Tips for Wearing Your Baseball Caps Like Men

Baseball caps are one of the most versatile and stylish accessories a man can own. They can be worn to support your favorite team, keep the sun out of your eyes, or just because you think they look cool.

However, men wearing baseball caps can easily look childish and immature if not done right.

Sometimes men wearing baseball caps look like they are trying too hard to be cool or don’t understand the proper etiquette for men wearing baseball caps.

Here are five tips for men wearing baseball caps, so you can rock your hats with confidence and style, no matter what your age:

Will Wearing Baseball Caps Make You Look Childish?

No. Wearing a baseball cap can be something men of all ages do. It’s just important to dress it up properly to look age-appropriate.

A baseball cap can be an accessory to match your outfit or the main event. Not only are baseball caps versatile and stylish, but they also add character to any look.

With the right styling, men wearing baseball caps can look cool, confident, and put together.

5 Tips for Men Wearing Baseball Caps

Here are five tips for men wearing baseball caps to look stylish and age-appropriate:

1. Don’t wear it backward.

This is perhaps the cardinal sin of baseball cap-wearing. Though the men of ’90s rap music popularized it, men wearing baseball caps backward is considered unprofessional and juvenile.

Wearing your baseball cap backward makes you look either like a child or like you’re trying too hard to be stylish.

If you want to wear your baseball cap backward, do so sparingly and only when you can carry it off confidently. 

Simply put your ball caps on your head the traditional way, and you’ll look more mature and stylish.

2. Go casual or smart casual

While discussing wearing like a man, there is one misunderstanding: go formal or over casual.

However, baseball caps are not formal wear. When in doubt, err on the side of casual. Wearing a baseball cap with a suit will make you look out of place, as will wearing one with overly formal attire.

On the other hand, the truth is men wearing baseball caps can go either casual or smart casual, depending on the occasion and the outfit you’re pairing them with.

One easy way to don a ball cap with smart-casual outfits is to pair it with well-fitted jeans, a crisp shirt or T-shirt, and a smart jacket. This combination will make you look casual yet stylish.

3. Hide or ditch your loose-fit shirts.

Loose-fit shirts are not generally flattering and tend to add bulk to your frame—neither of which is conducive to looking good in a baseball cap.

We don’t mean to deny men wearing baseball caps the pleasure of throwing on an oversized tee with their hats.

However, men looking to elevate their look should opt for slim-fit shirts or tuck in their tees. This will keep any unnecessary bulk under control and make your overall outfit look smarter.

4. Make the right contrast

A common mistake people make when choosing an outfit with their baseball cap is choosing clothing that is too contrasting.

For example, if you’re wearing a bright-colored baseball cap like bright blue, don’t pair it with black jeans and a white t-shirt—the contrast will be too harsh, and you’ll look like a walking advertisement.

Instead, opt for dark wash jeans and a grey t-shirt—the contrast will be more subtle and, therefore, more flattering. 

5. Add a bit of texture.

Trying different textures with your baseball cap can also take your look up a notch.

Men wearing baseball caps could pair their hats with corduroy trousers, chambray shirts, or even a tweed blazer.

Texture adds an edge to any outfit and helps men wearing baseball caps stand out from the crowd while still looking effortlessly.

Don’t be lazy and wear the same outfit every day. Mix and match different pieces to create new looks with your baseball cap and turn heads in any setting.

Try pairing your baseball cap with a flannel shirt or sweater—the texture adds visual interest and makes you look more polished. 

Final Words

Wearing a baseball cap doesn’t have to be childish—it can be downright stylish! Follow these five tips, and you’ll be sure to turn heads for all the right reasons next time you rock a baseball cap.