5 Best Welding Gloves to Protect Your Hand

Welding is pretty dangerous,  without hand protection, you may suffer from electric shock, accidents, and skin burns, to name a few problems. Thankfully, a pair of the best welding gloves will save your hands from those terrible situations!

As a type of personal protective equipment (PPE), welding gloves protect from electrical shock, severe heat, ultraviolet, and infrared radiation. These gloves also allow for digit articulation.

best welding gloves

When picking gloves you might find that there are too many things to consider. Here comes this article to solve your problems.

  • What Are Good Welding Gloves?
  • How to Choose the Best Welding Gloves?
  • What Materials Are Heat Shield?
  • Best Welding Gloves Reviews
  • Types of Welding Gloves
  • Will MIG Gloves Work for Stick Welding?
  • FAQ

What Are the Standard Features of Welding Gloves?

The type of welding glove required depends on the operation. Here are five characteristics to search for in a welding glove.

things to consider when choosing welding gloves

» Tough, Flexible Leather

The material for any high-quality welder’s glove should be robust, long-lasting leather. Leather is abrasion-resistant, heat-dissipating, non-conductive, and non-ignitable.

» Kevlar-Stitched Seams

When it comes to stitching seams, Kevlar has a lot of advantages. It is more durable and not easy to tear or cut. Meanwhile, these threads have a better heat resistance than cotton yarn.

» Superior Insulation

The type of insulation you’ll need will determine by the amount of heat you’ll be working with. Cotton linings can withstand temperatures of up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit, while Kevlar linings can withstand temperatures of up to 800 degrees Fahrenheit.

» UV Ray Protection

Welding emits UV rays just like the sun does. UV radiation can damage any unprotected skin they come into contact with. Perfect welding gloves should be able to protect your hands from more than high heat.

» Affordability

Let’s face it, there’s no reason why welding gloves with all of the aforementioned features and more shouldn’t be inexpensive. Actually, the more cash you have to pay, the more comfortable and durable the best sizing the glove is.

How to Choose the Best Welding Gloves?

Choose gloves made from components that are appropriate for the job. Following are some points you should keep in mind before choosing welding gloves:

What Size to Choose?

Measure the diameter of your dominant hand just under the knuckles to determine the right size for your next pair of gloves.

However, bear in mind that most welding gloves expand and break over overtime. So, If you need a tight-fitting glove for welding, you might want to go down a size.

If you are curious about picking gloves of your hand size, you can click the link below for a detailed guide!

How to measure your hand for finding the right size gloves?

Long Sleeve? Short? What Is the Ideal Glove Length?

Although welding with a short-sleeved glove may appear to be “tougher,” UV radiation can damage any unprotected skin they come into contact with. Make sure your welding glove sleeves are long enough, or you’ll have to find another means to “fill the gap.”

Forearms also need protection, WZQH Leather Forge Welding Gloves with Great Length has a wonderful length so it can protect your both hands and arms well.

Is It Lightweight?

TIG welding requires dexterity, if welding gloves are heavy that they might be bulky. Some companies made them lightweight but they are still thicker and heavier than other normal gloves.

What Is the Best Brand to Choose From?

Here are some of our preferred welding glove brands:

» Caiman

The Caiman 1878 was the first manufacturer of 21-inch welding gloves in the market. They also apply the fitting of 3-D designs to a glove. It conforms to the natural shape of the human hand and provides proper finger alignment.

» Lincoln Electric

The Lincoln Gloves provide excellent protection and comfort. Top grain cowhide leather and black split cowhide are used to make these gloves.

They offer both greater moveability and strategic heat resistance by their additional 3 to 2 cotton layer liner. They also provide durability because of additional protective layers.

What’s more, Lincoln Electric produced The Lincoln Electric K2979 Traditional MIG/Stick Gloves that can be used in any form of welding and have good durability.

» Tillman

Tillman’s Glove is made of top-quality split cowhide which resists heat and abrasion while remaining soft and supple even though when hot. Tillman protective glove is a good fit for Stick welding.

Beside Stick welding, Tillman Top Grain Leather Welding Gloves with High Dexterity from Tillman offers great dexterity that will meet your need for TIG.

Should It Be Waterproof?

Welding gloves should be waterproof which keeps hands warm in cold weather. Split leather welding gloves are naturally water-proof and have a high level of puncture resistance. They are incredibly flexible and able to move your hands openly.

What Makes It Prevent Cuts and Punctures?

High-quality cut-resistant liners have been added to welding gloves. These para-aramid liners have great tenacity and excellent strength-to-weight ratios, making them difficult to cut or tear.

