15 Different Types of Beanies You Should Know For a Stylish Look

Beanies are an incredibly versatile and comfortable hat style that can be used for more than just keeping one’s head warm.

There are many different types of beanies available, including the classic beanie, fisherman beanie, pom-pom beanie, and cuffed beanie with a folded edge or hemline at the bottom to create extra warmth.

And with so many different and amazing designs of these simple pieces of knit caps, you be surprised by the various types of beanies.

Keep reading to learn about the most popular 15 types of beanies and how to wear one!

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1. Pom Pom Beanies

A pom-pom beanie is a knitted hat with a pom-pom on top. It’s also called a ‘pompom hat,’ a popular fashion accessory that both men and women can wear.

There are many ways to wear this type of beanie, but most people prefer to wear it by turning the brim down so that only half of it covers your forehead.

Then pull up the front part of the brim until it covers one eye completely while leaving the other eye exposed. This will make you look artsy.

As far as colors go, black is always an option since it goes with anything; however, if you want something bolder and more colorful, there are plenty of options, such as light blue or dark red!

2. Cuffed Beanies


The cuffed beanie is a type of beanie with cuffs. The cuffs are folded up to the top of the beanie and can either be folded down or up.

Cuffs can be made from any material and are usually around eight inches long or shorter, but they can also come in different sizes depending on what you like.

Cuffed beanies are ideal for individuals who like to go for an early morning jog or live in colder regions due to their double-layered soft knits.

Another benefit is that they’re easy to accessorize with most of your wardrobe pieces. Read more about the difference between beanies and toques in this article.

3. Cuffless Beanies

Cuffless beanies are simple beanies with no cuff but a hemmed edge. They are a good choice for casual wear and are popular with skaters and surfers.

They are also popular with the hip-hop crowd. These beanies are available in different colors and patterns, so you can choose one that matches your style.

4. Fisherman Beanies

The fisherman beanie is a classic style that has been around for many years. It’s a very casual hat, slightly shorter than the normal size of beanies.

The style matches well with all kinds of outfits, from streetwear to denim. This hat can give you an adorable look without being overly girly.

Fisherman beanies are also popular in hipster culture and suitable for any casual outfit or workwear.

5. Slouch Beanies


The slouch beanie is a particular style of beanie that has a relaxed, slouchy fit. It is not as tight-fitting as the other types of beanies discussed in this article.

This means that you won’t have as much control over how your hair looks when wearing this kind of beanie.

The reason why it’s called a slouch beanie is that its shape mimics how your head would look if you were to slump down in your chair at work or school or even just sit around at home.

6. High Top Beanies

High-top beanies are known for their tall, round shape. They are often made of wool and have a bulk on top.

High-top beanies have become popular among hip-hop artists, who wear them in videos and during concerts.

As the name suggests, high-top beanies are best worn as high as possible on the head, letting it rest just above your ears to keep it upright and sturdy.

7. Docker Caps

The docker cap is a beanie designed to be worn as a traditional baseball cap with a visor and bill.

This type of beanie can be found in any color, fabric, or design you want—and it’s perfect for anyone who wants to show off their personality while staying warm!

Docker caps beanies provide a perfect blend of fashion and functionality and can be worn for casual wear or worn for more formal functions.

These caps can be your new favorite if you’re a minimalist looking to keep your options limited while retaining the ability to have various fashion looks and functionality.

8. Watch caps

A watch cap is a knitted cap covering the head and ears and usually has a visor. Sailors traditionally wear it in cold weather for warmth.

It may be worn as an underlayer of the other hats listed here or on its own for warmth when doing outdoor activities such as hiking and hunting.

The term “watch cap” can refer to any type of knit hat—including beanies—but it’s also often used specifically to describe this style.

9. Earflap Beanies

The earflap beanie is a very popular kind of beanie. It looks a lot like the classic style, but with added ear flaps on top of the head.

This extra layer helps keep your ears warm and protected from harsh weather conditions.

It’s also useful for keeping your hair out of your face when skiing or snowboarding—or just hanging out with friends at the park on a brisk day.

Earflap beanies are often made in bright colors that show off your style and keep you looking fashionable from season to season!

The style has become so popular over time that it’s even been adopted by hip hop stars like Drake, who wore one while performing at Coachella.

10. Brimmed Beanies

A brimmed beanie is a great way to add a bit of style to your look. It’s an essential type of beanie that will fit any occasion, from casual to formal and everywhere in between.

They come in different colors and can be worn with any outfit.

11. Woven Beanies

The woven beanie is a type of beanie that has a woven pattern. Woven beanies are available in different colors and patterns, so you can choose one that matches your style. They look great on men, women, and children alike.

Woven beanies are popular among people who wear hats as part of their everyday outfits or at some special events such as weddings, parties, or other events.

A woven hat adds an element of style to any outfit because it makes the wearer look more stylish than they would if they were wearing a regular hat instead!

12. Tactical Beanies

Tactical beanies are kinds of beanies with patchy. The patchy is usually stiff and made of plastic or other synthetic materials, which are intended to show your personality or give your beanie a style.

Some of them are equipped with a hidden pocket so you can use them to keep earphones or other small items.

The cap was first developed by sailors in England who needed something to protect their eyes against glare while at sea.

In 1849, Queen Victoria’s husband, Prince Albert, adapted one of these caps into what became known as a “sideboard” cap (so named because they were often worn while playing billiards).

He cut off the top half and sewed it back together at an angle so it would not interfere with his vision while aiming at balls across tables during games.

13. Waffles Beanies

Waffles are a type of ribbed knit fabric, and they are often used as thermal fabric. They are found in many forms, such as waffle-knit, fleeces, and fleece-lined pieces.

These types of beanies are very popular because they keep your head warm while making you look stylish!

A waffle-knit beanie looks like it was knitted from squares or rectangles that have been woven together to form a textured pattern.

This makes it easier for the hat to trap heat between its fibers which helps protect you from the weather elements when exploring the great outdoors.

The tighter weave also means that these hats will retain their shape even after protracted use, so there’s no need for constant reshaping before wearing again, although washing does reduce this effect.

14. Ponytail Beanies

The ponytail beanie is a beanie with a hole for the ponytail. It’s great for people who have long hair and want to keep it out of their face but still have some style.

Like most beanies on this list, ponytail beanies can be worn by both males and females and come in various colors and designs.

15. Rasta beanie

Rasta beanie is a style of beanie that originated in Jamaica. It’s characterized by its long, untied, and sometimes a braided tail.

Rasta beanies are the most common types of beanies in streetwear scene due to their versatility—they can be worn with any outfit for a stylish look.

Generally, this type of beanie represents the culture of Jamaica. And you learn more about beanies for another Jamaica hairstyle: dreadlocks here.

Final Thoughts

Now that you have some information about the types of beanies, you can make a better choice for yourself. You can purchase one or more of these in different colors and patterns to create an impressive collection of beanies.