Best Women Snowboard Gloves to Keep Heat for Cold Weather

If you are a woman who is passionate about matters of snowboarding, your first and foremost task would definitely be to find suitable gear for yourself. We are here to help you in accomplishing this aim.

To do this, we highlight some useful information you will need and review the best snowboard gloves for women as of now.

Then, we also provide answers to the following questions:

  • What to look for when buying snowboarding gloves for women?
  • What size snowboard gloves are suitable for ladies?
  • The best snowboard gloves for women available on the market.
  • Tips for women snowboarding


In a hurry? Look at the quick picks!

Perfect for Chilly Cold Weather, with Long Cuff and 5 Layers: Slef Pro Touch Screen Snowboard Gloves with Gauntlet

The Warmest Snowboard Gloves for Outside, with 3M Thinsulate Insulation: Rivmount Winter Snowboard Gloves

Synthetic Leather Waterproof and Windproof Gloves with Nylon Shell for Thermal Insulation: Tough Outdoors Ski and Snowboard Gloves

Convenient Hook and Loop Closure, Waterproof with Touchscreen Compatibility: Andorra Polyester Snowboard Gloves


What Is Important for Women When Buying Snowboard Gloves?

snowboard gloves for women

You have to consider these factors when looking for the best snowboard gloves for women:

– Is it warm?

Of course, the first and foremost question you should ask yourself is whether the item is warm or not. That is because these items are primarily intended to maintain your hands in great warmth.

For yours to be warm, it must comprise thick fabric makeup and be excellent at trapping heat.

You can choose heated winter gloves or gloves with a zipper pocket (which can put a hand warmer).

– Is It lightweight?

Even though the item has to be warm, it must also be light enough to facilitate the agility of your hands. That can only happen if the fabrics that are used to manufacture it are similarly light and agile.

Common examples of these are acrylics and Polyester.

– Single construction? Multiple constructions?

There are two main kinds of gloves. These are the single and the multiple construction respectively.

  • The single construction is simpler but tends to wear out a bit too easily.
  • Their multiple constructions on the other hand are stronger but are nonetheless bulkier.

Make a choice wisely on this matter.

– Does it have a weather-resistant shell and liner?

As a matter of necessity, the gloves must have an inner lining that traps excess heat to improve the heat-trapping and resistance levels.

If yours does not have them, be sure to make arrangements to fix them in place. You cannot afford to expose yourself if you want to accrue maximum comfort.

– Does it have a removable liner?

For the sake of easier handling and cleanliness, the inner liner of the item you pick has to be removable.

This is to facilitate the cleanliness and overall maintenance of the item.

By this arrangement, you will also enjoy the benefit of expedited handling and engagements thereof.

– What is the insulation type?

Each material and part that constitute the pair of gloves has to be appropriately insulated to trap the heat better.

You thus have to factor in the kind of insulation that is incorporated and used alongside the pair of gloves.

Be sure to have one that is thicker and able to trap more heat for you.

In addition, gloves with adjustable knuckle or straps will be more flexible.

– What materials benefit women snowboarding?

Some materials have been noted to benefit the activity of snowboarding. You have to give them a higher priority in your search for the right kinds of pairs of gloves.

Common examples of these are fur, leather, cotton, acrylic, Nylon, and Polyester. They are warmer and tend also to last fairly long.

– Should I buy light colors?

Lastly, the choice of colors you set your eyes on also count. The lighter colors are better because they are also capable of providing elegant aesthetics over and above merely adorning the exteriors of the gloves.

Go for those that are brightly colored to enjoy the best décor and aesthetics.


What Size of Snowboard Gloves Should Suitable for Women Wear?

Women should wear the following sizes of gloves:

  • XS – 4.4 – 5.7cm
  • S – 5.7 – 7cm
  • M – 7 – 8.3cm
  • L – 8.3 – 9.5cm


Top Women Use Snowboard Gloves Reviews

Let’s look at some of the best snowboard gloves for women!

BURTON Women’s Gore Glove – Exceedingly waterproof pair of gloves

Womens Gore Snowboarding Gloves

If you must take on excess water, this waterproof item might be the one to look up to. It is tight and impervious to the extent of not letting in water into your hands.

Here’s what you’ll love:

Gore warm insert – Tucked in the pair of gloves is the gore warm insert. The inserts provide drier and highly breathable levels of performance to the wearers of the item.