How Much Do the Welding Gloves Cost?

The cost of welding gloves varies from feature to feature. The minimum cost of welding gloves is $9 and goes to $94.

What Materials Are Heat Shield?

Following are the heat shield materials:

» Leather

1 Pigskin

Pigskin is solid leather and less flexible than other leathers on the market. It isn’t advised for usage in areas with a lot of dampness. Pigskin leather is ideal for MIG and Stick welders who require a high level of toughness.

2 Elkskin

Elkskin is one of the thickest and softest leathers available. It has the best fire, flame, and abrasion resistance, and elkskin doesn’t harden as easily as other leathers.

Because of its heat resistance, elk skin is ideal for Stick welding.

3 Sheepskin

It is tanned with the wool intact, unlike other leathers. Sheepskin is insulating and resistant to flames and electric current. As the thin, elastic material that allows for flexibility and sensitivity, sheepskin is ideal for TIG welding.

4 Goatskin

It is ideal for operations requiring a lot of tensile strength and flexibility. The material’s thinness allows for excellent fingertip control.

The greater lanolin levels in the skin act as a moisture barrier. Because of its strength and longevity, it’s ideal for MIG welding.

» Kevlar

Kevlar is a synthetic fiber that is both heat resistant and solid. Protective gloves made of Kevlar are frequently lighter and thinner than gloves made of more conventional materials. It’s ideal for TIG Welding.

» Cotton

Heat protection, sweat absorption, and extra warmth are provided by the cotton lining and leather cuff. It has unique design features for MIG welding applications.

» Synthetic

They’re a bit thinner and have a lot better ventilation than leather. It has a design feature for MIG and Stick welding applications.

Types of Welding Gloves

Following are the types of welding gloves based on different welding processes.

MIG Welding Gloves

welding gloves for MIG


If you’re going to do MIG welding, you’ll need high-quality goatskin with a heat-resistant lining.

This is why gloves are thicker and have more layers.

Top grain cowhide, goatskin, and deerskin are some other leathers that can be used to make MIG protective hand gloves.

The way leather fits the shape of the hand provides much-needed protection when working.

TIG Welding Gloves

gloves for TIG welding

Goatskin or any other thin, malleable material preferred by TIG welders. The gloves provide the necessary mobility for TIG torches to produce exact welds.

TIG gloves should provide extra padding in the palm area and even on the outside of the hand.

The added padding makes it easier for the fingers to rest on heated surfaces.

The TIG gloves should be effectively removed when it becomes too hot.

Stick Welding Gloves

welding gloves for stick welding

Stick welding generates the most heat, sparks, and spatter.

Stick welding does not necessitate a great deal of flexibility, so gloves can be made thicker to provide more heat protection.

Welding gloves for Stick need an aluminized backing, which can reinforce up to 95% of thermal radiation.

To reduce heat contact burns, they are also insulated with cotton or wool.

Will MIG Gloves Work for Stick Welding?

Welding gloves may be used for several welding processes. However, thin TIG gloves are not ideal for Stick welding, and some MIG gloves can lack the flexibility needed to TIG weld effectively.

There are some MIG gloves that work perfectly for Stick welding, like The Lincoln Electric K2979 Traditional MIG/Stick Gloves provide full leather coverage made of split shoulder cowhide.

Since the cotton liners are moisture absorption and the supple grade of leather makes them very dexterous, these gloves are very comfortable to wear.


♦ Can I Use Regular Gloves for Welding?

Welding gloves have insulation that allows you to withstand the heat for extended periods of time, which is not possible with regular gloves.

♦ Our Welding Gloves Electrically Insulated?

Since welding gloves don’t really conduct electricity, they are shock-resistant.

♦ What Temperature Can Be Welding Gloves Withstand?

For short periods of time, welding gloves can resist temperatures of up to 2000°F. The heat resistance of welding gloves varies based on the material.

♦ Can I Pick Up Hot Material with Welding Gloves?

Welding gloves can protect your hands and arms from dangerous burns when working in environments with high temperatures, infrared radiation, UV rays, and electricity.

♦ How Long Should Welding Gloves Last?

Welding gloves can last anywhere from one to eight weeks.

♦ What Is the Difference Between MIG and TIG Gloves?

MIG and TIG welding are two distinct processes that necessitate the use of distinct gloves. Professional MIG welders typically relax their non-dominant hands during welding. TIG welding necessitates mobility and requires both hands and one foot.

MIG gloves are made in a way so that a welder can easily remove the glove with that hand if necessary. MIG gloves also provide additional protection for the entire hand due to the increased exposure to heat.

