What Are Dissolving Swim Trunks?

Have you ever seen a video about friends or wives pranking their loved ones by seducing them in dissolving swim trunks? If you haven’t, you’re missing out! But seriously, what are these things, and how do they work?

The results are always hilarious, with the victim scrambling out of the pool in a hurry as their trunks start to dissolve into parts around them.

But what exactly are these dissolving swim trunks?

Generally, dissolving swim trunks are made of a fabric designed to break down in the water. This means that when they get wet, some parts of them will start to fall apart.

Many people use dissolving swim trunks as a prank, but is it a good idea?

Well, it depends. While the results can be hilarious, you must consider a few things before going ahead with the prank.

So keep reading and read our guide about what you should know about dissolving swim trunks!

Will the Whole Swim Trunk Dissolve?

If you expect that the whole swim trunks will melt like marshmallows in hot chocolate, you will be disappointed.

Most dissolving swim trunks turn into parts when getting into water; thus, the only dissolvable part is the seam that connects the different parts of the trunks together.

Otherwise, this prank will fail very easily – trunks may start dissolving before they go into the water.

What Makes Swim Trunks Dissolvable?

It is mainly because of the special thread that is used to stitch the different parts of the trunks together.

This thread is made of a material that breaks down in the water, which causes the trunks to start falling apart once they get wet.

Hence they look nothing different from other regular swim trunks when they are dry.

Are Dissolvable Swim Trunk Pranks Good Ideas?

Well, the answer depends on how you want to execute the prank.

First and foremost, will the victim be embarrassed or humiliated by the prank? If so, it’s probably not a good idea.

You should also consider how the victim will react once they realize it’s a prank.

Some people may find it funny, while others may be angry or upset. Knowing the person, you’re pranking before going ahead with this type of joke is important.

And what reasons you use to seduce the person also matters. If you use an innocent reason like wanting to take a photo together in the pool, the prank will probably be better received than if you try to seduce them with more suggestive reasons.

In short, while dissolving swim trunk pranks can be funny, you should consider a few things before going ahead with the prank.

What to Consider When Applying Dissolving Swim Trunk Pranks?

As we mentioned before, you should consider several factors before going ahead with dissolving swim trunk pranks.

The Cost

Though some dissolving swim trunks are cheap, they are one-off items.

This means that you can only enjoy the prank once since the trunks will be ruined after the prank.

The Reaction of the Victim

As we mentioned before, the reaction of the victim is important. If you’re unsure how they will react, it’s probably best not to go ahead with the prank.

The Reason for the Prank

Never use reasons that will heart anyone’s kindness or expectation. Like doing a prank on someone’s birthday or any special occasion.

Just don’t let a pointless prank ruin your memorable vacation. You can do this trick on a regular day to make it more believable and funnier.

The Place

Private or family pools are the best places to execute this prank. Public pools are not ideal because there will be other people around who may not appreciate your prank.


1. Where to get dissolving swim trunks?

There are many places where you can find dissolving swim trunks. You can find them online or in some prank stores.

2. How much do they cost?

The price float around $15 – $40. But it seems that the price doesn’t affect the dissolving function to much.

3. How long do they take to dissolve?

It usually takes around 2 minutes for the trunks to start falling apart once they get wet.

4. Are there any negative side effects of wearing dissolving swim trunks?

They don’t have any negative side effects on the human body. However, if you dump the non-dissolving parts into the water, they may hurt marine life.

Final Words

Dissolving swim trunks are a great way to prank your friends or family members. But as we mentioned before, you should consider a few factors before going ahead with the prank.

We hope this article has helped you understand dissolving swim trunks better and will use this information wisely!