Best Tactical Shooting Gloves with High Dexterity and Protection in 2022

Tactical shooting gloves are essential for both style and comfort. The most significant purpose of these gloves is to protect the hands of individuals from various types of hazards, including bruises on the arm.

One of the essential purposes of tactical gloves is also getting a good grip on your gear.

Purchasing the best tactical shooting gloves is straightforward, but you should understand certain essential factors.

In this article, you will learn more about tactical shooting gloves and how to choose them. You’ll also get answers to some of the common questions that buyers ask when purchasing these gloves.

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HIKEMAN Tactical Army Military Gloves – Touchscreen Compatible (Click here to buy)

PIG Full Dexterity Tactical Gloves – Barehand Experience (Click here to buy)


Why Should You Use Tactical Gloves When Shooting?

Tactical gloves are essential to individuals when shooting due to their numerous advantages.

– Provide grips

A major reason why the pair is great when shooting is because it provides a better grip. Shooters use their gear in different environmental conditions, including the dry and wet seasons.

– Reduce the impact

When shooting, there’s always a significant force of impact that affects the balance of the shooter.

The tactical gloves help in reducing the force that impacts cause and helps the shooting experience.

You should ensure that you always have tactical gloves when shooting to reduce the chances of getting hurt on the palm.


Who Makes the Best Tactical Shooting Gloves?

Different brands are producing impressive tactical shooting gloves. However, most manufacturers have flaws in the features or durability of their tactical shooting gloves.

For this reason, here’s our pick for the two great brands for the best tactical shooting gloves:


Oakley tactical gloves are the ultimate type of gloves for shooters. With their gloves, it feels like you have a barehand shooting experience. They also permit using your touchscreen smartphones or tablets.

Here is the most popular glove from Oakley.

Mechanix Wear:

Mechanix Wear is well-known for providing thermoplastic rubber closure for a secure fit on the wearer’s wrist. The brand has a high dexterity that helps maximum tactile control.


Best Tactical Shooting Gloves Reviews

There are unique features that make every tactical shooting glove great for various applications.

For a better understanding of what to look for in each tactical shooting gloves and for insight on the best choice, here’s what you need to know:

Mechanix Wear Recon Tactical Shooting Gloves – Great Finger Mobility

mechanix recon tactical shooting gloves

The Mechanix Wear Tactical Specialty Recon Covert Work Gloves are available in different sizes and provide a good fit to the wrist for various applications.

With the stretch spandex, users can enjoy high levels of comfort when using gloves. They are also very easy to put on and take off at any time.

One of the unique features of the Mechanix Wear Tactical Specialty Recon Covert Work Gloves is its dedicated flex points that help in improving finger mobility.

Easy flexibility when using the work gloves helps individuals perform various tasks with ease and comfortably use weapon gears.

Why It’s a Good Choice:

Thermoplastic Rubber Closure (TRC)

The Mechanix Wear Tactical Specialty Recon Covert Work Gloves come with durable thermoplastic rubber closure that gives all wearers a secure and safe fit.

One of the major advantages of TRC is that it gives users resistance from tear and abrasion, and it’s also a long-lasting material.

High Dexterity

The Mechanix Wear Tactical Specialty Recon Covert Work Gloves have significantly high dexterity, and the 0.6mm hair sheep leather palm offers an impressive tactile control.

Due to the high dexterity of the pair, you can use them for performing major activities and complete shooting tasks with ease.

Touchscreen Capability

The hair sheep leather palm of the Mechanix Wear Tactical Specialty Recon Covert Work Gloves makes them capable of use alongside smartphones and tablets.

Ensure that you make accurate or price clicks using the hair sheep leather palm on your phone because they may not respond as perfectly as bare hands.

Take Note:


It’s essential to pick the size of the Mechanics Wear carefully before finalizing your purchase. Due to the structure of the gloves, they are meant for wearers with the appropriate hand size.

Hence, always look out for your size. The commonly available sizes are Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, and XX-Large.