On the other hand, TIG welding gloves were made of thinner and gentler material since thick leather gloves will not suffice.

TIG welding is dangerous not because of spattering and high temperatures exposure, but because of the blinding light. That’s why they require gloves that protect them from electrical shocks.

Best Welding Gloves

Let’s take a look at these amazing welding gloves.

Lincoln Electric Traditional MIG/Stick Welding Gloves for Various Welding Process

superior comfort welding gloves

The Lincoln K2979-ALL welding gloves are all-purpose, which means they can use for any form of welding. They’re made of shoulder split cowhide, which means they’re heat and flame-resistant.

They are extremely comfortable to work in, provide adequate security, and are designed to last. Comfort and fingertip responsiveness enhance by the soft cotton glove liner and straight thumb pattern.

Made of high-quality leather with a light cotton lining that is designed to withstand and secure against extreme heat.

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» What You Will Love

  • High heat protection: Composed of strong leather with a lightweight cotton lining to keep you cool in hot weather.
  • Outstanding comfort: The soft cotton hand lining and smooth thumb shape add to the comfort and responsiveness of the fingertip.
  • Superior durability: The glove is stitched with high-quality Kevlar thread for added strength.
  • Reinforced seams: Each part of the glove is strengthened with a piece of leather named a welt to prevent tears.

» What Do the Customers Say About It

Comfort is the main feature that comes with these amazing gloves. It is abundantly obvious, as the consumer says “I bought them for my smoker and they work perfectly. Comfortable, and easy to slip on and off.”

One of the customers says “They are so comfortable and protect you from spatter and hot metal. I’ve grabbed the pieces of metal I just welded and barely felt the heat.”

» What Can Be Improved

  • Size accuracy can be improved: People with huge hands get accommodated with a bigger size.
  • It is very easy to wear.
  • Temperature and burn resistance.
  • Made of sturdy material with long-lasting stitching.
  • The elegant red flame motif on the design.
  • Only one size avaiable.



RAPICCA  Leather Forge Welding Gloves with Good Comfort

multi-layers protection welding gloves

The RAPICCA leather welding gloves are unrivaled in terms of working comfort.

Aim of providing extra warmth for your paws, they’re lined with natural cowhide split leather as well as lined cotton with air-isolated aluminum foil.

These awesome leather welding gloves have a style that is sure to suit all types of hands.

RAPICCA is really the only manufacturer with double-reinforced Kevlar protection on the fingers, palms, elbows, and backs, all of which are sewn with Kevlar stitching.

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» What You Will Love

  • Reinforced Kevlar Padding on Fingers: It provides extreme heat-resistant protection and a great grip.
  • Reinforced Kevlar Padding on Elbow: It prevents tears and increases durability.
  • Kevlar Padding on Back: It protects the hands from spatter, flames and sparks while also providing heat resistance.
  • Flame Retardant Insulated Liner:  Inner layer: a 100% soft flame retardant insulated cotton liner.
  • Long Sleeve: It is to protect your forearm.

» What Do the Customers Say About It

“Excellent protection from the heat of the embers in the wood stove as well as the metal of the stove while reaching in,” customers say of this impressive glove.

Furthermore, some say “Look…they’re not that expensive and they’ll last a pretty good time. ” There’s nothing more we can claim to demonstrate its exceptional qualities. It’s comfortable and long-lasting.

» What Can Be Improved

  • Size: There’s no size available for shorter hands.
  • Layering on all fingers, palms, elbows, and backs is double-reinforced leather.
  • Excellent Longevity.
  • Superior Convenience.
  • Gloves with a length of 16 inches.
  • A little bit bulky.



WZQH Leather Forge Welding Gloves with Extreme Heat Protection

extreme heat resistant protection welding gloves

The original goal was to provide people with creative, practical, and reliable hand safety solutions to solve their long-term problems.

This glove is useful not just for welding but also for a variety of other activities at home and in the workplace.

Forging, barbecues, stoves, ovens, fireplaces, cooking, baking, flower arranging, planting, campfires, stoves, and painting are all possibilities.

However, Its performance is excellent and they are heat-resistant, wear-resistant, puncture-resistant, cut-resistant, oil-resistant, etc.

They reinforce the double skin stitching, and the palm is made of high-strength sewing that won’t fall off.

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» What You Will Love

  • Extreme heat resistant: 100 percent soft-lined cotton lining for enhanced heat and cold ability to resist, sweat-absorbent, comfortable to wear, and allergy-free safety.
  • Hand protection: It safeguards the hands and forearms against hot coals, open fires, welding flames, and sharp objects.
  • Protection from extreme wear: The gloves are designed of 1.2millimeters thick, wear-resistant organic cowhide leather.