Hidden heater/vent pocket – Also embedded in the item is the vented pocket that holds the disposal items you may require to make do with while on the go!

DRYRIDE Thermex liner – Wrapping it all up is the liner. It stretches back and forth to allow for a more comfortable fit when traveling around.


  • Incapable of letting in the water thanks to the waterproof nature
  • Wraps itself smoothly around your hands for comfortable handling
  • Allows for the engagements of touchscreen gadgets easily

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day wolf Heated Gloves – For men and women

heated thermal snowboard gloves for women

Though this pair of gloves is primarily intended for the female wearer, it is nonetheless suitable for male users as well. Have it for your taking if you are also intent on serving the needs of men.

Here’s what you’ll love:

U shape design I-touch stripe – The pair comes about in a U shape. Thanks to this, it wraps itself wholly round and about the hands to make you very comfortable and safe.

High-quality far-infrared fiber heating elements – Also contained within the pair are the high-quality infra-red fiber elements. As you may have already guessed, the elements furnish the warmth your hands need.

Upgraded design – All its parts and constituent components are upgraded. They subsequently last longer while also manage proper performances when deployed for use.


  • May be recharged for prolonged and uninterrupted applications
  • Useful for many outdoor and allied tasks
  • Its exterior is highly reflective to allow for easier visibility

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MCTi Ski Gloves – Great for your touchscreen gadgets

winter snowboard gloves with wrist leashes

If you must go out with your touchscreen gadget, you need a pair of gloves that is indeed suited for the same. We ask you to choose to work with this one.

Here’s what you’ll love:

Touchscreen fingers – It has some touchscreen fingers as the flagship trait. These fingers are thin and responsive enough to allow you to operate your mobile gadgets with absolute ease.

PU leather reinforcements – Also existing as a core part and parcel of the pair is the PU leather reinforcement. Its role basically is to strengthen the pair properly for its role.

Thinsulate warmth and waterproof insert – Crowning it all up is the Thinsulate warmth and the waterproof insert. These two enhance the ability of the pair to trap and retain heat.


  • Thick and warm enough for the harsh winters
  • Thin enough to let you operate your touchscreen gadgets
  • Fastened by use of the wrist leashes

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Self Pro 3M Thinsulate Waterproof Touch Screen Gauntlet – Your ultimate winter-sporting pair!

thinsulate snowboard gloves with gauntlet for women

Perhaps no other pair is as suited for the winter sporting activities as this one. It is thick, comprehensive, and effectively wraps itself within and around the hands for maximum insulation.

Here’s what you’ll love:

Textured fingertips – At the fingertips are some textures that add some proper grip and handling to the hands. This makes it truly awesome for the touchscreens.

2 zippered top pockets – Some two pockets that are zippered form a vital part and aspect of the pair. They allow for easy access to the cards and the cash you might carry along.

Unisex black gloves – In all, this is a pair of unisex gloves that is widely suited and applicable for all the cold weather activities you may imagine of.


  • Highly breathable and resistant to water
  • Padded for extra strength and comfort
  • Adorned with soft and fuzzy fleece interior lining

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RIVMOUNT Winter Ski Gloves – Choose this for your utmost warmth and water protection

women snowboard gloves for cold weather

Just if you must stay out for too long, you will definitely suffer excess cold and the possible numbness of the hands. You need a really thick and warm pair of gloves like this one.

Here’s what you’ll love:

Waterproofness and windproof – The pair is both resistant to water and the wind damages that may be channeled against it. This makes it a pretty reliable item to use under all weather conditions.

Multipurpose – Other than merely maintaining your hands in the absolute state of warmth, the pair also accommodates and transports other vital gears in the process.

Excellent heat preservation – All the materials that make it up are optimized for excellent heat preservation. Count on it hence not to let you down when it is too cold.


  • Generally very difficult to damage owing to the sheer strength
  • Protects your palms effectively from all forms of damages
  • Lets you carry your ID cards and items easily

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Ski & Snow Gloves – Good enough for snowboarding and skiing

women snowboarding gloves with synthetic leather palm

Snowboarding and skiing come with the added disadvantage of ripping the gloves apart owing to the strenuous nature of the sporting activities. Only by you opting for this specially designed pair that you may do the job well.

Here’s what you’ll love:

Synthetic leather palm – The palm of the pair is made of synthetic materials that are cheaper but nonetheless able to endure repeated abuse and serve you well.

