Who Makes the Best Straw Cowboy Hats?

Many people wear straw cowboy hats because of many reasons.

These hats are preferable because they are a great asset to protect them from heat and sun in the summertime.

It is also used in the wintertime for protection against dampness and cold. Due to these functions, it has made them famous and mainly used.

If you ever wondered who makes the best straw cowboy hats and want to know how to select the best one for yourself, No time for hesitation, read this article below!

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Who Makes the Best Straw Cowboy Hats?

——About Famous Cowboy Hats Brands

which brand makes the best straw cowboy hat

Based on the best and most popular brands that have been in the market, the secret behind who makes the best straw cowboy hats are based on many aspects.

For instance, the material, the style, and many other desirable features…

This section will discover the best and most stylish brands that make the best straw cowboy hats.

– Stetson –

Stetson is a brand that was established over 150 years by now. The brand has gained popularity and is a legend for hat-making and other iconic head wears.

Their famous cowboy hat has a curved-up brim, and with their century of experience, they are a reputable company in the production of cowboy hats.

Why Their Straw Cowboy Hats are Good

As for the preference for Stetson from cowboy hat lovers, there are various reasons why people love straw cowboy hats.

The primary secret that Stetson has used to win many customers is the kind of product they produce.

Here are some of the reasons that Stetson have made people love their straw cowboy hats:

  • The cowboy hats are explicitly designed for sunny skies and warm days.
  • The Stetson cowboy hats are durable and hand-woven that can keep you cool.
  • Stetson cowboy hats have different styles that are the best option for everyday style and special occasions.
  • Stetson is a trustworthy company that is even transparent, showing their clients how they make their hats.

One of the Stetson Loved Hats

Pick it for Stylish: Stetson 10x Straw Gambler Style Cowboy Hats

The hat is very excellent, and it can exceed your expectation. It is a tighten woven 10x straw cowboy hat that shades you from the sunlight perfectly.

Besides, if you are looking for a real western-style cowboy hat, this gambler cowboy hat is one of the best and most amazing hats built to meet its functionality to keep you cool.

You will have no regret of getting this Stetson straw cowboy hat as one of your best options.

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– Resistol –

Resistol is one of the best and most popular brands that deal with cowboy hats.

They first started to design hats with a hats headband that assists in holding the hat on your head and resisting the oil scalp.

From the time they start producing these hats, they have been in the frontline designing high-quality hats that are mostly wearer by cattlemen.

Why Do People Love Resistol Straw Cowboy Hats

The company has attracted many consumers from different parts of the world because of its hat-making process.

They use various materials, and they have been producing these hats themselves without outsourcing as other companies do.

Their manufacturing process involves more than 200 steps. Here are the other reasons why people love this brand:

  • They are a reliable brand
  • They produce quality hat

One of the Resistol Loved Hats

Durable Choice: Resistol Men’s Amarillo Sky and Brim straw Cowboy Hat


resistol Mexican palm straw cowboy hat

Using palm straw fabrics, It’s one of the high-quality hats that looks nice and very durable.

The wide brim can protect your face and neck on hot and sweltering days.

You do not have any reason that can make you not to buy this hat because they are of high quality and at the same time very affordable.

Therefore if you are looking for a cowboy hat, try this, and definitely, you will like it.

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– Queue Essentials –

Queue Essentials is one of the famous brands out in the market whose many agenda is to produce budget-friendly, high-quality hats.

A good thing about the brand is that they also focus more on the functionality and fashion of cowboy hats.

When it comes to style, the brands also deal with more variety to reach more clients with different preferences.

Why Do People Love Queue Essentials Straw Cowboy Hats

Many people love these Queue Essentials because of the following reasons:

• They produce hats with favorable features like durability breathable.

• Their hats are functional and fashionable.

• They are affordable without sacrificing the hat quality as other brands do.

One of the Queue Essentials Loved Hats

A Real Budget: Queue Essentials Western Style Pinch Front Straw Cowboy Hat

queue essentials canvas straw cowboy hat

You will love this Queue Essentials straw cowboy hat. It is a very edgy and fashionable straw cowboy hat so you can wear it for traveling or parties.

And the hat is still functional and it will help you from sunburnt, sweat, and other use. It is working, and you will love it and even recommend it to others.

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– Ariat –

Ariat is a famous company that specializes in making affordable breeches, outerwear, and riding boots.

The company is on the list of the best and top brand that produces cowboy hats.

Typically their hat-making business has been flourishing, and you can even find most of their hats products online or in local retail shops.

Why Do People Love Ariat Straw Cowboy Hats

The many reasons people love these bands are the affordability and high quality of the cowboy hats.

Their brand is reliable, and their hats have a classic look. Though they do not have many color options, they have won the majority of people because of the high quality and fashionable hats.

One of the Ariat Loved Hats

Sturdy & Cool: ARIAT Unisex Bangora Straw Cowboy Hat for Wind & Heat

ariat palm straw cowboy hat

It is a cool straw cowboy hat with a big brim and tall crown. But you will find it stay on your head firmly even in big wind.

The straw cowboy hat is also stylish, good quality, and more importantly, with a real budget price.

Therefore, if you are locking a hat that you will be comfortable in and functional, you can try this, and you will have no reason not to speak out about how good it is and recommend it to others.

