The Perfect Trio: 15 Purple, Black, and White Outfit Ideas to Slay Any Occasion!

Aside from the monochrome trend, purple, black, and white is one of the most accessible color combinations to pull off. This combination is favored by many for its versatility and modern, edgy vibe.

Whether you’re topping off a formal affair or having thoughts on gothic dress-up, purple and black with white can offer you a wide range of looks.

However, the hardness of purple, black, and white may make pulling off in one outfit tricky. To help you out, here are a few tips on how to style purple and black with white.

How to Make This Color Pattern Work On One Outfit?

To make purple and black with white look great on you, the secret is to find a coherent way to blend all the colors. Here are some ideas to help you out:

Mix them By Pattern

Patterns allow you to make purple, black, and white work in one look. Like a classic black-and-white plaid pattern, you can use purple accessories to spice up.

You can blend two or even three colors together in a patterned piece. For example, purple, black, and white floral prints are a great way to combine purple, black, and white in one piece.

Set One Dominant Color

Another trick is to choose one dominant color for your look and add the rest as accents or accessories.

This approach allows you to create a more cohesive purple-black-and-white outfit without looking too overwhelming.

Pick purple, black, or white to be the base color, and use the other two to give a unique twist to your look.

Try Different Tints and Shades of Purple

Adding purple tints like lavender, lilac, mauve, and many others can be a great way to add variety to purple-black-and-white looks.

Using purple shades or tints can also help to soften the harshness of black and white, making it a great way to achieve balance in your purple, black, and white outfit.

15 Purple, Black And White Outfit Ideas to View

Ready for some purple-black-and-white outfit ideas? Here are 15 purple, black, and white outfit ideas to get inspired!


Item: Purple Plaid Print Maxi Hoodied Cardigan + White V-neck Top + Ripped Jeans + Black Combat Boots

If you’re looking for an outfit with just the right balance between sophistication and style, this combination of purple, black, and white from head to toe is guaranteed to turn heads.

This look adds instant flare to any occasion, featuring a purple buttoned cardigan paired with a white top and a black belt cinched at the waist.

Its bold purple hue brings it up a notch, while the gray-lined skirt adds depth and texture.

Sand gray ankle boots complete the look, creating a classic yet edgy vibe that’s fashionable and sophisticated.


@lillystyle101 on Pinterest

Item: Gray V-neck Sweater + Purple-black-and-white Plaid Wool Skirt + Purple Suede Pump

This outfit gives off a fall-chic vibe. The purple suede pumps bring the purple in the skirt to life, creating an unexpected pop of color that brings out the best in this purple-black-and-white look.

The stunning combination of a grey V-neck sweater paired with a purple-black-and-white plaid wool skirt and purple suede pumps make this look the perfect blend of stylish elegance.

These colors have the ideal balance to elevate your autumn wardrobe – they’re subtle yet still make a statement without looking too painfully trendy or overly dressy.

Add some silver or gold accessories for extra sparkle, and you’ll no doubt be the envy of everyone on date night!


Item: Purple Knitted Scarf + Black Dotted White Blazer Jacket + Black Pleated Peplum Hem Blouse + Black-White Striped Skirt + Black Wedge Pumps

Leaving no stone unturned regarding central purple, black and white outfit goals? This look has you covered!

With its purple knitted scarf, black dotted white blazer jacket, black pleated peplum hem blouse, black-white striped skirt, and black wedge pumps, the vibe of this outfit is surprisingly versatile.

The purple plays off the classic combination of the strong tones of white and black, perfecting for a fun yet sophisticated look.



Item: Light Purple Wide Leg Suit + Black Strapless Bralette + White Heels

This purple, black, and white outfit gives off cool California vibes!

It’s the perfect amalgamation of a light purple wide-leg, universally flattering suit paired with a chic strapless black bralette.

To complete the look, a pair of white heels adds character and instantly dresses up any outfit.

The contrast between dark purple and bright white yields a coolness that you won’t resist– making this purple-black-and-white outfit idea a must-have for your wardrobe!


@AliciaLeyla on Pinterest

Item: Purple Buttoned Cardigan + White Top + Black Belt + Black Gray Lined Skirt + Gray Ankle Boots

This chic ensemble packs quite a punch as far as purple, black, and white outfit ideas go.

The purple cardigan sets the scene with its bold color statement, while the dainty white top softens the look.

A precise black belt draws in the waistline while adding an air of modern elegance — no simple feat considering the bold colors involved.

Meanwhile, a black and gray lined skirt helps tie it together. The icing on the cake is an unexpected pair of gray ankle boots that elevate it to another level of refinement and allure.



