Best Snowboarding Gloves and Mittens with Wrist Guards in 2022

If you are a snowboarder or considering trying the sport for the first time, choosing the right pair of gloves is a must to help you maintain warm and comfortable hands during the sport.

However, how do you get to know whether you are settling for the right pair of gloves with the numerous options on the market?

That is where we come in. This guide should provide you with a clear understanding of the best snowboarding gloves and snowboarding mittens available today.

Read on!

waterproof snowboard gloves


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MCTi Waterproof Cold Weather Gloves – With Zipper Pocket for Storage (Click here to buy)


How to Choose the Gloves or Mittens for Snowboard?

Once you have decided to purchase snowboarding gloves, how do you ensure that you are picking the best ones from lots of options on the market? To help you out, you must seek answers to these questions.

1. Should I buy snowboard gloves with wrist guards?

For a perfect and customizable fit, you will want to purchase gloves with wrist guards.

Wrist guards provide you with a chance of tightening or loosening the gloves around the wrist area. Thus, you can be sure that your gloves are comfortable to wear while further ensuring that they are securely fitted on the hands.

2. What size snowboard gloves should I buy?

Well, there is no best size when selecting snowboarding gloves. Instead, look for gloves that fit snuggly while leaving adequate space for air to circulate. In doing so, consider the width of your hand and the length of the fingers.

Ensure that you do not pick extra big gloves since your body will be required to work harder to fill the extra spaces with warmth.

Besides, do not pick small gloves since such options could limit your comfort and finger movement.

3. What Material should I choose?

Snowboarding gloves are made of different materials and this applies to the shell and lining.

  • Shell materials

When it comes to the shell, most gloves are made of leather or synthetics.

Synthetic fabric

Synthetic fabric is preferred because of the waterproofing quality that prevents water from leaking inside to let you maintain dry hands.

However, nylon is not so durable which means that without reinforcements in high-abrasion areas, your gloves could wear and tear fast.

Leather material

Leather is an ideal material for snowboarding gloves that will serve you for years.

Leather is durable and more pliable compared to synthetics.

Additionally, leather is soft, which means that you can gain better flexibility and comfort without sacrificing the gripping performance.

  • Lining materials

Snowboarding gloves integrate a membrane and lining to ensure the insulation properties and breathability of the gloves.

Most gloves integrate fleece and wool in their lining.

The reason is the ability of these materials to lock in heat so that you can maintain warm hands in winter conditions.

Besides that, you might want to get gloves that integrate Thinsulate fibers, Gore-Tex membranes, or Hipora fabrics.

The reason is the ability of such liners to provide optimal breathability to help you maintain cool and dry hands.

Furthermore, these liners can provide an optimal amount of insulation to prevent heat from escaping.

4. Do I need to buy snowboarding gloves with heated function?

Well, the answer to this question depends on the season you will be out snowboarding and your health condition.

Note that snowboarding gloves with a heated function are more expensive but best suited for use by people with arthritis or users who find it challenging to warm their bodies.

Still, you should opt for these gloves when snowboarding in extremely cold weather to ensure that you maintain warm and comfortable hands.

5. What should I consider first for spring use?

Opt for gloves with a vent to let moisture and warm air out. Additionally, gloves that integrate removable liners and a shell are a better option.

You can opt to wear the liners and stash the shell in your backpack for use when the wind becomes unbearable.

6. What cuff should I consider?

The cuffs of snowboarding gloves come in two style options: Under-the-cuff or Over-the-cuff options.

Under-the-cuff gloves integrate short cuff lengths that end at the base of the wrists. Such gloves provide more mobility in the wrist area so that the jacket cuffs can overlap the gloves.

Over-the-cuff gloves are models with long cuffs. The cuffs extend beyond the sleeve of the jacket. Thus, these gloves are an excellent choice when you need extra protection from the snow that wants to creep into the hands.


5 Snowboard Gloves Reviews

1. Burton Men’s Gore-Tex Glove – With Removable Touchscreen Liner for All Season Use

burton snowboard gloves

Protect your hands while working in the rugged winter conditions using Burton Men’s Gore-Tex Gloves. The gloves highlight a tough grip palm that doesn’t fray or wear for durability.

Additionally, the gloves feature a touchscreen-compatible technology for the easy operation of touchscreen devices. A sticky icky grip palm is another plus. It provides a firm hold suitable for securing any tool.

Plus, the gloves feature an ergonomic pre-curved fit for user comfort.

Additional features and benefits

Waterproof and windproof

For the best performance in winter conditions, you will want to wear Burton Men’s Gore-Tex Gloves. The gloves highlight Gore-Tex fabrics that resist water for cool and dry hands.

