What Swimsuits For Love Handles: Here’s Our Recommendation

Oh, love handles, what a pain-in-the-you-know-what they can be! Not only are they difficult to get rid of, but they can also be a nightmare to try and hide when you’re wearing swimsuits.

And let’s be honest, it’s hard to find the perfect swimsuits for love handles. You want something that will hide them and make you look and feel good.

But don’t worry, I am here to help! I have figured out the four perfect types of swimsuits for love handles:

  • Blouson tops
  • High waist with ruffle
  • Peplum
  • Dress type

And I also prepare some tricks on choosing and wearing the right swimsuit to hide your love handles.

So whether you’re looking for something that will cover up your curves or show them off, stay tuned and check what we offer!

4 Recommended Types of Swimsuits for Love Handles

And here we go with our four types of swimsuits in detail.

Blouson top

It’s perfect for those who want to hide their love handles and accentuate their assets.

The swimsuit has a quite loose fit near the wrist, so it will cover your problem areas without making you feel uncomfortable.

Besides, blouson tops look more charming on people with fuller figures. If you have a pear-shaped body, this type of swimsuit is definitely for you.

High waist with ruffle

Swimsuits with high waist bottoms and ruffle decor will make your love handles disappear and give you a slimmer look.

The high waist will hold everything in place, while the ruffles will create an illusion of a smaller waist.

If you want something that is both flattering and fashionable, then this is the swimsuit for you!

Plus, I highly recommend girls with hourglass figures to go for this type of swimsuit. You will be amazed by how good you’ll look in it!


Now we have the fancy one: peplum swimsuits.

The peplum detail on the bottom will make your love handles completely disappear and give you a very slim

In case you didn’t know before, a peplum swimsuit is a bathing suit with a ruffle or flared skirt attached to the waistline.

The peplum creates an illusion of a smaller waist and is perfect for hiding love handles. And the design is very lively; opt for them if you want to look stylish and younger on the beach!

Dress type

And the last but not least type of swimsuit is a dress. Yep, you read that right!

Not kidding, a dress-type swimsuit is such a good idea if you want to cover up your love handles.

The loose fit of the dress will make you feel comfortable, while the length will make your love handles completely disappear.

And you can always add a belt to accentuate your waist and create an illusion of a slimmer figure.

I love the elegance and sophistication of dress-type swimsuits. They are perfect for those looking mature and charming on the beach.

5 Tricks to Hide Love Handle with Swimsuits

Since we have checked the best swimsuits that will look good on you despite having love handles, it is now time to read the five tricks about how you can hide those pesky things:

1. Go for Dark Colors

This is one of the most common and effective tricks that you can do to hide those love handles.

Dark colors will give you a slimming effect while hiding any imperfections you may have on your body. Go for colors such as black, navy, or dark green.

2. Use Wraps

Another great way to hide your love handles is by using wraps. This will help accentuate your waist while hiding any bulges.

Ensure you are looking for tight wraps to stay in place but not too tight so that it will be uncomfortable.

3. Patterns will be Helpful

While solids are great for hiding imperfections, patterns can also be helpful.

Look for swimsuits with patterns such as stripes or ruching. These patterns will help to camouflage any areas you are trying to hide

4. Stick to a Loose Fit

One of the worst things you can do when trying to hide your love handles is to wear a swimsuit that is too tight.

Tight swimsuits will only make any imperfections on your body more pronounced. Instead, go for a swimsuit that has a loose fit. This will help to disguise any areas you are trying to hide.

5. Dress up your Upper Body

While you may be trying to hide your love handles, that does not mean you have to neglect your upper body.

Dress up your upper body with a cute swimsuit top or by wearing a sarong. This will help take the focus off your lower half and make you look more proportionate.

The Ending

Now that you know the best swimsuits for love handles and some hidden tricks, you can enjoy the summer confidently.

I’ll prefer a dress type of swimsuit; I think it will look good on me (a mid-aged lady!) and help hide my love handles.

What about you? What type of swimsuit do you think will look good on you? Share with us and embrace your curves and enjoy the warmer weather!