Activity-ready – Unlike many other pairs of gloves, this one comes ready for use and engagement. As such, you do not need to go through some elaborate installation exercises to operationalize it.

Adjustable buckle – For your relative ease of handling the item comes about with an adjustable buckle. This one stretches back and forth easily to allow for proper fit and appropriate handling.


  • Thick and warm enough for the most extreme sub-zero temperatures
  • Strong and capable of standing to the most intense forms of damages
  • Properly sealed for maximum support and longevity of use

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Cold Weather Warm Ski Gloves – A reliable wind buster!

blue snowboarding gloves with zipper pocket

Some areas tend to endure intense winds. For them, you have to tap into a pair of gloves that are known to be effective in stemming the wind damages and the problems that come along.

Here’s what you’ll love:

Wear-resistant – In its entirety, the pair is highly resistant to wears. It enables this due to its make using eco-friendly materials that resist scratches and abrasions.

Highly versatile – You may make use of this pair to tackle snow, ice, skiing, and a host of many outdoor activities. That it is also great for men and women also makes it a plus!

Thoughtful design – All throughout, the item is really thoughtful in its design. A combination of adjustable buckles and great fit propel it to serve you better.


  • Keeps your hands truly warm in extreme cold
  • Lets others easily note you when in the dark
  • Convenient and safe in equal stature

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Andorra Women’s Waterproof Touchscreen Ski Gloves – Your perfect skiing companion

andorra women touchscreen snowboarding gloves

If you mainly go skiing, you need a pair of gloves that is streamlined and able to serve you well there. Nothing could come even close to this with that regard.

Here’s what you’ll love:

Heavy-duty closures – Attached to the pair are some heavy-duty closures that serve to tighten the item for your own safety and overall wellbeing. This protects against external weather elements well.

Texturized palms and fingers – At the fingers and the palms regions of the pair of gloves are some added textures. They allow your hands to grip the items you handle powerfully.

Scratch-free goggle lens wipe – To facilitate the cleanliness and the handling thereof, the pair comes along with the lens wipe that is highly resistant to scratches.


  • Enables a more advanced touchscreen control
  • Available in many colors for you to choose from
  • A hook and loop closure exists to help with fastening

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What a Novice Women Wear for Snowboarding?

To prepare for novice snowboarding, you need to put on the following:

  • Gloves

Needless to say, you have to put on gloves to cover your hands against the extreme cold that comes along. The gloves wrap themselves round and about your hands to prevent the same from getting exposed to the external cold and suffer the common consequences.

  • Overall clothing

You also have to put on the overall clothing. This is a piece of attire that wraps you fully from the head to the toes. In doing that, it prevents your body from direct contact with the ice and the exterior cold. That way, it also works extra hard to ensure that you stay really warm.

  • Full shoes

Your feet also must be well taken good care of. This is only possible if you put on the full shoes. The shoes serve to prevent your feet from getting into direct contact with the dry ice. They also ensure that your feet trap all the warmth and retain the relevant levels of dryness.

  • Hats

For the utmost protection of your head, you must also put on the hat. The hats create a barrier that prevents direct exposure of your head to the exterior weather elements. That way, your head stays warmer and largely unaffected by the exterior ice cold.


Helpful Tips and Tricks for Women Snowboarding

snowboard gloves or mittens for women

You have to adhere to the following tips and tricks as you snowboard:

  • Always take lessons

We recommend that you take the necessary lessons before embarking on any outdoor snowboarding activity. This will equip you with the skills you need while also prepare you psychologically for the task of skiing and other associated outdoor activities.

  • Start it out during the weekdays

On the whole, the weekdays are the best days to start out skiing. The traffic at such times is lower and the areas concerned are generally less congested. Chances of you enjoying some great skiing undertakings are hence greatly elevated.

  • Identify your lead foot

Snowboarding entails extensive use of a lead foot. You have to identify which one it is in your case. By virtue of this arrangement, it will be possible for you to steer your snowboards in the best shapes and forms possible. Also, this is necessary for the accrual of the necessary balance when snowboarding.

  • Take care of your fall

It is not uncommon for you to fall off when attempting a snowboarding activity. For your own safety, you have to see to it that you prepare well for this. Take care of your balance, feet, speed of operations, and the risks that come along when in transit.