Furthermore, there is a removable 4-way stretch fleece liner. It dries fast while preventing warmth from escaping for warm hands in the winter.

During warm weather, you can wear the liner singlehandedly or combine both fabrics during winter conditions to maintain warm hands.

Breathable and insulated

Another benefit of the gloves is the breathable construction. Ideally, the DryRide two-layer fabric adopts a gore warm technology resulting in dry and warm hands.

Additionally, the gloves can let sweat out to help you maintain dry hands. The synthetic leather gloves highlight a screengrab design to provide optimal touchscreen control while using any finger.

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2. Dakine Leather Gore-Tex Snowboarding/Snowshoeing Gloves – Durable and Ultimate Protection Option

snowboard gloves for womens

For the ultimate protection from elements, I would recommend that you wear the Dakine Leather Titan Gore-Tex Snow Gloves.

The gloves are made of environmentally friendly materials to guarantee safety to the users. Additionally, these materials are durable for long-lasting reliability.

The gloves have an external water-resistant zipper stash suitable for storing a key or cash.

Additional features and benefits

Warm and water repellant

The leather titan glove is DWR treated. It features a gauntlet-style leather shell to protect water from leaking in to help you maintain dry hands.

Additionally, the gloves highlight a Gore warm technology for the ultimate insulation performance so that you can maintain warm hands.

Touchscreen compatible

If you want to operate touchscreen devices without removing gloves, you will want to invest in Dakine Leather Titan Gore-Tex Snow Gloves.

Their removable liner is touchscreen compatible for the effortless operation of SmartScreen devices.

Waterproof and breathable

The Dakine Snow Gloves are waterproof and breathable. They are made of 100% goat leather that keeps water and moisture out to help you maintain dry hands.

The liner is constructed of 100% polyester for the best insulation performance.

Plus, there is a breathable and waterproof insert for the ultimate breathability and waterproofing performance.

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3. The North Face Etip Glove – Thin But with Extra Gripping

north face snowboard glovesThe North Face are unisex snowboarding gloves. You can purchase them for men or women, and thanks to the variety of sizes, the gloves rea an ideal choice for use by people with different hand sizes.

The gloves also highlight a lock clip system to facilitate easy storage.

Additional features and benefits

Pull On closure

For snowboarding gloves that are easy to wear and remove, I would recommend the North Face Etip Gloves.

The gloves have a pull-on closure that facilitates easy wearing and removal. Better, the closure makes it easy to adjust the fit for a comfortable wearing experience.

Etip fingertips and silicone grip

Still, these gloves integrate an Etip thumb finger and index finger. Because of this, the gloves can respond to touchscreen devices for the operation of smartphones when wearing them.

A silicone coating is another plus of the gloves. It is integrated into the palm for an excellent and non-slip gripping performance.

Durable construction

Finally, the North Face Etip gloves are made to last. The gloves are made of 97% polyester and 3% elastane.

Because of this, the gloves are durable and stretchable, a measure that provides a comfortable fit while assuring you of reliable performance for years.

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4. MCTi Easy-to-Wear and Remove Snow Gloves – With Zipper Pocket for Storage

snowboard gloves with pocket

Responding to the need for snowboarding gloves that are easy to wear and remove is the MCTi Men’s Ski Snowboard Cold Weather Gloves. These gloves include connect-finger lining ends so that you will never have to take the lining out when removing them.

Besides that, the gloves are easy to maintain, thanks to their ability to restore the fluffiness without deformation after cleaning.

Additional features and benefits

3M Thinsulate insulation

To maintain warm hands during winter sports, you will need insulated snowboarding gloves.

The MCTi Men’s Ski Snowboard Gloves are insulated using warm and lightweight 3M Thinsulate. As a result, the gloves can trap and hold in the body heat while letting moisture out.

Therefore, they are an excellent choice for maintaining warm hands while winter riding, skiing, during snow sports, and hiking.

Waterproof, wear-resistant, and windproof

Besides insulation, these gloves are wear-resistant, waterproof, and windproof. In particular, the gloves integrate a 3-layers softshell. The shell prevents the wind, cold, and snow from penetrating during outdoor adventures.

Additionally, there is a waterproof TPU membrane that prevents water from leaking in.

A soft full-covered PU palm is another plus. The palm and the reinforced rubber fingers are wear-resistant and designed to ensure the flexibility of the hands.

Zipper pocket and an adjustable fit

Finally, these gloves include a zipper pocket. You can store ID cards, keys, and cash in the pocket.

Besides, the gloves include an adjustable buckle wrist strap. Using the strap, you can adjust the fit for a comfortable feeling.

