What Is A Golf Hat?

Whether you are a golf lover or have watched golf games on TV, you’ll find that pro golfers always get their heads covered with a golf hat.

But what is a golf hat?

Generally, a golfer hat is a piece of headwear worn by golfers to protect their heads from the sun and wind.

They are often sewn with a stiffer material such as cotton or polyester to help prevent the hat from moving too much in the wind, which will ruin their stability.

Here in this article you learn about golf hats furtherly and know everything about it!

Why Do Golfers Need Hats?

why golfers wear hats

There are many reasons why golfers should wear hats. They include:

1. Cooling off

While the sun is bouncing off hats, it’s also heating their heads, causing them to overheat.

Golfers can easily lose their balance and control when they are overheated.

A golf hat will help golfers cool down after a round and prepare for a cool night as well.

2. Protection

Since golf is an outdoor sport, wearing golf hats will protect the golfer’s head from the harsh sun.

Dazzling sunlight can damage a golfer’s eyesight and ruin their overall focus on hitting the ball. That is why it is important to always use a golfer hat with a brim.

3. Prevents sunburn

Golfers need to protect their heads from sunburns as well. If you are a golfer, you will know that the sun can burn easily.

A hat proper for golf is the kind of hat that has a brim, which will prevent the direct rays from striking your face and cause oven burns, resulting in poor focus and balance on shots.

4. Competitive Edge

Hats can provide a competitive edge for certain players who wear them because it gives them confidence that signals their ability to perform at a higher level.

5. Golf Course Culture

We often don’t realize it but our very own golf course culture is quite unique from that of other sports such as tennis, soccer, and basketball.

Nowadays, sporting a hat on the golf course is considered to be a norm, and golfers who don’t wear one is often looked down upon by the other players.

6. Fashion Statement.

Wearing fashionable hats with vibrant colors or eye-catching patterns can help you make a style statement and impress your golf partners and spectators alike.

7. Prestige

A golf hat can help one look more professional and convey prestige as a fine golfer.

Types of Golf Hats

There are many different types of golf hats. Some are specially designed for certain weather conditions, some are simple and plain, while others are fashionable and casual.

1. Baseball caps

golfer with a baseball cap

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One of the most popular types of golf hats is the baseball cap. It comes in a large variety of colors and can be worn in any playing condition.

This is because it has no embellishments or flair and also doesn’t require too much styling or attention from golfers to get a good lookout on the course.

Baseball caps are very versatile and you can pull them together with any outfit.

And on the golf course, baseball caps play a role as sun protection gear.

The stiffer bill can shade your eyes and make you see your shot and swing easily.

Besides, the inner sweatband of baseball caps can absorb sweat from the forehead and keep you cool and dry.

Why do golfers love baseball caps

  • Versatile
  • Good Sight
  • Inner Sweatband
  • Fits any outfit

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2. Visors

glofers with visors

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Also known as golf hats or visor caps, these hats provide major sun protection for the face and back of the neck.

Visors also come in a variety of colors and shades but are often black which is preferred by most players.

If you are a golfer with a lot of hair, then you will love this topless headwear instantly.

You can wear a visor with a ponytail or buns freely. That’s why you can see many females choose visors for summer.

Of course, visors are very breathable due to the special design.

Why do golfers love visors?

  • Goes well with many hairstyles
  • Very Breathable
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Stylish

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3. Bucket Hats

golf player with a bucket hat

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Bucket hats are favored by golfers due to the wide-downward brims that provide full protection to your face and neck.

With a loose, relaxing fit, you will feel very comfortable if you have a little big head and hard to find a suitable golf hat.

And the full brim design makes bucket hats ideal for golf on rainy days.

You can choose waterproof polyester or nylon bucket golf hat to keep your head dry in humid weather.

While choosing bucket hats, you can choose one with a chin strap thus your hat can stay on your head when you are golfing on windy days.

Why do golfers love bucket hats?

  • Comfortable and relaxed fit, perfect for large head
  • Offer full protection to your head and neck
  • Highly fashionable and versatile

4. Flat caps

golfer with a flat cap
Bryson DeChambeau with his puma golf driver cap

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The Flat cap is one of the most popular types of hat, not only among golfers but with all kinds of people around the world.

It has a simple, neat, and classic appeal to it that makes it a style icon of sorts.

Why do golfers love flat caps?


Classic look.

They are comfy to wear and can accommodate all hair types, ranging from short and curly to long, straight, or wavy hair.

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5. Beanies

golfer with a beanie

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Beanies are stretchable knit hats that suit winter wear to keep your head warm.

Golfers love beanies since they are stylish and simple for sports.

There are cuffed and cuffless beanies for you to choose from. With a cuff, you can pull it down to cover your ear when it’s getting cold.

Why do golfers love beanies?

  • Thermal
  • Suit for Sports
  • Simple and Stylish

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What Do Pro Golfers Wear?

1. Shirts

Golfers can wear anything from polo shirts to T-shirts, but it is best to make sure that what you wear is comfortable and loose.

The looser you wear, the more comfortable you’ll be. The length of your shirt should be long enough to cover your pants.

If you are wearing long pants, they should extend past your shirt.

Polo shirts

This is usually what golfers wear in the winter or during rainy weather.

Since it can keep you warm and dry, especially since it has a built-in wicking fabric that draws moisture away from your skin so it dries faster.

This is considered casual attire, but can still be worn for golf.


A T-shirt lowers the body temperature around your torso and provides more comfort.

There are different styles of T-shirts that you can wear on the golf course from pocketless to those with decorative designs.

Button-up shirts

These are usually short-sleeved shirts that have a collar and are ideal for warmer weather and outdoor activities, as they warm up quickly.

2. Golf Shoes

Golf shoes provide the perfect balance between giving traction and comfort for the golfer to walk on the grassy surface of a golf course as well as allowing flexibility when it comes to changing direction quickly.

Golfers should choose a pair that is not only comfortable but also has a strong base for better traction on the grass.

The soles should also be thick and durable enough so that the golfer can walk firmly on the ground.

Strappy Sandals

A strappy sandal is a good option for a casual golfer as it provides flexibility, comfort, and protection from the weather.

It also has a good grip so there is less chance of slipping or sliding. A great pair of strappy sandals would be made of faux leather, rubber, or canvas.


A sneaker is a good option for the golfer who wants to be stylish but doesn’t want to sacrifice comfort.

A pair of sneakers has the right amount of cushioning and support that can be worn all day long.

Some tennis shoes also have a good level of cushioning so they can be worn on the golf course.

Why do Golfers Take Off Hats When Shaking Hands?

When greeting someone after receiving their golf club (club pro), the golfer will use his left hand to extend his right hand for a handshake and remove their cap with their left hand as well.

There are many reasons why people take off their hats when they are greeting someone else.

The most common of reasons is to show respect, while others do it because they feel that the hat is blocking their vision or is uncomfortable and too hot.

Another reason golfers take off their hats when shaking hands is to avoid accidentally hitting someone else with the brim of the hat.

This seems like common sense, but it does happen quite often and with negative results.


Golf hats are a popular and common item of apparel among golfers. They are like the golfers’ badge of honor and they have been around for centuries.

Because of this, there are many styles, brands, and types of hats that are available to golfers.

The most common golf hat is the baseball cap because it is the most popular and has been around for decades.

Golf is a game of honor and etiquette. The game doesn’t just involve the physical skills and mental capabilities of the players, but also their behavior towards one another.

There are many do’s and don’ts that golfers must remember to maintain their honor, integrity, and sportsmanship on the golf course.