» What Do the Customers Say About It

Since you’ve seen the quality of these incredible gloves, you already know they’re fantastic. Furthermore, those who have used them claim “I bought these to use with my Wood Fired Pizza Oven. Heat protection is superior up to 900 degrees! High temp does not cause any burning.”

Another customer says: “The surprising advantage of these gloves is how comfortable and effective they are.”

» What Can Be Improved

  • Size: The only downside is “one size fits all”.
  • Heat Resistance.
  • Durable Gun Cut.
  • Superior Protection for hand and forearm.
  • Extreme wear resistance protection.
  • There are no sizes available.



Revco MIG Welding Gloves with Extra Patches

welding gloves with extra reinforcement patches

Professional welders and hobbyists alike prefer the Revco Black Stallion.

You can rely on high-quality, long-lasting goods. The soft cotton lining of these MIG welding gloves provides comfort without adding too much weight.

They also have a smooth pointer finger and reinforcement on the palm, wrist, and pointer finger, when it is most needed. Amazing isn’t it!!!

Kevlar stitching runs the length of the glove, securing this all together. This is significant because Kevlar stitching is more heat resistant and scrap resistant.

This all adds up to a fantastic MIG welding glove, which is why the Revco Black Stallion is a preferred choice among professionals!

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» What You Will Love

  • Gloves lined with light cotton: It doesn’t make the index finger thick and flat.
  • Absolute durability: Kevlar is sewn all around for added strength.
  • Resistance from heat: It gives resistance from heat, sparks, and slag

» What Do the Customers Say About It

It’s one of those styles that everyone just idolizes. It is not only pleasant to the touch, but it also performs admirably.

Customers typically love these gloves, as shown by comments such as ” Really high-quality materials. I accidentally grabbed a piece of extremely hot steel and the glove smoked a little but no heat came through to my skin, and the part that was smoking was still perfectly intact.”

So it is safe to say that they are the best if you work like welding and contact with the heat daily.

»What Can Be Improved

  • Good choice only for MIG welding: Working in these free-fitting welding gloves might be inconvenient if your welding takes a lot of precision and operates in tight spaces.
  • Maximum durability.
  • Resistance from Heat.
  • Not Bulky.
  • Available in all sizes.
  • Only for MIG welding.



Tillman 1338 TIG Welding Gloves for Good Grip

welding gloves for small hands

The gloves are made of premium goatskin leather with broken goatskin strengthening on the palm and back.

As a result, the gloves are extremely durable and sanitary.

These are very thin leather gloves designed for good dexterity.

It gets warm quickly when welding at high amps.

When moving a welding gun, the glide patch allows for easier movement and supports the side of the glove.

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» What You Will Love

  • Goatskin: It’s designed to give you a better sense of touch and dexterity.
  • Reinforced thumb: It increased intensity in a high-stress environment.
  • Grip: Straight thumb for best gun grip

» What Do the Customers Say About It

Customers love this amazing glove they say “They’ve always offered good products at competitive prices. These gloves have changed- the quality directly reflects the price.

” There’s nothing more we can claim to demonstrate its exceptional qualities. However, some say I work construction and have never been able to find the “perfect fit”. Highly recommend!”.

» What Can Be Improved

Resistance can be increased: If the flame applies to them directly, they will slightly burn.

  • The fit is really good.
  • Good heat resistance.
  • There are several reinforcements.
  • Excellent dexterity.
  • Available for small hands
  • It isn’t intended to be used for overhead welding.


What Are the Best Welding Gloves?

Due to its one-of-a-kind design in every way, the Lincoln Electric Traditional MIG/Stick Welding Gloves is the greatest welding glove on the market.  It effectively protects against welding heat while also removing stiffness, allowing your hands to freely flex the gloves.

The second-best gloves are the Revco MIG Welding Gloves. These gloves are heat resistant, comfortable, and offer all sizes that fit most people.

Wrapping It Up!!!

When looking for the right welding gloves, keep in mind that not all of them will work for your specific application. If the gloves are bulky, they have less flexibility and are unsuitable for processes that need a lot of precision.

Obviously, choosing the appropriate welding gloves depends on the welding process you’ll use. Additionally, ensure that the gloves provide adequate protection and are comfortable to wear.

We choose the products in this welding gloves recommendation based on their popularity, ratings, performance, and exceptional results.

We’d welcome it if you could want us to know if there’s anything else we skipped. It will encourage us to provide better service in all areas.

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