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5. Savior Heated Gloves for Men Women – For Arthritis

heated snowboard gloves

If you have been struggling to maintain warm hands during the toughest weather conditions, you should turn to the Savior Heated Gloves.

The gloves highlight a full finger design, enabling them to warm the entire length of each finger.

Additional features and benefits

High-quality construction

If you want snowboarding gloves that will last a lifetime, the Savior Heated Gloves are an excellent choice.

They are made of 40% lambskin and 60% polyester. Because of this, they are durable and wind-resistant for optimal protection in the long run. The internal part is made of soft pearl cotton.

Besides strength, this part provides optimal insulation to help you maintain warm hands. The back features a carbon fiber that is not only durable but also designed to act as a protective shell to shield the joints.

Three heat settings

The best snowboarding gloves for people with poor blood circulation or arthritis is the Savior Heated Gloves.

As the names suggest, the gloves integrate a warming function plus three heat settings. As a result, you can customize the heat settings from high, medium, and low to keep your hands warm and comfortable during different climates.

The gloves are battery-powered and equipped with a wide heating area best suited for covering the entire back of the hand.

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5 Snowboard Mittens Reviews

1. Burton Red Mitten – Warmest for Winter Snow Entertainment

warmest snowboard gloves

As one of the best snowboard mittens, Burton Gore Mittens are an excellent option when you want to maintain warm hands in the winter season.

The gloves highlight a rugged construction which makes them reliable for handling a range of activities.

Also, they integrate a shell and liner, allowing you to wear either of them depending on the task at hand.

Additional features and benefits

Waterproof and breathable

If you want to maintain dry and comfortable hands while working in the winter, you should wear the Burton Men’s Gore Mitten. These gloves are made of waterproof and breathable materials.

Therefore, they do not allow water to leak in while they allow moisture to wick out for comfortable hands.

Touchscreen compatible

Another benefit of Burton Men’s Gore Mittens is that they do not limit your ability to use touchscreen devices once you wear them.

The gloves integrate a screengrab synthetic leather palm. The palm provides you with stealth touchscreen control, and the stealth does not wash off, fray, or wear out for reliable use in the long run.

DryRide liner

Lastly, these gloves adopt a thermacore insulation. In particular, there is a brushed microfiber fixed lining that seals in the warmth of the hands.

Also, there is a heater/vent pocket plus a removable wrist leash that allows you to adjust the ventilation.

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2. Hestra Army 3-Finger Leather Mittens – Warm with High Finger Dexterity

hestra snowboard gloves with high dexterity

Does your hobby or profession demand that you wear gloves that combine fit, function, and durability?

If that is the case, you should wear the Hestra Army Leather Heli Ski Gloves. The gloves are recommended for use by professional mountain guides, free riders, and patrollers. T

hey integrate an elastic strap with a Velcro closure, enabling them to keep heat in and the cold out. Also, the gloves include leashes to ensure that they are always by your side.

Additional features and benefits

Durable construction

The Hestra Army Ski mittens highlight a premium-quality construction. In particular, the gloves are made of Hestra Triton fabric on the backhand. As a result, they are windproof, breathable, and water-resistant.

Adding to that, there is army goat leather on the fingers and palm for durability.

High-grade insulation

To ensure that you maintain warm and cozy hands during the winter, these gloves can hold in the heat effectively. Ideally, Hestra provides quick-drying insulation so that you can retain the warmth in wet conditions.

Plus, the gloves integrate a thin polyester lining to enhance the insulating properties of the gloves.

Ergonomic design

Besides the ability to retain warmth, these gloves highlight an ergonomic design. The mittens feature a 3-finger design to provide you with the dexterity of wearing a glove.

Better, the mittens feature an eagle grip that follows the natural curve of the hand for a comfortable grip.

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3. MCTi Waterproof Mittens for Children – With String

grey and white snowboard gloves

Enhance the safety and independence of your kids as they explore during the winter once you get them the MCTi Kids Mittens. These are durable gloves designed to last for years.

Furthermore, the gloves are water repellant and designed to help kids maintain warm hands to ensure their comfort and safety during the winter.

Additional features and benefits

Fleece lining

The MCTi Kids Mittens integrate a thick Sherpa fleece lining. The lining aids in retaining the warmth of the hands to help you stay warm during the cold winter.

Also, the lining is lightweight and soft to guarantee comfort after wearing.

Nylon fabric

What’s more, the gloves feature a nylon fabric. Nylon is wear-resistant for reliable performance in the long run.

Best of all, nylon is water-resistant, which means that you do not have to worry about the gloves leaking in water during the winter.