Item: White Ruffle Hem Lace-Up Top + Purple & Black Striped Ruffle Skirt

This purple, black, and white outfit idea is perfect for making a statement.

The top features a lace-up detail that adds an edgy vibe to the look, while the purple and black stripes of the skirt are sure to turn heads.

These colors blend together flawlessly, demonstrating how malleable purple can be when combined with various tones of white and black.

By playing up purple shades paired with some darker alternatives, this outfit creates a unique but balanced style to any wardrobe.



Item: Solid Purple Oversized Blazer + White Top + Black Wide Leg Leather Pants + Purple Heeled Sandals

This purple, black, and white outfit idea is just dreamy! With an oversized purple blazer to start, the look is perfectly balanced out by a crisp white top and a pair of leather wide-leg pants.

The purple-heeled sandals complete the look with a trendy touch that can’t be denied.


Item: Light Purple Trench Coat + Black & White Striped Tee + Straight Jeans + Black Suede Flats

This purple, black and white outfit idea is perfect for the modern girl on the go.

The light purple trench coat gives it a timeless appeal, while the black & white striped tee adds a bit of fun to the look.

Straight jeans provide an effortless base that can be dressed up or down, and the black suede flats lend a chic element to the outfit.


@ShopStyle on Pinterest

Item: Black Fedora Hat + Dark Purple Shirt Jacket + White Crew Neck Top + Pastel Purple Tapered Silk Pants + Brogue Shoes

This purple, black, and white outfit makes a sophisticated style statement.

The combination of the hat, the dark purple shirt jacket, the white crew neck top, and the pastel purple tapered silk pants are truly eye-catching.

Adding brogue shoes ties it all together for an effortlessly chic look.



Item: Black-White Leather Bomber Jacket + All Purple Buttoned Shirt + Purple Trousers + Beige Pointed Heels

This purple, black and white outfit idea is great for making an impression.

The leather bomber jacket is a classic piece that pairs perfectly with the purple buttoned shirt and purple trousers.

To finish the look, beige pointed heels provide just enough edge to make it stand out. With this purple-black and white outfit, you’re sure to turn heads!



Item: Purple Blazer + White Printed Shirt + Black Pants + Black Heels

This purple, black, and white outfit perfectly combines classic style with modern elegance. The purple blazer adds structure to the look while maintaining playfulness.

The white printed shirt brings an exciting detail to the table and contrasts beautifully against the sleek black pants.

Black heels help tie everything together for a look that’s as timeless as it is stylish.


@wendyslookbook on Pinterest

Item: Purple Leather Jacket + V-neck Whtie Tank Top + Black Linen Maxi Skirt + Silver Sandals

This purple, black and white outfit idea is perfect for a night out on the town. The purple leather jacket adds rock-and-roll vibes to the look, while the v-neck white tank top keeps it cool and breezy.

Meanwhile, a black linen maxi skirt adds a touch of sophistication. Silver sandals complete the look with a touch of sparkle.

This purple, black, and white ensemble will get you noticed wherever you go!


Item: Baseball Cap + Casual Shirts + Purple Checker Pants + Chunky Shoes

This purple, black, and white outfit is perfect for running errands or relaxing with friends. The baseball cap keeps the sun from your eyes while adding a sporty style.

Meanwhile, the purple checker pants add a fun pop of color. Chunky shoes complete the look with an element of comfort and style.



Item: Crew-neck White Tee + Purple Split Skirt + Striped Black Heels

This purple, black and white outfit idea is perfect for a night out. The crew-neck white tee looks an effortless vibe, while the purple split skirt adds an element of femininity.

The strap black heels finish the ensemble with extra glamour that can be denied. This stylish purple-black and white outfit will make you stand out.


@stesimi on Pinterest

Item: Pastel Purple Blazer + White Buttoned Shirt + Black Slim-fit Jeans + Black Slide-on Lofaers

This purple, black, and white outfit is perfect for a day at the office. The pastel purple blazer adds depth to the ensemble, while the white buttoned shirt provides an element of professionalism.

The classic black slim-fit jeans provide a base that can be dressed up or down. And finally, black slide-on loafers bring the look together with a touch of sophistication.

This purple, black, and white outfit will make a statement wherever you go!

The Bottom Line

There you have it – purple, black, and white outfit ideas to slay any occasion. Remember that purple, black, and white can be a great way to create exciting looks.

The key is to find a cohesive way to blend the colors in one outfit. With these tips, you’ll make purple-black-and-white looks even more daring and stylish.

Of course, don’t forget that purple, black, and white are not just for formal occasions. You can also dress down purple-black-and-white combos for a day out with friends.