What is a Crushable Cowboy Hat?

Crushable cowboy hats are one-of-a-kind, beautiful clothing accessories from nature that are versatile and easy to wear.

These hats stand out not just for fashion and for covering your head from weather elements, but they are also ”crushable”.

So, what are crushable cowboy hats?

Most cowboy crushable cowboy hats are made from natural premium soft fabric and easy to pack and are still wearable after hours of tight storage.

In this article, you will learn everything about crushable cowboy hats and you can get the full review of some of the top-rate crushable cowboy hats as well!

what is a crushable cowboy hat for traveling

What is a Crushable Cowboy Hat?

The word crushable can be pretty confusing.

Generally, a crushable cowboy hat does regain its original form no matter how much you crush them.

You can carry them in your bag or suitcase easily everywhere you go because these hats take less space.

Unlike ordinary cowboy hats, crushable cowboy hats need less care when it comes to abuse,

Store them however you want, and you will not need to take time to reshape them since they are made to bounce back.

Because most of them are made of felt and wool, they are smooth and light.

And you can wear them throughout the day and even for activities.

Since these cowboy hats are crushable which means packable and foldable, they are ideal for packing, significantly when maximizing storage economy.

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What Makes these Cowboy Hats Crushable?

Truthfully, the manufacturing process gives the crushable cowboy hat its properties.

Step1. Raw Material Processing

First, the raw materials contain a variety of soft furs, wool, or felt.

Then remove all the oils, grease, and impurities from the material through cleaning.

Next, all the fur and wool felt will go to mix together and break down to be softer.

After sorting out the bad fibers from the mix, you will get the perfect fur-mix fabric for the crushable cowboy hat.

Step 2. Get the Initial Hat Model

After the material processing, you will see the fur is pressed into a sheet to be set on the initial body of the cowboy hat.

Then workers put the hat is put in cold water for a few seconds molding the fur fibers into place.

After multiple pressure, rolling, and hot water processes,  the cowboy hat will go into the hardening machine 4 times.

Next, workers will shape and stiff the hat with a special substance. Then leave it overnight inside out to dry.

Step 3. Complete the Shape and Fine Processing

On the next day, using sandpaper, remove the excess hair on the surface.

And after steaming, pouncing, and a series of fine processing, the crushable cowboy hat will go into the market and serve you.

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Why Do You Need A Crushable Cowboy Hat?

Since most crushable hats are made from fur, wool, or felt, they are light but warm.

Generally, you can wear wool or felt crushable cowboy hat from Labor Day to Memorial Day.

Aside from traveling because they are very portable, They are pretty durable and can be worn almost anywhere.

The fact that they are warm makes them ideal for cold and windy days.

You can wear them as you work on your ranch for real cowboys, but you can also wear a cowboy hat as a fashion statement.

It would help if you also had a crushable cowboy hat for special occasions such as business dinners or weddings.

If you feel like any of these situations suit you, you need to buy one.

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Top Rated Crushable Cowboy Hat Reviews

1. Stetson Bozeman Pinch Front Outdoor Cowboy Hat

Hat Size: 20 1/4” – 25 1/2” (51 cm – 64 cm)

Color Choice: Black, Light Brown, Mushroom

This Bozeman cowboy hat is made for adaptability and is authentic and designed with the American spirit.

You can wear it to work, and the good thing about it is that it is long-lasting. You can wear it for all your outdoor activities and at the ranch as well.

This water-resistant cowboy hat offers plenty of protection from any kind of weather and has quite a large brim. It has a pinch front crown and a rich leather band.

What You May Prefer

  • Lightweight and comfortable even for the most strenuous hikes.
  • Real leather hatband and sweatband
  • Very versatile, can be worn outdoors and at work.
  • Unisex design and the pinch front crease can flatter women’s facial features.
  • Crushable and packable.

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2. Scala Classico Men’s Crushable Felt Outback Cowboy Hat

Hat Size: 21 1/8” – 25 3/8” (54 cm – 65 cm)

Color Choice: Black, Chocolate, Olive, Khaki, Pecan, Putty, Tan

This wool Scala outback cowboy hat is sophisticated and comfortable and matches practical outdoor sun hat qualities of a 3″ brim and the suave.

The hat has a faux-leather band and feather accent. Its style and function remain uncompromised, and you can enjoy the outdoors with a touch of sophistication.

What You May Prefer

  • Crushable and can be rolled for easy packing and storage. All you have to do is shake it a little, and it regains its shape.
  • An excellent outdoor protection hat for your face, eyes, and neck under the scorching sun.
  • The water-resistant surface means you can wear it when it’s cold and wet as well.
  • Various color choices and stylish feather decoration.

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3. Sunday Afternoons Packable Women’s Sunset Cowboy Hat

Hat Size: One Size(22 5/8″)

Color Choice: Denim, Jewel, Blue Opal, Cinnamon, Lemongrass, Oat, Watermelon

This crushable Sunset cowboy hat is perfect for any woman in love with the cowboy look.

It is a hand wash only hat made from 100% polyester making it highly breathable.

The hat has a 3¾” wide shapeable brim and a corded leatherette headband with decorative accent beads.

This hat is a pull-on-closer cowboy hat and comes with an adjustable leatherette chin strap.

What You May Prefer

  • Softer and more durable than straw.
  • UPF 50+ gives good protection for your face on hot sunny days.
  • Bendable size, and you can have them up or down to avoid the sun from hitting your face.
  • Has a feminine touch to it.
  • Very fashionable and beautiful.

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4. Stetson Men’s Gus Soft Wool Crushable Cowboy Hat

Hat Size: One Size(20.5”- 24.8”)

Color Black, Silverbelly

This stylish crushable Stetson Gus cowboy hat is made from soft wool felt, making it comfortable and long-lasting.

If you plan to work with a cowboy hat outdoors, this is the hat to go for.

This Gus-style cowboy hat not only has style, but it is warm for those cold days and on a sunny day,

What You May Prefer

  • Lightweight and made of high-quality wool
  • Has an old-school look.
  • Soft and comfortable.
  • Perfect for protection against every weather element.

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Can You Shape a Crushable Cowboy Hat?

Crushable cowboy hats are versatile and have to be really old or mishandled to lose shape.

However, at some point, they do, and you can shape them back to their original look, and you can also reshape them to a style that suits your face or aesthetics alone.

Since most are made from wool and fur, they are made with a flat brim that is easy to shape. The easiest way to shape your crushable cowboy hat is by using steam from a tea kettle.

Once the hat steams and softens, reshape it to what shape you want and let it cool down and completely dry before you can wear it again.

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How to Roll a Crushable Cowboy Hat for Travel?

Before folding your crushable cowboy hat, make sure it is dry. The fact that it is crushable makes it roll much more effortless.

They have no leather band on the inside or silk lining. Here are the steps:

1. Pop out the crown, and once it is open, turn the brim down all the way on the front, back, and the sides.

2. Turn it to the side and bring the brim together the long way. You can use the front and back as your guide. Flatten the hat, making a U shape out of it.

3. Once that is done, you can now begin the rolling. Make sure not to fold the hat by ensuring you make circular patterns as you roll it.

4. Your hat is now ready to be packed for your next destination.


Now that we have seen what a crushable cowboy hat is and some of the best in the market, you know that a crushable cowboy hat is a must-have.

They are durable, can withstand abuse, and will still look great after.

One thing you should keep in mind, though, is that these hats are prone to wrinkling.

Always be careful how you roll it when you pack or store it away to help it last longer.

However, bringing these hats back to their glory does not take much effort.