Non-slip palm

A non-slip palm is another plus. The palm and fingers feature non-slip PU material. As a result, you can expect them to deliver a stable and sturdy grip to prevent the hands from slipping after gripping something.

Safe to use and wear

Finally, if you need snowboarding mittens that will enhance your kid’s safety, you should wear the MCTi Kids Mittens. These mittens feature a reflector tape trim to enhance the kid’s visibility in low-light areas.

Better, the pair includes an elastic wrist and wrist buckle for a custom fit to protect the gloves from falling out.

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4. Kinco Heavy Duty Thermal Pigskin Leather Ski Mitten – With Extra Heat Keep Lining

cool snowboard gloves

Coming in the fourth position is Kinco mittens. The mittens are suitable for high-abrasion applications, thanks to the high-quality and premium construction. The gloves are sewn using extra-strength draylon thread to protect them from wear and tear.

Besides that, the leather material is treated with Nikwax wax solution for excellent waterproofing.

Additional features and benefits

HeatKeep Thermal Lining

The Kinco mittens integrate a heat-keep lining. In particular, the gloves are laminated with soft TR2 lining. The lining provides superior heat retention to keep your hands warm and comfortable during the winter.

Adding to that, the gloves feature an Omni-cuff design. This allows you to wear the adjoining wrist material outside or inside the gloves for better temperature regulation.

Durable Pigskin leather

Another advantage of the mittens is the durable construction. In particular, the gloves are constructed of premium-grade pigskin. Thus, they are durable and designed to remain soft and flexible for a comfortable fit.

Also, the gloves include pigskin patches on the thumb, fingers, and palm to ensure the reinforcement of high-wear areas.

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5. Tough Outdoors Unisex Winter Ski Mittens – For Men & Women

snowboard mittens with wrist strap

For the ultimate protection from elements, I would recommend that you wear the Tough Outdoors Winter Ski Mittens. The mittens can shield your hands from cold and water for guaranteed comfort in the winter.

Also, they are designed to stay put so that they will not fall out of the hand. The mittens’ palms are reinforced with synthetic leather to provide an excellent grip without sacrificing durability.

Additional features and benefits

Weatherproof design

These gloves can protect your hands against rain, wind, and sleet. They highlight a black nylon shell. Thus, they can prevent water from leaking inside to help you maintain dry and comfortable hands.

Additionally, there is a TPU membrane that wicks out moisture for dry hands.

Reliable insulation

What’s more, the gloves are designed to ensure that you are maximally protected from the cold. The mittens are fitted with a fleece lining plus thermal insulation.

Because of this, the hands can retain their warmth so that they are warm and toasty during the winter.

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Mittens vs Gloves for Snowboarding

snowboard mittens and gloves which is better

So, what is the difference between snowboarding gloves and snowboarding mittens? There are several benefits and downsides of picking either of these, let’s have a look at each.

Snowboarding gloves

  • Advantages

Choosing gloves over mittens can allow you to benefit from better dexterity. The reason is that a 5-fingered glove can make it easier for you to maintain the flexibility of the fingers for a better grip.

  • Disadvantages

On the downside, gloves can be hard to wear and remove while compared to mittens since you will be required to fit each finger to its rightful position.

Snowboarding mittens

  • Advantages

Mittens on the other hand are an excellent option when you need the warmest option for the hands. The fact that mittens leave the fingers huddled together means that you can maintain the warmth of the hands without much hustle.

  • Disadvantages

On the downside, mittens tend to be bulky whereas they offer less dexterity. Hence, they are not the best option when you need a lot of flexibility to handle gear.


Washing Tips

I would not recommend that you wash your snowboarding gloves often to protect them from damage. Instead, spot clean them in water to remove the dirt.

When the gloves require serious cleaning, I would recommend that you hand wash them, but you could also machine wash them in a mesh washing bag to prevent damage.

1. Get a mixture of water with mild soap. Ensure that you do not add bleach or fabric softener.

2. If the liner is removable, remove it so that you can wash it separately from the shell.

3. Submerge the gloves in the water and soap mixture. Rub them gently so that you can avoid damaging them.

4. Once you are sure that the gloves are clean, rinse them in clean water and squeeze out excess water. Ensure that you are not rough when squeezing the water and avoid wringing them.

5. Next, hang the gloves outside and avoid drying them in heat.

6. Once dry, treat the leather gloves using a leather cleaner, conditioner, or any other preferred leather treatment.



If you find amusement in snowboarding or considering to try the sport for the first time, you must own a pair of the best snowboarding gloves or snowboarding mittens. Therefore, purchase either of the reviewed items to protect your hands from the extreme outdoor cold weather.