Swim with Shirt On: Read This Guide Before Doing So!

Recently debate between swimmers has resurfaced about whether or not it is possible to swim with a shirt on.

Truthfully, there are a few reasons you cannot swim with a shirt on. Your shirt will absorb water and become heavy, weighing you down in the water.

Hence the fabric of your swim shirt will also create drag, slowing you down as you swim.

In conclusion, If your swim shirt is not made of the proper material, it can hinder your swim stroke and prevent you from swimming as efficiently as possible.

But some else believe that they have seen some professional swimmers swim with their shirts on in the Olympics, such as Michael Phelps.

So the question still stands, can you swim with a shirt on? Well, it is based on what shirt you choose!

There are swim shirts on the market that are made of a material that won’t absorb water and will actually help you swim faster.

But finding the right swim shirt can be tricky, which is why we wrote this guide. In it, we will show you the best swim shirts to wear while swimming and offer some tips.

First, let’s enhance the beginner’s understanding by going over the five reasons you can’t swim with a normal shirt on and why swim shirts are beneficial.

5 Reasons You Can’t Swim with a Normal Shirt On

The reasons vary depending on the swimmer, but these are some of the more common ones:

Reason 1: It Increases the Risk of Drowning

This is the most critical reason we highly recommend against swimming with a shirt.

Your shirt will absorb water and become heavy, weighing you down in the water.

Thus it can quickly lead to fatigue and ultimately increase your risk of drowning.

Reason 2: It Will Slow Down Your Swimming Efficiency

Common fabrics of shirts such as cotton, will quickly absorb water and become heavy when wet.

This added weight will slow you down and make it difficult to swim as efficiently as possible.

You can experience this thoroughly by wearing clothe and trying to stand in a tub that is full of water.

Reason 3: Your Shirt Will Take A LONG Time to Dry

Once you get your shirt wet, it will take a significantly longer time to dry than if you had not been wearing one.

And if you insist on wearing a soaked wet shirt, coldness can also set in and make the swim less enjoyable.

Reason 4: Your Shirt Will Be Damaged

There is a good chance that the fabric will be damaged by the pool chemicals.

Some results of this damage can be fading, discoloration, or even holes in your swim shirt.

This is especially true if you frequently swim in chlorinated pools.

The chemicals will break down the fibers of your swim shirt faster than if you were swimming in a saltwater pool.

Reason 5: Your Shirt Will Shrink Or Lose Its Shape

This is especially true if your swim shirt is made of cotton. Cotton shirts have a tendency to shrink when they get wet and can lose their shape.

This is not only aesthetically unappealing but can also make it uncomfortable to swim in.

So What Kind of Shirt Can You Wear While Swimming?

Now that we’ve gone over why you can’t swim with a shirt on, let’s talk about what kind of swim shirt you CAN swim in: a swim shirt.

You may think I added an extra word, but swim shirts differ from your average t-shirt.

A swim shirt (or rash guard) is made of a synthetic material such as Lycra or polyester that doesn’t absorb water and is designed to help you swim faster.

And they also keep you warmer in the water and protect you from the sun’s harmful rays.

Swim shirts come in long sleeve, short sleeve, and sleeveless varieties, so you can find one that fits your needs.

And they also come in various colors and styles so you can find one that suits your taste.

You may hear about some famous brands or swim shirts retailers such as Speedo and Zappos.

What Else Swim Attire That Recommended for Beginners?

In addition to swim shirts, we recommend that beginners invest in swim fins and goggles.

Swim fins will help you swim faster, and swim goggles will help you see better underwater.

both of which can make your swimming experience more enjoyable.

And here’re some tips you can follow to make your swimming experience more enjoyable:

  • Wear swim shoes: They will protect your feet from getting cut on shells or rocks.
  • Apply sunscreen: This will help prevent sunburn, which can be painful and dangerous.
  • Bring a swim cap: It will keep your hair out of your face and make swimming easier.
  • Bring a towel: You can use it to dry off after swimming.

Wrap It Up

Someone may think a wet shirt with trunks will make girls wanna see him more, but in reality, it will only make them stay away.

So consider this movement from a more practical perspective: swim faster, swim better, and swim more confidently by not wearing a common white shirt.

And if you really wanna show off your body, consider investing in a swim shirt that will make you look good AND help you swim better.

That’s all about it! Thanks for reading, and have a good swim!