5 Reasons Your Head Itches When Wearing Hats – Here’s Why and How to Fix It!

Have you ever experienced your head itches when wearing hats? I know how that feels and how frustrating it can be. And even worse, you don’t even know why it’s happening!

There can be a few potential reasons for head itching when wearing hats, and the main 5 are the following:

1. Your hat is made of irritating materials.

2. Your head sweats a lot, and the hat doesn’t have good breathability.

3. You are allergic to synthetic materials often used in hats.

4. Head lice or bed bugs might be the issue.

5. It could also be dandruff.

6. Your hat touches directly to your scalp.

But does that mean you should never wear hats again? Absolutely not! There are simple and effective solutions to this head itching problem.

Keep reading, and I’ll explain them all and show you the most effective method I have ever used!

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What Makes My Head Itch When Wearing Hats?

why does my head itch when i wear a hat

As I said, there can be a few reasons for head itching when wearing hats. The most common 6 reasons are:

1. Your Hat is Made of Irritating Materials

One of the most direct reasons that your hat is making your head itch is the material it’s made of.

This occurs mostly in winter, especially when you wear beanies for warmth.

And as you know, wool and felt are two materials that are known to cause irritation and friction, especially when they are new.

If you have ever bought a new wool sweater, you know what I’m talking about! Just think about how itchy a new wool sweater can be.

And a beanie is basically a wool sweater for your head! So no wonder it can make your head itch.

2. You are Allergic to Synthetic Materials Often Used in Hats.

Besides the natural animal fibers that can make your head itch, many hats also contain synthetic materials that are yarns.

The most common one is polyester. This synthetic fabric is often used in cheaper hats and is known to be durable but might irritate some people.

While someone feels itchy, others will find wearing hats can cause headaches due to allergies.

You can check the labels of your hats to see if they contain polyester or other synthetic materials.

3. Your Head Sweats a Lot, and the Hat Doesn’t Have Good Breathability.

If your head sweats a lot, it can make any hat feel uncomfortable. And if the hat doesn’t have good breathability, it can make the head itch even more.

Usually, This will happens if your hat doesn’t have a moisture-wicking design like sweatbands or venting mesh panels.

Your head sweat will just stay on your hair or scalp. Bateria will grow if you don’t clean and wash your head or hat regularly. And the itchy feeling can get worse.

4. Head Lice or Bed Bugs Might Be the Issue.

Red Marks Caused By Hat Lice or Bed Bugs

If your head itches and you see red bumps on your scalp, it might not be caused by your hat.

It could be head lice or bedbugs! These tiny creatures can cause an itchy scalp and should be treated immediately.

If you think you might have head lice or bedbugs, it’s best to see a doctor or head lice specialist to get rid of them.

5. It Could Also Be Dandruff.

Another potential reason for head itching when wearing hats is dandruff. If you have dandruff, your head will itch more, and you’ll see white flakes on your shoulders.

Dandruff is caused by a fungus that lives on your scalp. And it can be made worse by hats because they trap the moisture and make the environment ideal for the fungus to grow.

6. Your Hat Touches Directly to Your Scalp.

Here is the reason that most people will ignore but is actually one of the most important ones.

If your hat is too tight or doesn’t have a good fit, or you have lost your hair, it will touch directly to your scalp.

And as you know, the scalp is one of the most sensitive parts of your body. It’s full of nerve endings that can be easily irritated.

So, if your hat rubs directly on your scalp, it will make your head itch.

Now that you know the six most common reasons that your head itches when wearing hats let’s move on to the solutions.

5 Simple Solutions to Stop Head Itching When Wearing Hats

The good news is that you can do a few easy things to stop your head from itching when wearing hats.

1. Wash Your Hat and Hair Regularly

This is the most obvious solution but also the most effective one. And works well if you sweat a lot or wear a hat often.

You should wash your hair every day, and if you can, wash your hat regularly too. This will remove the sweat, bacteria, and flakes that can make your head itch.

You can also remove the non-reason smell from your hat by regularly washing it.

2. Wear Your Hat and Take Them Off After a While

If you are going to be outside for a long time or in a hot environment, you should take your hat off now and then to give your head a break.

This will allow your head to breathe and prevent sweat and bacteria buildup. A high temperature will raise more sebum secretion, making your head itch more.

Therefore, take it off, let the breeze go through your hat, and give your head a chance to cool down and feel more comfortable.

3. Go to the Doctor and Check the Dandruff

If you think dandruff is the reason why your head itches when wearing hats, Go to see a doctor and do not use the dandruff shampoo directly!

They can prescribe you medicated shampoos or other treatments that can help get rid of the fungus that’s causing dandruff.

Once you start the treatment, reduce the time of wearing your hats. And see if the itchiness decreases.

4. Choose a Breathable Hat

This is one of the best solutions to stop head itching when wearing hats when you live through how climates.

Wearing a breathable hat will allow your head to breathe, thus preventing sweat and bacteria buildup.

There are many types of breathable hats on the market. You can choose from baseball caps, golf hats, sun hats, or any other type of hat that has mesh panels.

And you can choose from breathable and non-irritating materials like cotton and linen.

If you really love your old hat, here’s a simple way: just add a breathable headband to it. This will allow air to circulate and prevent your head from itching.

5. Wear a Skin-Friendly Hat Liner Under Your Hat

This is a great solution if you have to wear a hat all the time for work or in a hot environment.

A hat liner is a thin layer of material that you put under your hat. It’s usually made from natural and non-irritating fabric. The hat liner will absorb sweat and prevent hats scratch your scalp directly.

Personally, I’ll recommend you choose materials like bamboo fiber, silk, and spandex. They are more comfortable and can wick moisture away quickly.

You can buy a hat liner that’s made specifically for your head size or make one yourself. It’s easy to do and only takes a few minutes.

Bonus tip:

If you are undergoing chemotherapy, special chemo hats have a built-in headband. These hats will prevent your head from itching and keep you comfortable during treatment.

Wrap It Up

There are reasons why your head itches when wearing hats and simple solutions to stop it.

I personally have dandruff and find my head itches when I wear a hat for a long while. So I use solutions number 1, 2, and 5. They work great for me and hopefully can work for you too.

Here I want to say is that you might not find the solution that works perfectly for you from the first try.

But don’t worry; just keep trying until you find the perfect combination of solutions that work for you. And always remember to keep your head and hat clean!

Do you have other solutions to share? Contact me and let me know! And if you find this article helpful, please follow us. We will keep updating great posts and ideas in the future.