How to Wear A Nude Tone: Men’s Nude Outfit Ideas Inspo

Though menswear nude tones might not come to mind as the most daring or trendy look, nude-colored clothing can be a great way to switch up your wardrobe.

However, since nude shades come in various hues, it’s essential to choose the right piece that will flatter your body and create the perfect nude-toned outfit.

To get you started on bringing nude tones into your look, we’ve rounded up some tips and ideas to inspire your nude outfits.

What Color Goes with Nude Tone for Men?

As a neutral and versatile color, nude can be worn with multiple other pieces to create a mature and refined look.

Neutral Tone

First, nude can be worn with other neutral tones such as white, beige, and cream.

You can’t go wrong with this classic color combination that is both timeless and sophisticated. Depending on the occasion, this simple look can easily be dressed up or down.

Though black and gray are technically neutrals, they can sometimes be too stark when contrasted against nude.

Darker Shades of Warm Color

Alternatively, nude tones are also accentuated when paired with a darker shade of warm colors such as brown, olive green, and camel.

When combined with nude clothing, these colors also create a refined look but are more eye-catching and unique than neutral tones.

Top 5 Menswear Items to Try for Nude Tone

Collared Jackets

Whether in suede or wool, a nude collared jacket will always look sophisticated and timeless. This is an essential piece to create a workwear-inspired or formal nude-toned look.


For a casual and relaxed nude vibe, try out nude hoodies – they are perfect for days spent lounging or running errands.

Surprisingly, a nude hoodie does not add to much gender-neutral look but instead can add an unexpected twist to a nude outfit.

O Neck Sweater

If you want something more lightweight and simple, nude sweaters are the way to go. The softness of the nude also adds a touch of warmth against the skin.

Opt for an o-neck design for a classic and timeless nude look. A v-neck might be a bit too bold and clash with the nude color.

Chino Jeans

Nude chinos can be a great way to switch up your denim game, as nude tones are surprisingly versatile when creating outfits.

You can choose nude-toned chino jeans for an undeniably smart look or opt for tapered.

Moreover, nude chino jeans expand the options for top layers in nude. You can top it off with a brown or even an olive corduroy jacket for a more updated nude look.

Sweat Shirt

Lastly, nude sweatshirts are great for creating a nude-inspired athleisure look. You can create an artfully stylish look by layering your sweatshirt in an array of tawny tones.

Try to pair sweatpants, sweaters, and sweatshirts, all in nude colors, to create the ultimate nude athleisure fit.

10 Men’s Nude Outfit Fit Ideas for Inspo

Now you have some ideas on what nude items to go for, here are ten fit ideas to inspire your nude-toned looks:

Item: Buttoned Down Collar Jacket + Light Brown Cargo Pants + Sneakers


@thegreatgiftsclub (Pinterest)

If you’re looking for the perfect style to transition from day to night, this nude ensemble is just what you need.

With a cream jacket and cargo pants providing structure and sophistication at work, adding a white sweatshirt takes your look up a notch with contrast in color.

Finish off the outfit with sneakers for effortless chic that’s also great for days out!


@maximgaravaglia (Pinterest)

Item: Camel Long Trench Coat + White Turtle Neck Sweatshirt + Casual White Straight Trousers +Leather Loafers

This nude-toned ensemble is ideal for all formal occasions.

A camel long trench coat and white turtle neck sweatshirt provide an effortless but smart look, while casual white straight trousers add a touch of sophistication.

Top it off with leather loafers for extra refinement.


@henjesuestrella (Pinterest)

Item: Brown Polo Shirt + Camel Color Gurkha Pants + Brown Leather Sandals

For a more laid-back nude look, go for this combination.

A brown polo shirt and camel color Gurkha pants provide an effortlessly stylish look, while a pair of leather sandals complete the ensemble with a touch of sophistication.

You’ll be sure to turn heads with this outfit!


@Ibontxo (Pinterest)

Item: White Cuffed Beanie + Beige Round Neck Sweater + White Formal Shirt + Cargo Pants + White Low Top Sneakers

This nude outfit is perfect for days you want to look stylish and keep things comfy.

The white cuffed beanie and beige round-neck sweater offer a cozy touch, while the white formal shirt adds a more sophisticated air.

Cargo pants complete the outfit with style, while white low-top sneakers elevate the look with polish.


@rowanrow (Instagram)

Item: Pastel Pink Suede Jacket + Pink Polo Shirt + Beige Chino Pants + White High Top Sneaker

For a nude outfit with a streetwear twist, try this combination.

The pastel pink suede jacket is perfect for making a statement, and the pink polo shirt adds subtle color to the nude look. Beige chino pants and white high-top sneakers complete this edgy yet effortless style.


@natashaakwan (Pinterest)

Item: Collar Shirt + White Loose Cargo Pants + Leather Toe Post Sandals

This nude look is perfect for a casual summer day.

With a timeless appeal, the white-collar shirt exudes sophistication while loose cargo pants bring ease and comfort.

To finish off this outfit with a hint of flair, add on leather post-toe sandals for that extra touch of elegance!

Simple but polished!


@BeingVenix (Pinterest)

Item: Beige Bucket Hat +Beige Hoodie Jacket + Beige Shirt + Beige Cargo Pants + Combat Boots

This combination is the way to go if you want a nude look with an edgy twist.

A beige bucket hat and hoodie jacket add some coolness to the nude look, while a beige shirt keeps things classic.

And beige cargo pants provide an intelligent touch, and combat boots elevate the style with a hint of toughness.



Item: Cream Overshirt + White Shirt + Cream Ankle Length Trousers + White Sneakers

This nude look is perfect for days you want to remain comfortable yet put-together.

A cream overshirt, white shirt, and ankle-length trousers provide structure and polish, while white sneakers keep things relaxed but classy.

It’s the ideal ensemble for an effortless chic style!



Item: Cream Denim Collar Jacket + Round Neck Shirt + Cargo Pants + Black Army Sneakers

A nude look that’s both stylish and masculine – this combination is sure to turn heads.

The cream denim collar jacket adds a touch of sophistication, while the round neck shirt provides structure.

Cargo pants add an element of casual, and black army sneakers offer a hint of toughness.


Item: Rugged Wool Overshirt + Turtleneck Sweater + Beige Tapered Pants + Suede Lace Up Boots

This nude ensemble is perfect for winter days and formal occasions.

A rugged wool overshirt and turtleneck sweater provide warmth, while beige tapered pants and suede lace-up boots finish off this outfit with a touch of refinement.

You’ll look effortlessly stylish yet dapper in this nude look!

Final Words

From nude suiting to nude athleisure, there are plenty of ways to incorporate nude tones into your wardrobe.

Any nude piece can be the starting point for a stylish nude look – remember to balance and contrast with other items in different hues and textures.

With the right nude outfit, you’ll be sure to stand out from the crowd.