How to Wear a Beanie in Summer and Not Die of Heatstroke?

Not bragging, beanies are one of the best all-season accessories that anyone can have in their wardrobe.

They’re cozy, they keep your head warm, and they make you look like a total bad-ass. They’re also pretty versatile, as you can wear them with just about any outfit.

But what about when summer rolls around and the temperatures start to climb? Is it time to retire the beanie until fall? Will there be any chance of wearing a beanie in summer?

The short answer is: yes, you can definitely still wear a beanie in summer – you just have to choose the right style.

Here are a few tips on what to look for in a summer-friendly beanie, as well as some alternative hat options that will help keep you cool while still looking stylish.

About the Fabric: Linen & Cotton Are Good

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As a general rule, you want to steer clear of any beanies that are made with thick, heavy fabrics. That means no wool beanies in summer – they will make you sweat.

If you’re looking for a summer-friendly beanie, make sure to choose one made from either of these fabrics.

Additionally, linen and cotton are both lightweight, so they won’t add too much warmth to your head on those hot summer days.

But what’s the difference between these two fabrics?

Linen is made from the fibers of the flax plant, while cotton is made from the fibers of the cotton plant.

Both fabrics are highly absorbent, but linen is more absorbent than cotton. This means that linen is a great choice for summer apparel, as it will help you stay cool and dry.

Cotton, on the other hand, is less absorbent but softer than linen. So, if you’re looking for a soft and comfortable beanie, cotton is the way to go.

Slouchy Beanies Are Cooler & More Breathable

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Slouchy beanies are always a good choice when it comes to wearing a beanie in summer.

Slouchy beanies tend to be saggy and have more space than standard beanies. This might not sound good, but it makes them cooler and more breathable.

The extra space helps to keep your head cool by trapping in less heat. And since they’re not as tight-fitting as standard beanies, they allow your head to breathe more easily.

Great Alternative for Beanies in Summer

If you’re not a fan of slouchy beanies, there are plenty of other hat options that will help keep you cool in summer.

Here are a few of our favorites:

Docker Cap

A Docker cap is a type of baseball cap that is made from a lightweight and breathable material. It is typically worn in the summertime as an alternative to beanies.

The cap have a very significant feature that makes it look similar to a beanie, and that is the visor.

Or they don’t have a visor at all. Generally, a docker cap looks like a brimless baseball cap, or you can call it a beanie-like baseball cap.

They are very ideal for pairing with any casual outfit since they can easily add a sporty touch.

Skull Cap

A skull cap is a close-fitting hat covering the entire head. Skull caps are typically made from a lightweight and breathable material, making them ideal for summer weather.

They are also great for wearing under helmets, as they help to absorb sweat and keep your head cool.


A headband is a strip of fabric that is worn around the head. Headbands are also good accessories for wearing in summer. You can donn a sporty look or with your chic and stylish outfit.

They help to keep your hair out of your face while also absorbing sweat. And like skull caps, they can also be worn under helmets to help keep your head cool and dry.

Wrap It Up

Beanies are great year-round accessories, but they can be tricky to wear in summer without overheating.

Luckily, there are some easy ways to make your favorite winter accessory work for warmer weather.

Just choose a light fabric such as linen or cotton, go with a slouchy style, or ditch the beanie altogether and opt for a skull cap or headband instead.

By following these simple tips, you can rock your beanie all year long!