5 Principles of Choosing Shirts to Wear with Swim Trunks

As the summer heat starts to kick in, the last thing you want to do is layer up. But when it comes to shirts to wear with swim trunks, there’s a fine line between fashion and function.

Pairing shirts with swim trunks may not be the best, but the most practical way to enhance your summer style.

Whether you’re looking for a classic polo or a trendy button-down, a shirt out there will help you look your best this summer.

In any case, you should follow some general principles when choosing shirts to wear with swim trunks.

1. Make A Color Contrast

When it comes to shirts to wear with swim trunks, the options are endless. But if you’re looking for an easy way to make your outfit pop, go for a contrast in colors.

Whether it’s a bold pattern or a striking solid, a bright shirt will add some personality to your look. And since swim trunks are usually lighter, you won’t have to worry about looking too overdressed.

This doesn’t mean that you have to go for a loud and bright color scheme, but you should try to avoid shirts and swim trunks that are the same color.

A good rule of thumb is to pair light-colored shirts with dark-colored swim trunks or vice versa.

2. Be Careful with Patterns

While some beachgoers prefer to stick to a solid color palette, others like to add a little bit of pattern to their swimwear.

However, it’s important to be careful not to go overboard – otherwise, you’ll end up looking more like a walking billboard than a chic beachgoers.

One way to avoid this is to limit patterns to shirts or other upper garments. That way, you can still enjoy patterns’ visual interest without going overboard.

Another option is to choose smaller patterns over large ones. Doing so will create a subtle and sophisticated look that’s perfect for any beach setting.

If your shirt is covered in a busy pattern, it will be hard to match it with anything else. Instead, opt for shirts with simple patterns or even solid colors.

If you want to wear a patterned shirt, make sure the colors complement your swim trunks.

3. Be Relaxing

One of the best things about summer style is that it’s supposed to be effortless. So when you’re choosing shirts to wear with swim trunks, make sure they look relaxed and comfortable.

shirts with ruffles or other embellishments are usually a no-go. The same goes for shirts that are too fitted or structured – they’ll just end up looking out of place.

Instead, go for shirts that are loose and flowy. linen shirts are a great option because they’re lightweight and breathable, making them perfect for hot summer days.

T-shirts are also a good choice, but make sure they’re not too tight or too baggy. The fit should be relaxed but not overly so – you don’t want your shirt to look like a dress.

Besides, classic white shirts or polo shirts are always a good choice for the beach.

4. Stick to Quick Dry Fabric

When you’re choosing shirts to wear with swim trunks, it’s important to consider the fabric.

The last thing you want is to put on a wet shirt, so make sure to choose materials that dry quickly.

A cotton is a good option because it’s absorbent and breathable. Linen is also a good choice, but it can wrinkle easily.

Polyester is another quick-drying fabric that doesn’t breathe as well as cotton or linen. But they are chemical-resistant and don’t wrinkle as easily.

5. Be Mindful of the Overall Silhouette

The overall silhouette of your outfit is just as important as the individual pieces.

Make sure your shirts and swim trunks complement each other and create a balanced look. For example, pair them with a fitted shirt if you’re wearing baggy swim trunks.

And if you’re going for a more relaxed look, make sure your shirts and swim trunks are both on the looser side.

Remember that your shoes can also affect the silhouette of your outfit. So when you’re choosing shirts to wear with swim trunks, make sure to keep your shoes in mind.


When you’re choosing shirts to wear with swim trunks, it’s important to keep a few things in mind.

Make sure to choose a color that contrasts well with your swim trunks, be careful with patterns, and ensure the fabric is quick-drying.

Also, be mindful of the overall silhouette and choose shoes that complement your outfit.

With these tips in mind, you’ll surely find the perfect shirts to wear with swim trunks for any occasion!