Spring Trend: 10 Tie Dye Dress Outfit Ideas to Get You Into This Blossom Season

As another form of floral fashion, tie-dye is quickly becoming a must-have for spring.

From dainty sundresses to tie-dye maxi dresses you can rock for any occasion, tie-dye has never looked better.

However, in the case of season’s tie-dye fashion, it’s not just about the tie-dye dress itself – what you complete your tie-dye look with is also important.

So today, we’ll be giving you tie-dye dress outfit ideas that will get you ready for the blossoming season and all its tie-dye fashion.

Are Tie-Dye Outfits Still In Style In 2023?

The tie-dye fashion phenomenon has existed for decades, but it’s still going strong into 2023!

Its unique pattern has been making an impact since the 1960s when people experimented with dying their clothes at home to honor a DIY and hippie-inspired fashion revolution.

Every modern tie-dye design carries that same momentous history, as well as its nostalgic vibes.

Plus, tie-dye is an incredibly versatile fashion statement – you’ll see everything from t-shirts and tank tops to dresses and scrunchies sporting tie-dye prints.

This trend will stick around for many years, so get in on the tie-dye action while you still can!

For this spring, tie-dye is more popular than ever, and tie-dye dresses are incorporated into many different looks.

What Colors Should I Wear In Spring? (Pastel, Light Tone)

For spring tie-dye fashion, it’s best to stick to light and bright colors like pastels.

We love the idea of white tie-dye dresses with subtle hints of pink, blue, yellow, or green for a whimsical look.

But don’t just limit yourself to tie-dye dresses in pastel colors – tie-dye prints look stunning in any hue, from electric blues and greens to vibrant oranges and reds.

It never hurts to try something different, so feel free to experiment with tie-dye fashion in bolder shades.

10 Tie-Dye Dress Outfit Ideas for Spring Trend

Now that we’ve discussed tie-dye basics, here are ten tie-dye dress outfit ideas to get you inspired and ready for spring!


@vpofstyle (PIN)

Item: Ruffle Tie-Dye Dress + White Pumps + Flower Earrings

Get the Look:

This tie-dye dress perfectly exemplifies the carefree and vibrant joy found in seasonal clothing for spring.

Its pastel tie-dyed pattern, figured neckline and ruffle detailing brings out a fresh and fun vibe that puts a smile on your face.

The delicate white pumps add a touch of femininity to the outfit and tie the look with finesse.

Spoiling yourself with a pair of flower earrings will surely tie the ensemble you have created together while adding a little bit of extra sparkle.



Item: Spaghetti Strap Tie Dye Dress + White Thick Sole Sneakers

Get the Look:

This tie-dye spaghetti strap dress with thick white sole sneakers is the perfect outfit to help you transition into spring.

It features light and vibrant colors while also remaining casual and comfortable. The tie-dye pattern will brighten up your wardrobe, while the thick-sole sneakers offer a streetwear edge that is right on-trend.

Throw on a denim jacket for cooler days, or layer up with printed accessories to add extra personality – this outfit has the perfect vibe for all your seasonal adventures!



Item: Tie-dye T-shirt Mini Dress + White Strap Flat Sandals

Get the Look:

Blue might not be the first color you think of when spring tie-dye fashion comes to mind, but sometimes it’s worth taking a risk!

The tie-dye t-shirt mini dress with white strap flat sandals is a daring yet gorgeous tie-dye look.

It provides an unexpected twist on tie-dye fashion that will make you stand out from the crowd.



Item: Long Sleeve Tie Dye Mini Dress + White Strap Pump Chunky Heels + White Short Trench Coat

Get the Look:

A baby blue and pink tie-dye mini dress is perfect for a chilly spring day.

The long sleeves will keep you warm and comfortable, while the tie-dye pattern adds an eye-catching pop of color.

Pair it with white strap pump chunky heels and a short white trench coat to complete the look. The neutral colors tie together nicely and keep you looking stylish all day.


@ShopStyle (PIN)

Item: Tie Dye T-shirt Maxi Dress + High Top Ankle Boots + White Strap Sneaker Boots

Get the Look:

This tie-dye t-shirt maxi dress is perfect for any spring occasion. The tie-dye print adds a fun and playful vibe to make heads turn.

And the high-top ankle boots tie the look together with a hint of boldness, while the white strap sneaker boots provide an edgy touch that can be dressed up or down.



Item: Tie Dye T-shirt V-neck Mini Dress + Sliver Metalic Sneakers + Gold Frame Sunglasses 

Get the Look:

This bold yet sophisticated tie-dye t-shirt V-neck mini dress is the perfect way to make a statement this spring.

The tie-dye print pops against the black background, while the silver metallic sneakers tie in with the tie-dye pattern and add some shine.

Complete your look with a pair of gold frame sunglasses for some extra glam.



Item: Tie Dye Spaghetti Strap Pleated Dress + White Leather Cowboy Boots

Get the Look:

We love how this tie-dye color looks like the blossoming flowers of spring! This tie-dye spaghetti strap pleated dress gives a more elegant touch to tie-dye fashion.

The white leather cowboy boots add a western feel, making the whole outfit stand out even more.


@guitamoda (PIN)

Item: T-shirt Tie-dye Print Mini Dress + Black Combat Boots

Get the Look:

Want a laid-back tie-dye look that still makes a statement? This tie-dye print mini dress is perfect for the job.

Pair it with black combat boots to give off an effortless yet polished vibe. Whether going out for brunch or hitting the streets, this outfit will ensure your tie-dye fashion is always on point.



Item: Tie-dye Maxi Pleated Dress + Flat Brim Straw Hats

Get the Look:

This maxi tie-dye maxi pleated dress will surely be a hit this spring season. The tie-dye pattern instantly adds life and cheerfulness to the ensemble.

Complete your look with a flat-brim straw hat for extra charm, and you’ll be ready to take on any warm-weather adventures in style.



Item: Tie-dye Halter Neck Puff Sleeve Dress + Strap Heels

Get the Look:

This tie-dye halter neck puff sleeve dress is perfect for looking extra stylish. The tie-dye pattern gives the outfit a unique twist and is sure to turn heads.

Complete your look with strap heels, adding an edgy yet feminine touch, making this tie-dye fashion ensemble ideal for any special occasion.

The Bottom Line

We hope these tie-dyes dress outfit ideas have inspired you to create your tie-dye look this spring season! No matter what, tie-dye fashion is always the perfect way to express yourself and stand out from the crowd.

So get creative and show off your style with tie-dye!