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Glove Station Tactical Gloves with Rubber Knuckle – High Breathability

military shooting gloves

The Glove Station Combat Military Gloves are built with supreme double-stitch seams that help wearers have a firm grip.

They also ensure that individuals can benefit from longevity and durability under common environmental conditions.

For heat dissipation, the Glove Station pair has padded mesh and rubber aero vents on its back.

One of the advantages of the features of the Glove Station pair is that wearers can benefit from high levels of breathability.

Why It’s a Good Choice:

Best Grip

The Glove Station Combat Military Police Outdoor Sports Tactical Rubber Knuckle Gloves have an additional textured inner fabric that helps in enhancing grip.

Also, the leather index increases your dexterity for continual use and dependence. Note that the PU Leather material gives the best feel.


For breathability, the full-length mesh runs down throughout the back of the glove. The purpose of the glove design is to let out moisture from the hands for a more comfortable experience.

With the rubberized aero vents, users can benefit from an improved airflow that ensures faster heat dissipation.

Permits Touchscreen

Thanks to the PU leather and polyester material combination, the glove also can use with touchscreen devices like smartphones, tablets, and other devices.

When using the gloves, ensure that you press against your devices properly for an effective response.

Take Note:

More Suitable For Light Duty

The Glove Station pair of gloves are great for various applications due to their features.

However, they may have minor issues with stitching when you use them for extended periods. Note that you can still use the gloves for heavy duties if you have them well maintained.

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FREETOO Heavy Duty Tactical Shooting Gloves – Durable with Double-Layer Sewing

tactical gun gloves

This pair of gloves use the hook and loop closure. They are easy to wear on the hands and offer full protection against burns, scrapes, and injuries.

Some wearers may also regard the FREETOO Knuckle Tactical Gloves as one of the most durable gloves that involve double-layer sewing.

The FREETOO Knuckle Tactical Gloves provide a great fit on the hands, and they are very durable.

With the double-layer sewing process of the tactical gloves, wearers are meant to use them for longer periods than conventional ones.

Why It’s a Good Choice:

Perfect Fit

The FREETOO Knuckle Tactical Gloves use a high elastic mesh fabric on the fingers that ensures the fingertips aren’t loose or too reinforced.

In other words, they give the perfect fit to individuals with different hand sizes.  They are available in Small, Large, X-Large, and XX-Large to give adequate flexibility.

Long-lasting Grip

The FREETOO Knuckle Tactical Gloves uses imported leather with double-layer sewing for durability.

Note that the microfiber leather on the glove’s palm helps increase the friction that ensures better grip when performing various activities, including motorcycling.


Wearers can use the FREETO Knuckle Tactical Gloves for long periods of the day due to the design of the breathable vents on the fingers.

If you have sweaty hands, the padded mesh material will help reduce the sweat on the hands. For this reason, you can use the pair in different conditions.

Take Note:

Touch Issues When Using the Gloves

This one doesn’t equip with touchscreen fingertips. If you wanna one touchscreen compatible, go for its upgraded version.

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HIKEMAN Tactical Army Military Gloves – Touchscreen Compatible

hard knuckle shooting gloves

The HIKEMAN Tactical Army Military Gloves is a reputable pair of gloves that protect the hands from injuries like abrasion or scratches.

For comfortability, the gloves are made from breathable materials. It also includes an excellent design that helps in wicking moisture from the wearer’s hands.

With the gloves on, individuals can also use their mobile phones and other devices with touchscreen. Ensure that you press against the devices appropriately for the best results.

Why It’s a Good Choice:

Excellent Hand Grip

The dual-layer synthetic leather palm also ensures that wearers can benefit from the anti-skid gridding feature.

For this reason, the HIKEMAN gloves prevent your gear from slipping away when you grasp them.

During heavy machinery use, the HIKEMAN Tactical Army still keeps your grip firm.

Touch Screen Compatibility

You can benefit from the friendly touching function of the HIKEMAN gloves.