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– Justin –

why justin makes quality straw cowboy hats

When it comes to popular and high-quality cowboy hats producing companies, you will not miss Justin on the list.

Justin is one of the most popular western companies that have existed for a long time in producing the most acceptable wear that meets the needs of the people.

They deal with different hats, and one of their best hats is the straw cowboy hat.

The hats have classic western styles that are a more excellent option for the working cowboys or used for other purposes.

Why Do People Love Justin Straw Cowboy Hats

Justine has been one of the trusted brands since back in the 1800s.

The brand offers cowboys hats that are best in completing the western outfit. The hats come from sheep wool materials, and their brand is studded and thin.

The hats also have sharp curve edges and a slight pinch for a modern western outlook. For these reasons, they have made most people like their brand.

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– American Hat Company –

why american hat company makes the best straw cowboy hat

American Hat Company is another hat marker company with 40 years of experience.

They are one of the best and most trusted companies regarding hat marking.

The company mainly specializes in producing handmade leather hats; however, they also offer straw hats of different styles apart from leather hats.

Since they use the handmade method, the quality and craft of their hats are superior.

Why do people love American Hat Company’s Straw Cowboy Hats?

American Hat Company has won the hat of many people through its brand.

The company comes with a unique and gorgeous design of cowboys hats that is very to get a similar one from the other brands.

The hook and the loop closure of their hats fit better.

When it comes to the quality of their products, you will find that they produce durable and comfortable hats that are the ideal option to use on all occasions.

Apart from the quality that you will get on this brand is the affordability of their products.

Therefore most people love American Hat Company because buying a hat from the company is a worthy investment that will give you a lot of benefits.

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– Rodeo King –

why rodeo king makes quality straw cowboy hats

Rodeo King has been one of the brands handcrafting high-quality hats since 1921.

The company specializes in producing perfect hats for riding ranching, and they have classic western style.

Rodeo King also dwells much on producing hats that are of high quality and which are functional.

Why Do People Love Rodeo King Straw Cowboy Hats?

Rodeo King is one of the popular and famous companies loved by many people.

But you may be asked yourself why it should be loved by many since theirs are other companies dealing with the same commodity.

It is due to the hats they are producing and the features they have. They deal with hats of different styles, comfortable fit, and other various features.

When it comes to the functionality of the cowboy hat, there are 100% functional and comfortable; that’s why people find them as their ideal cowboy hats.

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How Can You Tell a Quality Straw Cowboy Hats?

There are different ways that you can use to tell the quality of straw cowboy hats.

In this section, you will be able to learn how you can identify the quality in simple ways. Now let’s explore the method you can use.

1. Consider Wide Brim for Better Protection

Suppose you want to determine the quality of a straw cowboy hat, then one of the major things you have to consider is the size or sizing of the brim.

Since cowboy hats are not adjustable to help you fit, you should check the size of the brim.

For example, a good quality cowboy hat can have at least 4 inches wide brim that can offer you protection, be it is sunny, heat, dust, dirt, or many other things.

Therefore, while choosing a quality hat, consider the brim’s size.

2. Choose Durable Material – Palm Straw

Another thing that you have to pay attention to is the material that was used to produce the cowboy hats.

You should check if the material is durable because if the material is durable, then the hat will also be durable.

Most of the materials used to produce the hats are leather, wool, and straw.

Among this three, one of the best materials that you can choose is the palm straw.

The reason why you should choose this material is that it has more advantages than the others.

For instance, you can use it for many years, it is easy to maintain, and you will reap other benefits that come with it.

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3. Choose Straw Cowboy Hats with Tight Woven – Higher X

Another thing that you have to note when looking for cowboy hats is the X marking inside the crown.

The X marking provides a hint about the quality of the hat.

For example, the hat with more Xs means that the hat is of high quality but not that the more the Xs, also the cost of the hat would be high.

You will also find the X marking in straw hats, which means now is the woven straw’s tightness or quality.

The tighter the straw is, the light the hat will also be.

With this in mind, if you are a woman, you should go for the higher X because with the higher X, you will find high quality and the one that will fit you perfectly.

How Straw Cowboy Hats are Made?

When it comes to how the straw cowboy hats are made, two primary methods are used, including the manufacturing and the handmade method. Now let’s look at these two methods.

Handmade Method

For the handmade method, the plat fiber is haves tans then soften using hot water or a stem. Then they are woven by hand. Also, the final touches of the hats are done manually.

Manufacturing Method

The manufacturing method is a replica of the handmade method; the difference is that the whole process is automated.

However, you will also find that handmade and manufacturing methods are used to produce the hats in some cases.

Here the straws can be weaved in different styles. After the weaving process, colors, stains, or other finishing is done with the help of the machine.

Why Are Handmade Straw Cowboy Hats More Expensive?

If you try to compare the handmade and manufactured hats, you will find that the handmade price is high.

The reason behind this is that the handmade method involves a lot of human labor since, from harvesting the plant fiber to producing the final product.

Also, another thing is that the handmade ones are of high quality as compared to the manufactured ones; therefore, they are worth the money you will spend on them.


Who makes the best straw Cowboy hats is not a question that you lack answer by now.

The above information shows you the best brands that make the best cowboy hats and why people love their hats so much.

If you are want to shop for one for yourself, you have to know what to look for in terms of quality so that you may only go for the best products.

You can consider applying the tricks you have learned when shopping, and you will never regret what you will buy.