-resistance
  • To wear gloves for a long time

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Latex Gloves

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What Are Latex Gloves?

Latex is also referred to as natural rubber. It is a substance that is taken from the Hevea Brasiliense tree. During the manufacturing of latex gloves, some chemicals are added.

These chemicals give elastic to latex and keep it stable during heating in the sulfur presence. Other chemicals are added to increase the durability and strength of the latex gloves.

Sometimes corn-starch is used as dry powder lubricant on the surface of the latex. To make sure it does not stick with the other rubber surface.

Due to the stretchy and soft properties of the latex, it becomes the best material to make gloves. Latex gloves provide a long-time safety from punctures and cuts.

The comfortable latex material of gloves easily fits with any type of hand. Latex’s strong elastic properties allow you to wear these gloves in heavy-duty work as they give the best possible protection.

During the 1980s and 1990s, latex gloves are considered best, according to doctors. Because they protect against HIV. But when many people use these gloves, latex allergic reaction cases come.

For this reason, the demand for latex-free gloves increased. So that people get protection during work without getting any allergic reaction.


  • Latex gloves provide comfort
  • The material is strong and elastic
  • Latex gloves provide better dexterity
  • It fits well with hands of any size
  • Provides tactility of high level


  • They do not provide better resistance from cuts
  • Not fit in manufacturing
  • Do not resist chemicals to touch hands

When To Use Latex Gloves?

You can use latex gloves in the following situations:

  • When you do not have sensitive skin or get allergic reactions, your skin is exposed to latex.
  • When you do not work in the chemical industry or use chemicals
  • For lightweight work
  • When you do not want to spend more money
  • For protection from  the dirt and harmful sun rays

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Difference Between Nitrile And Latex Gloves

Nitrile gloves are also known as medical-grade gloves. They are best to use when there is a matter of latex allergy. These gloves are made of latex-free synthetic rubber.

Nitrile gloves are more durable and puncture-resistant than latex gloves. Also, these gloves provide better chemical resistance against chemicals.

These gloves are disposable. So, if you want you can change your gloves every day after work or after a certain period. But due to high durability, these gloves do not degrade easily.

This can increase environmental pollution. But no need to worry now, some companies are now making biodegradable nitrile gloves so that you can dispose of them easily.

On the other hand, latex gloves are made from natural rubber. Due to this, they provide better comfort and dexterity. They are best to use when you have to work for a long time.

These gloves give protection in multiple applications but not from the chemicals. They can resist some chemicals but not all. The thin layer of latex gloves increases the touch screen sensitivity.

Also, with the powder layer on the surface, you can easily put these gloves on and off. Latex gloves are best to use when you do not have a latex allergy.

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1. Nitrile vs. Latex Gloves: Which One Is Better?

Both nitrile and latex gloves are comfortable and fit easily with the hand. But nitrile is the better material. It provides better durability and strong protection than latex.

The gloves with latex material get a puncture when you do heavy-duty work. Also, they do not protect hands from chemical interaction.

Moreover, latex gloves cause allergic reactions to some people, which is not good for their health. Only those people should use latex gloves that are not allergic to latex material.

If you compare money-wise, then latex gloves are best but only for allergic-free people and light work. But if you want protection and durability, then go for Nitrile gloves.

2. Do Nitrile Gloves Cause Allergic Reactions?

Yes, in some ways, nitrile gloves can cause allergic reactions.

It is a rear case if you get an allergy by wearing nitrile gloves because nitrile gloves do not contain any chemical or substance that can react to your skin.

The allergy can cause if you switch from latex gloves to nitrile gloves. The latex protein can move the hand if you wear them for a long time. And when you switch these gloves because of irritation.

The particles can transfer to the nitrile gloves, and you get an allergy. Otherwise, there is no possibility that you get an allergic reaction by wearing nitrile gloves.