It provides an experience that makes wearers feel like they are using bare hands on mobile phones or tablets.

Excellent Build

The HIKEMAN Tactical Army Military Gloves have an excellent build thanks to the knuckle padding and reinforced palm.

As a pair, they are suitable for work, camping, shooting, hunting, and other outdoor applications. Since they are made from durable materials, they can withstand heavy use.

Take Note:

Use Faux Leather

This one is made of faux leather, which is not as durable as genuine leather.

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PIG Full Dexterity Tactical Gloves – Barehand Experience

men's and women's tactical shooting gloves

The PIG Full Dexterity Tactical (FDT) Delta Utility Gloves give a barehand shooting feeling.

From the design, a layer of the material only comes in contact with your shooting grip, making precisions and accuracy an easier task.

Due to the fabric and material’s thickness, the PIG Full Dexterity Tactical Delta Utility Gloves can be used for touchscreen devices.

Wearers can use the PIG Gloves in different conditions, including wet and dry environments.

When using the gloves, users will have a maximum dexterity level that helps ensure an accurate and fast shooting experience.

Why It’s a Good Choice:

Barehand Shooting Feel

The PIG Full Dexterity Tactical (FDT) Delta Utility Gloves give a barehand shooting feel due to the single-layer multi-piece palm.

The thinnest available material is typically on the trigger finger to develop the best sensitivity on the gloves.

Touchscreen Compatible

You can comfortably use your touchscreen devices when using these gloves. Even though these gloves ensure that you can use touchscreen devices, they also provide maximum tactile dexterity.

Special Operations Proven

This brand has been proven to have the best features of special operations. It encourages fast and accurate shooting using the rifle and handguns.

Take Note:

Pull on Closure

The PIG gloves don’t have extra wrist closure which may slide if you haven’t got the right size.

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How to Pick the Best Tactical Gloves for Shooters?

When selecting the best tactical shooting gloves, there are certain factors to review for the best choice.

If the tactical shooting glove you select doesn’t meet any of the requirements, you may need to reconsider your pick.

Here are the factors to consider when selecting the best tactical shooting gloves:

Grip and Grip Material:

The grip and grip material of the tactical shooting gloves matter. Some brands use the PU Leather Palm for better grip when using your gear or shooting.

Extra Finger Spacing:

The extra finger spacing on the tactical gloves must make them fit you perfectly. Without extra finger spacing, the pair may be tight and uncomfortable when they are in use.

Full Finger or Fingerless Design:

The full finger is a common design that covers the entire finger. On the other hand, the fingerless design doesn’t have full coverage on the fingertips.


The Armor in tactical shooting gloves helps provide extra protection for wearers when using their gears. Depending on the brand, some armors are more effective than others.


The guards help in preventing hand injuries when using your gear. Note that most manufacturers include hard knuckle guards to avoid bruises and other common hand injuries.


Waterproof gloves are very suitable for individuals that use their tactical gloves in wet environments.

When in wet regions, the tactical gloves should also give wearers a firm grip.


The closure type of your tactical shooting glove is an essential factor to consider.

One of the most common closure types that manufacturers use is the hook and loop because it encourages a firm grip.



1. Are Tactical Shooting Gloves Legal?

Tactical shooting gloves are illegal in select states. However, the illegal ones are usually those with knuckle protection.

Gloves with weighted or loaded knuckles are also illegal in different areas.

It’s essential to check your state laws to know the rules surrounding the use of tactical shooting gloves in your region.

2. What Gloves Does the Military Use?

The military uses tactical shooting gloves. However, they always have several choices to choose from for the best results when using them.

Common brands of military gloves include Mechanix Wear, Oakley combat gloves, and the CamelBak pair.

Note that the gloves that the military uses are top-grade with impressive features.


What Are the Best Tactical Shooting Gloves?

Tactical shooting gloves provide additional support and protection from potential injuries when taking precise shots.

The Glove Station is a great choice for the best tactical shooting gloves due to their high level of dexterity and comfortability.