What Kind of Hat Suits Me: 7 Hat Choosing Rules

Finding the right hat can be a daunting task. You may often struggle with choosing the material, color, and the most comfortable fit.

The biggest concern deep inside our mind is, “what kind of hat suits me?”. We may think what looks good on someone else might not look as great on us.

Luckily, choosing hats has become an aesthetically pleasing and fun experience.

From your face shape to the outfit, there are a lot of trusty rules to follow when picking out your favorite hat.

Now let’s check what kind of hat suits you the best with these 7 rules:

Tip #1: Know Your Face Shape

Wearing the right hat can make all the difference, just like the perfect hairstyle. Your face shape plays an important role in choosing a hat that will look truly fantastic on you.

Generally, the suitable hat should add some contrast to balance out your facial features while still maintaining a sleek, flattering silhouette.

If you have a round face, select a hat with a higher crown.

This adds the height your face shape lack for a more flattering look. And crown with an angular shape will offset the roundness of your face.

Moreover, to elongate a square face, try something with upturned edges or soft lines. This will draw attention away from any sharp angles and add some contrast.

Tip #2: Consider Your Hair Color and Style

Your hair color and style should also factor into your decision-making when choosing a hat.

Though, unlike face shape, the color of hats is more flexible. You can wear a contrast or similar tone to your hair color.

For example, if you have blonde locks, a navy hat will instantly make your look pop, while a tan or straw hat will offer a more subtle finish. On the other hand, darker hues can be used to create an edgier look. The choice is yours!

Besides that, several hat colors are versatile enough to match any hairstyle. Black, gray, and navy are all colors that look great with most hair colors.

Tip #3: Factor in Your Outfit

When selecting a hat, it’s important to keep in mind what else you’re wearing.

A great hat can be the perfect accessory to an outfit, but if it clashes with the colors, fabrics, and textures of other pieces, your look may suffer as a result.

Instead, choose something that complements and ties together all your pieces.

This could be anything from a baseball cap that chimes with the hue of your jeans to a smooth velvet fedora adding a pop of texture to matching separates.

With just a bit of thought and consideration for what goes great with what, you can find the hat that makes your whole outfit rock!,

Tip #4: Think About the Texture

The texture of a hat can make all the difference when it comes to finding one that works with your overall aesthetic.

Materials like straw and felt offer unique textures that add visual interest to any outfit – so why not try something different?

Cotton is another great option for summertime hats as it’s lightweight and breathable – perfect for keeping cool in hot weather!

Tip #5: Choose Something That Reflects Your Personality

Your hat choice should reflect who you are as an individual – fashion is about expressing yourself!

So don’t be afraid to pick something quirky or unique if it speaks to you. Chances are others will appreciate its boldness too!

And remember, there are no rules regarding fashion – wear what makes YOU feel good!

Tip #6: Make Sure It Fits Comfortably

It goes without saying that whichever hat you choose should fit comfortably on your head – otherwise, why bother buying it at all?

Hats come in all shapes and sizes, so make sure you try them on before making any purchases.

This way, you’ll know for certain whether it fits correctly!

And keep an eye out for adjustable straps inside some models, which can give extra comfort if needed.

Tip #7: Have Fun With It!

Last but not least; don’t forget to have fun with your choice of headwear! After all, isn’t that half the reason why we wear hats in the first place?

Experimenting with different styles can help you find one that perfectly complements your face shape and wardrobe.

So let your style speak volumes by accessorizing with confidence!


When shopping for a new hat, there are several things to consider, such as face shape, hair color/style, outfit pairing options, texture choices, and personal expression preferences through styling options.

Ultimately though, have fun because, at its core. Selecting fashionable accessories is about expressing yourself through fashion choices that show off great taste in personal styling options at times as well!

Enjoy exploring all kinds of looks until finding “the one.” Enjoy having fun with fashion to get maximum satisfaction from each accessory purchase along life’s journey ahead.

Good luck out there! 🙂