Start from the Top: Space Cowboy Outfit Hat Explained

You’ve seen them at festivals, on social media, and maybe even in person. They’re the ubiquitous space cowboys, their outfits a mishmash of different styles and influences all brought together in one trippy, out-of-this-world ensemble.

But what exactly is the space cowboy aesthetic? And more importantly, how can you achieve it? We’re here to answer all your questions.

What Is the Space Cowboy Aesthetic?

In short, the space cowboy aesthetic is about pushing fashion boundaries and having fun with your clothes.

It’s a mix of styles and influences, often including elements of 90s streetwear, hip-hop fashion, rave culture, and festival style.

And while some key pieces are typically associated with the look (more on that later), the beauty of space cowboy fashion is that there are no rules.

You can pretty much wear whatever you want as long as it fits the overall vibe.

Typical Features of Space Cowboy Theme Hat & Outfits

That said, certain items are more commonly seen in space cowboy ensembles than others. Here are some of the most typical features of the space cowboy aesthetic: 

Metallic Details

Space Cowgirl Costume Set from Dollskill

Whether a bejeweled belt buckle or a glittery body stocking, metallic details are always welcome to any space cowboy outfit. They add just the right amount of bling and help you stand out. 

Every space cowboy needs to add the right kind of sparkle and shine to their outfit.

A bejeweled belt buckle or a glimmering sequinned body stocking can be the perfect top note for any space cowboy getup.

Metallic details can transform an unremarkable space cowboy into a space-age daredevil! But there’s more to space cowboy style than just sequins and rhinestones.

You can make your outfit truly one-of-a-kind with custom creations crafted by experienced artisans.

It takes just the right accessories in order to achieve that perfect space cowboy aesthetic – don’t forget those light up boots and galactic headgear!

Why blend in when you could stand out? You can do that with metallic details as part of your space cowboy wardrobe.

Holographic Texture

Holographic Cowgirl Hat from Amazon

The holographic texture is another popular detail in space cowboy fashion. These intricate designs add an element of interest to any outfit and help you show off your unique style.

While the space cowboy aesthetic is traditionally focused on traditional denim and western boots, adding a holographic touch can give your look an extra level of intrigue.

This dimensional detail gives gravitas to any outfit, from space-age sneakers to spacey skirts.

Holographic elements add a dose of ‘wow’ to even the simplest garments. Whether it be a futuristic pleat, a space-inspired sheen, or some cosmic sparkle, a little goes a long way in space cowboy fashion!

Beaded Tassels


Beaded tassels are often seen hanging off belts, bags, and even jewelry in space cowboy ensembles.

They add whimsy and fun to any outfit and make you stand out. 

Beaded tassels are one of the defining features of a space cowboy aesthetic. Moreover, they bring a dose of glamour and funkiness to whatever they’re attached to.

While they are most commonly seen adorning belts and bags, you’ll also find them accessories in jewelry like necklaces, bracelets, and earrings.

As a bonus, tassels are usually quite affordable—beads can be purchased in bulk for next to nothing, so you can make hundreds of tassels at once.

Who knew that space cowboys could be stylish AND thrifty? If you’re looking to create your own space cowboy look or give an old piece of clothing a modern update, adding beaded tassels is the perfect way to do it!

With some colorful beads and a little bit of creativity, your look will instantly start orbiting out of this world. ̨̨̨̨

The Bottom Line

Space cowboy fashion is all about having fun with your clothes and pushing fashion boundaries.

There are no hard and fast rules, but certain items are more commonly seen in space cowboy ensembles than others. These include metallic details, laser cutouts, and beaded tassels.

So whether you’re putting together a full-on cosplay outfit or want to add a few quirky details to your everyday look, keep these elements in mind and let your imagination run wild!